Photo of the Day – August 30, 2012


Photo of the Day – August 30, 2012

“Without the absolute truth, to know the truth value of our own existence is beyond our strengths/limits/possibilities. ”
Sorin Cerin

Banana Leaf,” Auckland, New Zealand. Copyrights belong to the photographer: Lloyd Edwards, L&L Photography, L&L Images. © 2012 All Rights Reserved.

Flower of the Day – August 15, 2012


Flower of the Day – August 15, 2012

“Belief in the absence of illusions is itself an illusion.”
Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

Illusion,” Capricorn Coast, Australia. Copyrights belong to the photographer: Louise Edwards, L&L Photography, L&L Images. © 2012 All Rights Reserved.

Flower of the day – August 11, 2012


Flower of the Day – August 11, 2012

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
Oscar Wilde

“Sunshine and Raindrops,” Yellow Dahlia, Orenco Farmers Market, Hillsboro, Oregon. Copyrights belong to the photographer: Louise Edwards , L&L Photography, L&L Images, © 2012 All Rights Reserved.

Flower of the Day – July 14, 2012


Flower of the Day – July 14, 2012

Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil. “

“Blue Water Iris” Portland Japanese Gardens, Portland, Oregon (with permission). Copyrights belong to the photographer: Louise Edwards.

Downunder Potted Plants

This past Sunday our local farmers market (see ‘who brought the money?’), featured the arrival of the Downunder Potted Plants. These unique pots are sold at the markets by a local distributor/vendor Carol James, from C James Nursery in Newberg, Oregon. What made her nursery different among others at the market, are the special terra-cotta pots used for potting plants. While the plants are grown locally from Carol’s nursery in Newberg, the pots are designed and manufactured by a gal named Mia in Australia (copywritten and tradmarked), called  Downunder Potted Plants. These planters are unique as they hold a plant inside the planter from the underside and the planter is hung with the plant growing from the bottom.

Cleverly named, these pots hold a variety of plants. I have listed the types of plants that work best below. When properly planted and cared for, plants will naturally grow toward the major light source, growing upside down, as the plant is essentially forced to grow upward along the sides of the pot toward the sun above.  The photos give an idea of what the planters are like.

The pots come in three sizes and come in a variety of colors including blue, red, green, white, black, and unfinished terracotta. Prices are surprisingly very reasonable ranging in price from 10 to 35 dollars. The plain terracotta planters are a bit less priced from five dollars upwards to 25 depending on the size. Please don’t quote me on the prices, I am merely digging into my memory bank for those details. I could be a bit off. Each pot is unique and no two pots are the same as each is hand-made (in Australia) and comes with a sturdy, attached wire loop for hanging, and coco fiber used at the top of the planter, all of which makes hanging a snap. Lloyd and I decided we needed to have at least one of these pots and were quick to pick out a large fterra-cotta planter.

Terra cotta blends in with our other planters and our house colors. Plus these particular planters were roughly 10 dollars less than the color planters. As I mentioned all are reasonably priced, but the black and terra-cotta ones above, priced less, along with others considered seconds, (those with minor defects). We fell in love with these planters immediately.  Especially since they were hand-made in Australia, my hubbies homeland. Added bonus Carol pots a plant of your choice for an extra five dollars which includs the price of the plant. We chose a Martha Jefferson Geranium. Such as great deal. I love the markets. Great prices for a variety of items.

Potting plants is always tricky and messy. I always get potting soil everywhere except in the pot. Carol has s special trick for keeping the potting soil confined to a rectangular plastic container.  She gave us a demonstration as she planted our plant in our new pot. Firstly, add a generous amount of water to the potting soil and mixing with your hands. She wears latex free gloves which is also a great idea that also keeps hands from looking like a five-year olds who just finished playing in the mud.

Best plants for the Downunder Pots include the following suggestions:
Annuals tend to grow faster, begonias, coleus, dianthus, impatiens and lobelias.
Perennials: Perennials work as well, however note they will take longer to grow. It is worth the wait if your can do so. These plants include fuchsias, geraniums and succulents. Miniature varieties are adaptable as well.
Herbs: Herbs also can be planted in the top once reservoir after the bottom plant has established. Herbs include chives, coriander (cilantro), chives, lavender, mint, parsley, rosemary, and sage.

Carol was a wiz pot planting and we quickly had our plant inside its new home. For those who choose to plant their plants, after adding water to the soil and mixing the soil, the next step is to stuff the coco fibers in the end of the pot which hosts the hook (small end). Plant the seedling or small starter plant into the pot at the larger end. Water and allow to stand for two weeks to allow the roots to grow. When the roots have established invert the pot and like magic the plant remains in its new home to grow like other potted plants.

This potting system will be sure to draw attention from others as it is unique as the pot chosen to hold your new plant.  Before hanging the plant, remove the coco, water and fertilize (if necessary). If water leaks from the lip you have over-watered. Hang pot by wire with plant facing downward.

For more information on this unique planter system you can contact Carol here, or by calling her direct here. Or if you are in the Portland area, Carol can be found at the Orenco Station Markets on Sundays in Hillsboro, throughout the summer; and around the town at various markets during the week. You can look up the various markets by visiting here. We hope you enjoy your new planter as much as we do.