Photo of the Day – August 31, 2012


Photo of the Day – August 31, 2012

A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it.”
Ray Davis

Old Barn,” Wine Country, Willamette Valley, Oregon. Copyrights belong to the photographer: Louise Edwards, L&L Photography, L&L Images. © 2012 All Rights Reserved.

Photo of the Day – May 22, 2012


Photo of the Day – May 22 2012

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Unchanged and Beautiful,” Sauvie Island, Oregon

Camp 18 – Rust

Camp 18 – Rust

Life around our house is crazy, between me doing a billion things and my husband doing a billion things, we find only certain times in which we can connect, especially when it comes to computer time for him.  This is largely my fault as I tend to hog our only computer. Thankfully we have an iPad or things would really be dicey. All of our computers conveniently stopped working once we purchased an iMac. Hum….Funny how that worked out…  Once having a Mac translates into “we can’t possible go back to using a PC.”  Who in their right mind would, after using a Mac? Trust me. I never thought I would say that, until the day I used one, then subsequently purchasing my first Mac.  What the heck was I thinking for so long? Mac’s are awesome, especially when it comes to the graphics, speed, and size of monitor that is larger than my mom’s old TV. No offense to PC users. I was one, forever, well at least a majority of my adult life. Gosh I could be a commercial for Macs. My point, and I do have one, truly, my world revolves around a computer. End of story. Not exactly, it is some where in the middle. Where do all the dead computers end up? Do you suppose there is a junk yard for PCs? How sad. It would be similar to the cartoon movie ‘I Robot’.

So, as I write my/our blogs and prepare my/our photos, Lloyd often asks me, if I put his photos in the blog? For which I respond -“have you given them to me yet?” Which is followed by ‘the look’. ‘The look’ we both recognize as the, ‘he hasn’t had an opportunity to put them on the computer, because, I have been the computer hog, look.’ Well, there are a many uses during any given day for which I need a computer. Writer’s know this, frankly anyone who blogs, reads, develops photos, etc., understands this. For me, I need a computer. So, I live with getting ‘the look’. So imagine my surprise when I finally received some photos from him yesterday in fact. And first thing he asks,”have you put my photos on the blog?”

“Did you give them to me?” I was given ‘the look’. What he received in return – a surprise.

While writing this blog, I wondered about all the computer’s in a garbage heap somewhere, then looked at all of ours that no longer worked and wondered if they would soon join all the others rusting away in a dumpster somewhere. Or better or worse, you decide, in a roadside graveyard for old rusty objects. And hence my segue and Lloyd’s surprise – Rust.

The following photos were taken by Lloyd at the Restaurant/Camp 18, situated off of Highway 26 heading west toward the beach, a few weekends ago. This place literally is a junkyard for logging equipment; please see my April 27, 2012 post, ‘All on Sunny Afternoon‘ for more details regarding Camp 18.

First you will notice the fine attention to details Lloyd takes in capturing each moment, each image, each photos, they are remarkable. And I am not merely saying this because I am his wife. I tell him when his photos are brilliant; I tell him when his photos lack luster. I am not afraid to speak my mind, to him or anyone. His photos are simply put – remarkable.

These photos represent Lloyd’s impression of Camp 18, located in Elsie, Oregon (Highway 26). I hope you found them as insightful as I did. For me, I always find it interesting when we both shoot at the same place and yet our photos are so completely different. How is that even possible? The place wasn’t that large?  I wonder why we see such differing shots.  While we share many similarities, thankfully we can still go to the same location and take away different views. It happened here, it happens, nearly all the time. I no longer question why, even though I may sometimes think it. Until next time.



Photo of the Day – May 8, 2012


Photo of the Day – May 8, 2012

“The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.”
Oscar Wilde


‘Despair’, Sauvie Island, Oregon