Exciting News to our Fellow photographers and writers….

We would like to invite you to submit Feature Articles and Photos on our Blog:

How to Proceed:

You can begin by taking a look at our blog for articles we have posted and become familiar with the type of articles we have published. Please note that a place is not an idea, nor is a type of camera interesting, we are looking for compelling stories where photography is the main focus; we encourage the writer to seek a specific angle, or photographic tip(s), news related topics, adventures, or travels that make the topic/subject innovative, and interesting to a wide audience of readers. Our readers include the following genres: travel photographers, travel journalists, photo-journalists, professional and amateur photographers, writers, poets teachers, technical science professional, environmental and wildlife enthusiasts, bird watchers, Rosarians, teachers, and botanists to name but a few. We are looking for an article that is fresh, relevant and exciting in the world of photography.

The Feature Article and all Photographs must be appropriate for viewers of all ages, therefore your submittable work should be considered family friendly.  We reserve the right to reject your materials if we deem they are poorly written or contain numerous  errors, and/or excessive profanity, or sexual references. Both Feature Articles and Photo/Flower of the day entries will also be submitted or linked to Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, which will get your name out to various other social media sites, meaning more exposure for you and your business!

Formatting for Feature Article:

  • Please Include a catchy title
  • Include your name at the top as Featured Writer
  • Insert photos
  • Articles should include at least 3 original photographs up to 10 max, do not use photos taken by other people, use original photographs that you have taken.
  • Make sure to check off the appropriate categories and tags
  • Preview your post for grammar and spelling errors before submitting it for approval
  • Include a link to your blog
  • Photos should be no larger than 1000 pixels on the longest side of the image, sRGB color space, please.
  • Multiple entries are allowed on a monthly basis
  • Please review our format in our blog for an example; we will provide the quote unless you find one you would like to include.
  • Please Include a title for the image
  • Category for image ( i.e., travel, landscape, macro, outdoor, wildlife, nature, urban, architectural, or other relevant category)
  • For flower shots include the name (i.e, rose, dahlia, etc.) of the flower
  • Location followed by city and state or city and country where photo was taken (i.e., Forest Park, Portland Oregon, or Portland Rose Gardens, Portland, Oregon
  • Photographers name and copyright information
  • Include a link to your blog
  • Photos should be no larger than 1000 pixels on the longest side of the image, sRGB color space, please.
  • Multiple entries are allowed on a monthly basis

Please submit Featured Articles and/or Photo/Flower of the Day images to: Louise@LandLimages.com: Clearly indicate in your email what you are submitting – either  i.e., Feature Article, Flower or Photo of the Day.  We will alert you via email that your submission has been accepted and the date in which your material will be posted. All authors/photographers whose articles are chosen will receive a link to their blog, and a link on our Facebook page, our blog page, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin, and Twitter.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to receiving your articles and photographs!



Photo of the Day – May 25, 2012


Photo of the Day – May 25, 2012

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.”
~ Robert Frost

“Paper in the Woods,” Birch, Dawson Creek, Hillsboro, Oregon

Photo of the Day – May 24, 2012


Photo of the Day – May 24 2012

” I never for a day gave up listening to the songs of our birds, or watching their peculiar habits, or delineating them in the best way I could.
John James Audubon

Perched,” Red-winged Blackbird, Dawson Creek, Hillsboro, Oregon

Photo of the Day – May 11, 2012


Photo of the Day – May 11, 2012

Nature is pretty good about self-recovery, but a lot depends on what man does to hinder or assist in that recovery. The nice thing about wetlands is that they can cleanse and filter water as it moves through, but too much contamination can overwhelm this natural filtering system and destroy it.~ Thomas Miller

‘Wetland Slough’, Sauvie Island, Oregon

Photo of the Day – April 13, 2012


Happy Friday the 13th! Photo of the Day – April 13, 2012

‘Agony’, Sauvie Island, Oregon