L&L Photography’s Mission

The Why’s and How’s of L&L Photography

L&L represents our names, Lloyd and Louise (Edwards), and hence L&L Photography or L&L Images, we answer to both, we flow like that. While it took some convincing, Lloyd finally agreed we should try to sell our photos. While I believe he is a better photographer, we both contribute equally.  Regardless, our mission is to build a photography business selling our professionally produced photographic artwork. A percentage of all our sales  will go toward awareness, research, and treatment of Motor Neuron Diseases (MNDs), specifically Progressive Bulbar Palsy (PBP).

The images we capture depict our interests and visions: the biologist’s love of nature’s beauty and variety; the engineer’s fascination with line, texture and form; our joint passion for the mysterious and sometimes abstract qualities of what we see, portrayed in our work. Our philosophy is reflected in L&L Photography’s tag line “Capturing Special Moments – One Click at a Time”. Please visit our website at www.landlimages.com to view our images or read our blog here.

Our mission is a slightly different from other photographers because our vision is to contribute toward easing the suffering of PBP patients, ultimately toward treatments for the disease and a possible cure. One may ask why this a driving force behind our business. The answer is simple.  MNDs in a group of progressive neurological disorders that destroy motor neurons, the cells that control essential voluntary muscle activity such as speaking, walking, breathing, and swallowing.

We want people to buy our photos not only to support our cause but to buy them because they are awesome, professional, and unlike other photographs around. We are also available for commercial photo shoots, product shoots, business portraits and even memorable photos of your much-loved pets.

We provide the “Wow Factor” so important with any business:

  • All images are printed in-house on a Professional Epson printer and use only the finest high quality paper for printing the highest quality images. Each print is perfect before it reaches you.
  • We also use gallery quality archival mattes, that are acid free, 8-ply black, white, and off white.
  • 4-ply double mattes of various colors are available on custom orders, or some prints we have in stock.
  • Your photograph can be matched with wood frames in a variety of standard and custom sizes.
  • In-house printing, matting, mounting, and framing package deals are available.
  • High quality products at half the price of other photographers and framing shops.
  • Our prints are placed in black boxes embossed with a metallic red logo, which matches our business colors of black, red, and white.
  • We also have greeting cards printed with our prints on the cover. Our cards are now available for purchase on-line as well as locally at Renaissance Wine and Cigar Shop and Montinore Estates Winery.

Our items we believe set us apart from other photographers in a way that people will remember us for our high quality images, our professionalism, our goal for making clients happy, and finally, raising money to support our cause. We know we will need to sell a lot of photos to carry out this goal. But, we are shooting for the stars.

In addition to this goal, L&L Business partner Louise (LA) Edwards has written a Novel, “The House of Thoth”, which is now available on-line for free, and has achieved worldwide readership. Soon the book will be available for sale for e-readers like iPad. It is our goal to find an agent and publisher to pick up this book. It is vital that a percentage of all books sales go toward our cause.  While the book can stand alone, it was written with a sequel in mind. Chapters for the second book will soon be available on-line as written so readers can interact with the author and in a sense help write the book. The completed book will be available via e-books, until an agent is found to distribute the book. The sequel to the ‘The House of Thoth’, is called ‘Benandanti- Rise to Power.’ Posting of the chapters will begin very soon. Curious readers will be notified on the House of Thoth website. For a limited time ‘The House of Thoth will be made available for no cost and on its blog site. Don’t worry if you start to read it and it suddenly is being distributed. You will be given the opportunity to complete the book. The blog is found at either www.laedwards.wordpress.com or www.houseofthoth.wordpress.com.

On behalf of Lloyd and myself we thank you for your support.


L&L (Louise (LA) Edwards and Lloyd Edwards)

6 thoughts on “L&L Photography’s Mission

  1. I think your vision and goals are very admirable. I understand (to a degree) what you feel about this disease why you’re trying to help fight it. My father was diagnosed around the same as you. For reasons both related and unrelated to the disease he died November 30th, 2011. I don’t mean to bring up any negative issues related to the diagnosis, but PBP is a very blunt and direct disease, and so to should we speak of its reality. I hope research is done specifically for PBP one day. I look forward to buying some of your beautiful prints soon.

    – Joe (a fellow Portlander)

    • Thanks for checking out our site Ines. You merely posted on a different page. Thanks for your comments. Our photos shouldn’t have changed at least for this page as we never had any on it. That is why I believe you were at another place on our site. No worries. We humbly accept your comments and readership. We enjoy your site as well. Cheers! L&L

      • Ines now I see what you mean. You commented on the photo bar at the top of the page. It is indeed a scrolling bar. Sorry if it confused you. Your comments and readership are appreciated regardless. L&L

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