Photo of the Day – August 24, 2012


Photo of the Day – August 24, 2012

“Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky, We fell them down and turn them into paper,
That we may record our emptiness.”
Khalil Gibran

Autumn Rain,” Dawson Creek, Hillsboro, Oregon. Copyrights belong to the photographer: Louise Edwards, L&L Photography, L&L Images. © 2012 All Rights Reserved.

Photo of the Day – August 23, 2012



Photo of the Day – August 23, 2012

“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Leaves in the Light,” Dawson Creek, Hillsboro, Oregon. Copyrights belong to the photographer: Louise Edwards, L&L Photography, L&L Images. © 2012 All Rights Reserved.


Photo of the Day – August 17, 2012


Photo of the Day – August 17, 2012

“Everything you can imagine is real.”
Pablo Picasso

Cool Reflection,” Dawson Creek, Hillsboro, Oregon. Copyright belongs to the photographer: Louise Edwards, L and L Images, L and L Photography.

Flower of the Day – August 9, 2012


Flower of the Day – August 9, 2012

Flowers… are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1844

Soft Pink Bouquet,” Roses, Portland Rose Gardens, Portland, Oregon. Copyright belongs to the photographer: Louise Edwards, L&L Photography, L&L Images, © 2012 All Rights Reserved.

Flower of the Day – August 8, 2012


Flower of the Day – August 8, 2012

“By plucking her petals, you do not gather the beauty of the flower.”
~Rabindrath Tagore

“Marmalade,” Portland Rose Garden, Portland, Oregon. Copyrights belong to the photographer: Louise Edwards, L and L Photography, L and L Images, © 2012 All Rights Reserved.


Photo of the Day – August 5, 2012


Photo of the Day – August 5, 2012

“Time flows away like the water in the river. ”
~ Confucius

The Beauty and Grace that is Nature,” Female Mallard Duck Mid Swim, Dawson Creek, Hillsboro, Oregon. Copyrights belong to the Photographer: Louise Edwards, L&L Photography, L&L Images, © 2012 All Rights Reserved.



This link is a beautiful rendition of which celebrates nature in movement. Within Two Worlds by  Goldpaint Photography. This is an amazingly well done time lapse video with music, which last about three minutes. It is a must see. Just click on the link sit back and enjoy a moment of Zen.



Photo of the Day – July 28, 2012


Photo of the Day – July 28, 2012

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

“Lilies on the Pond,” Dawson Creek, Hillsboro, Oregon; Copyrights belong to the photographer: Louise Edwards, L&L Photography, L&L Images.

Photo of the Day – June 16, 2012


Photo of the Day – June 16, 2012

“It is when you lose sight of yourself, that you lose your way. To keep your truth in sight you must keep yourself in sight and the world to you should be a mirror to reflect to you your image; the world should be a mirror that you reflect upon.”
~. JoyBell C.

The World in its Entirety is but a Mirror” Japanese Gardens, Portland, Oregon.

(Image taken with permission of the Japanese Gardens, copyrights belong to the photographer.)

Great Scott! Its Feathers Galore!

This past weekend at the Orenco Station Farmers Market , I came upon a unique relatively new vendor to the market called  Fancy My Feathers. The brain child of two designers Heathyr Croasmun and Gina Du Bois, who creativity use feathers as embellishments in their designs which range from earrings, hair clips, and shoe clips, to long feathers clips for the hair, to tea-cup hat hair pieces, to other forms of art. Each piece is a handcrafted original; unique, with no two items being the same. The commonality each piece embraces – a unique feather. All types of bird feathers are used depending on the product. All pieces are environmentally friendly.

When I finally discovered an opening among  the crowded outside their booth, I jumped at the chance to squeeze myself in to see what all the fuss was about. All I could see – feathers! Like great Scott! There are so many feathers. And cute tea-cup hats embellished with fancy to subtle adornments on the sides. So many feathers and wonderfully designed pieces of jewelry.  Adorable! I inquired, if I might take a few photos of their work, and immediately was given the spiel, “well, we don’t like people to copy our work.” I totally understand that one. No problem. The thing we artists have to realize, is – there is always some slime ball out there who is going to try to copy our work. Whether it is the use of our photos, copying our photos, or copying the designs of Fancy My Feathers, it happens.  It has happened to me, horribly I might add. And could sadly happen to these girls. The one piece of advice I give them now, which they likely already know is: Copyright! Copyright! Copyright! And Trademark, Trademark, Trademark! This will help you if you’re concerned with people copying your work. I hope it doesn’t happen, like I hope it doesn’t happen again to me, but if it does to me at least now, I hold the copyrights to all my photos and articles I write.  After I assured the girls I had no intention of copying their work I merely wished to feature them in my blog for the weeks segment, did they become more relaxed and proceeded to show me with great enthusiasm, I might add, their line of merchandise.

I was immediately enamored with Gina, as she explained to me about the feathers and how the treatment measures required before being used according to Oregon State Laws and other standards for using feathers for art purposes. To how they go about working with their designs. Once the feathers have been through the cleaning and drying process, they are hand chosen to become their next pieces of art. While some of their products may look similar, no two are the same. This is because no two feathers are alike. Rather like fingerprints.

Enlarged Hair Clip/Brooch

While, I have seen other vendors carry items made of feathers, none have come even remotely close to those made by Gina and Heathyr. Most are cheaply put together, with the feel they would likely fall apart after one use. Not so with products from Fancy my Feathers!  Feathers used for Fancy my Feathers designs are meticulously placed in a particular item with care and precision and made with the finest feathers and materials possible.  Every item is solid.  These girls don’t mess around! They have a fantastic product unlike anyone I have seen, and of superior quality. Yay, we have a winner. They exude the “Wow Factor” so important in a business. And these gals have nailed it.

“Meet Gina De Bois (Left) and Heathyr Croasmun (right), Proprietors of Fancy My Feathers!”

Steven Tyler eat you heart out, as you would die to own some of their products; especially those made with their creative flare for feathers including their long feather hair pieces or long feathered earrings, concomitantly with your ability to pull off wearing feathers. A wonderful marriage of product and spokes person. Since Steven is likely not available, darn, you will likely have to serve as your own spokesperson.  But know this, your items are a wonderful and a must have addition to anyone’s accessories. These feathered goods are fabulous. Not only are the items celebrity quality, they are for everyone and can make anyone feel like a star. I sure did when I put that cute little black teacup hat on.

Each item is very versatile;  if you love feathers these are a must have to embellish any outfit, or accessory including shoes, handbags, and hair attire. From long feather earrings and hairpieces, each item is unique and one of a kind. No two are alike. That sparked my appeal, that, and the fact the items are so well made and attractive. And not merely the hats, this holds true for all the items they make. But, is especially true are the mini hats. These are not your mothers or grandmothers hats, my friends; these are but tea-cup hats which clip on to the side of one’s head. They’re made in a variety of colors and patterns, and of course feathers, feathers and more feathers, and tiny lace veil. These pieces, including the hats not only will be awesome to see on one of the many actors and actresses, they will make anyone feel like a star. Can you tell I like the hats? Seriously, these items are all a must have for anyone wanting to add a little spark to their look, that is extra special.


“Earrings and Hair Feathers For Hair”

“Close-ups of the Multipurpose Hair Clips/Brooches”

After talking with the girls for a bit, they were more than happy to have me do a piece on them for my blog. I’m thrilled to feature their products as much as possible, and  their creators Gina and Heathyr. They truly have a great product and I love promoting it as I share their passion so much I purchased three hats and two hair pins, one of which is for me while the rest are being shipped to Australia, for my nieces. Yes your products will now be international. Yay you! One of the best qualities about these items are the prices. These knock out pieces of bling are very reasonably priced, running from 3 dollars to roughly 22-25 dollars for the hats. Depending on which hat you choose. It depends on the embellishments used.  All pieces were well worth the cost. And don’t quote me on the prices as they tend to vary. Just because I didn’t see anything over 25 dollars doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. You will have to check with Gina or Heathyr regarding pricing.

‘Head Bands and Brooches/Hair Clips

“Wreath for a Wall”

These young ladies were such fun to talk with and share with me their wonderful handcrafted items each with a flair for feathers. Their work is superb. I can’t say enough wonderful things. Beautiful designs, some simple some challenging and others very eclectic, and creative and each containing at least one feather.

The feathers are all from local birds in Oregon and have been cleaned and processed according to Oregon State Laws, and are simply unique.

In addition to carrying feather hair pieces, earrings, and feather clip-on hair pieces, they own the market on snap feathers for shoes adding a spicy piece of bling making a pair of ordinary pumps or stilettos look like a million dollars, or at least a thousand dollar pair of Milano Blahnik shoes. You have gotta love the shoe  and boot clips!

Close-up of the Detailed Hairbands”

The head bands are brilliant as well. So, I couldn’t resist, I had to buy at least one item for myself.  This red hair clip or brooch below. I plan on wearing it as a brooch for a black sweater I have. I might even go wild and where it in my hair. I love it. I have a rule about red. Red is for accessorizing not for clothes unless you are a model or star – Red is for shoes, boots, handbags, wallets, hair adornments, gloves, wallets, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, you get my drift. Red rarely looks good on anyone unless you have the right body and right complexion. Most of us are human and have a hard time pulling off red. Red is luxuriously sexy.


This is the up and down side of the hair clip I purchased. I loved the red color for the reasons I gave above, which I will use as either I hair clip or clip to hold my sweater together at the waist.

This lavender piece  below is wonderful. I bought it for my niece Gemma who also lives in Australia. She will love wearing it because it came from her favorite Auntie – Louise, who lives in the US.  Sorry Cecily. I should have picked up more. I loved the hats I really wish I would have purchased another one of the black ones with the black embellishments and feather with a tint of green and blue in it. Kicking myself. I think I will have them make me one. I will be purchasing more of the hair/brooches though.


More hair products, each embellished with a feather. These wonderful blue colored clips are multipurpose hair piece/ brooches. I love the black on in the corner with is made from a frilie feather, like ostrich. I don’t know my feathers so I am in all likelihood wrong.  So don’t quote me.

I saved my personal favorite items for the very last – the tea-cup hats – made in a variety of designs and colors. Most of the colored hats were sold by the time I reached their booth. No problem, there were plenty of other choices. And I preferred black anyway.

These mini hats are about the size of your hand or fist, and clip easily in anyone’s hair and look absolutely amazing!!! What immediately captured my eyes were the tiny hats embellished with among other things lace, beads, ribbon, and feathers. These hats are straight from the hat era of the 20s and 30s updated for 2012, to a smaller hat that clips on to the side of ones head. Metal clips are adhered to the inside of the hat on both sides which keeps the hat gently in place.  It was fun to pick out the hats I did for my nieces.  What I loved about them is that they are lightweight even given the embellishments and clip easily in the hair without the feeling it is going to fall off. Gina had one in her hair. I was so excited, I should have had her turn to capture a photo of her wearing her clip in her hair. She told me that she always wears them. I also should have had her turn to model the hat. Again, excitement.

These are simply the best! The hats come in all colors and leopard prints to solid colors, each embellished with feathers made for the hat. Brilliant! And absolutely adorable. While they look a bit fancy, they are multipurpose hair pieces that can make any bad hair day look fabulous. Apart from jogging or going to the gym, these trendy mini-hats can be worn anywhere and everywhere. I loved them so much that I purchased these three hats I am showing, for my nieces who will absolutely love them. They will be the talk of the horse races in Queensland, Australia. Surprise! Your hats are on their way after I stop gawking at them. Okay, since my nieces read my blog, they are now aware they will be getting new hats to wear to the races. They will have to figure out among themselves who gets which one. They are all so cute, so maybe you will have to do some trading. Just know that the purple hair clip is for my Gemma.

“Close-up of the Pink Ribbon Hat”

These hats simply clip on to the side of your hair are about the size of your hand or tiny fist, and depending on the embellishment some can cover the side of the head like a mini version of a 1020s of 1930s hat; the look – simply divine. I can’t tell you how much I loved each of their products. As I have repeatedly stated,  I purchased three hats for my Aussie nieces who will die when they see them and most certainly will be the talk of the horse races when they arrive dressed to the nines adorned with their posh mini-hats. Everyone will want one. I am still kicking myself for not purchasing one for myself.  I may have to revisit that booth, or check them out on Facebook.

A close up of the “Black Hat.” My favorite of the hats. If I were to keep one, which I am not, this would be the one I would choose.

The hat fits on the upper side of one’s head, and is roughly the size of a ladies hand. Back of the hat has a short veil which comes down along the ear.  You can hold the hat cupped in one’s hand. The best part about these hats are once you put it in your hair, you don’t have to worry about it falling out. Two nice sized clips are fitted on the underside preventing the hat from slipping or falling off. Simple push the clips and the hat is removed. Perfect!

A close up of the “Round Black Hat” below

All my girl friends will be envious. Sorry ladies. While I did think of you while I was there, most of you visit the market and could have picked one up if you wanted.

I believe Gina and Heathyr have a wonderful future ahead of them. I wish them all the best.  Keep in mind each item is an original hand-made piece for which no two are the same. Yet another reason these items will be so hot. These two girls are sitting on a gold mine. If they are at the market this weekend, I think I will be picking up another hat and a few more of the hair clips/brooches. These products are a must have for anyone who wants to have a little something, something going on or represents the “Wow Factor” perfectly. These hats are the new must have’s for everyone’s seasonal accessory list.They are perfect in all four seasons.  While they are still working out the kinks for a webpage and blog you can find them and more samples of their work  on Facebook or via email.

Thanks to Gina and Heathyr for allowing me to include Fancy My Feathers in my weekly write-up. And I hope others out there will stop by your site or see you at the markets, and fall in love with your hats and other feathery items as much as I have. Thanks for following us in return, we appreciate it.