L&L Photography is comprised of the husband and wife team of Lloyd and Louise Edwards. Together we share a love and passion for the art of photography. The art allows us to capture in a mere instant, a story, in which two very unique and fascinating accounts  are eventually transformed into print. Over the course of the last year, we decided now was the right time to share with others our expression and appreciation of the art, the challenges, and most certainly the creativity we have discovered working in this field as observed in our work.

We know first hand, life is full of unexpected twists and turns for which one has little to no control. It is because of this, we decided to gather our favorite images, start a website, blog, and Facebook page, and now Twitter for tweets, all with hopes that we find individuals interested in our work. It is a work in progress.

As Conrad Hall wrote, “Contrast is what makes photography interesting.” It is our wish that whoever reads our blog, views our photos on our web site or Facebook page will like our work and find our photographs and the stories behind them equally as interesting as we do, and encourage others to do the same. 

With this in mind, we have pulled together a number of our favorite photographs brought to life through our travels, from around the world to our own backyard, for not merely your viewing pleasure but also for those interesting in purchasing images made available to you on-line or via email. We offer a multitude of print sizes and formats including our new line of greeting cards, mounted prints, mounted and framed prints and mounted gallery canvas prints as well as image/matte/frame packages. If you’re interested in a certain photo, size, or format we have not included on our list, we offer custom printing and framing services and hope you will contact us directly so we may accommodate your needs.

Our website address is simple http://www.LandLimages.com (someone already was using L&L Photography – darn). From our web address we have a link to our blog site. We hope those interested will follow our blog as new posts and new images appear on a regular basis and browse through our website and the various galleries we have complied. We offer many limited edition prints available for sale and once the images have reached their selling potential, we will no longer offer those images for sale. Since we offer custom options on any of our photos, should you see something that interests you and suddenly it has vanished, please feel free to ask via email and we will accommodate your request or custom order. Our email address is landlphotography@landlimages.com.

It is our hope you will also come to embrace the light which emanates through the lens of a camera as we have expressed in our photographs. “In photography there are no shadows that cannot be illuminated.~ August Sander

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  1. Hi Louise 🙂

    I just bought a diital SLR camera (Olympus EPL1). It’s not the latest model, but I got a good deal for it and it’s my first “proper” camera. Do you use different cameras or just one?

    Tayla 🙂

  2. Hello, thanks for visiting and signing up at The Creative Cat! I’ve actually moved that site from the free-hosted WordPress site to a self-hosted site, same name, same content, but I designed it to be able to display my art and photos much larger. Visit me there! http://www.thecreativecat.net.

    In the meantime, I’ve had a wonderful visit with your photos!

    • Hello David in Maine! I now realized I had a message from you. So sorry not to reply sooner. Thank you for following us and your support. Both Lloyd and I appreciate it. I find a bit of humor, silly, but we live in Portland and Maine has a Portland, for which I have been once, there and Kennebuckport several years ago. Maine is a beautiful state. Thanks for following our site and we follow yours as well. Cheers! L&L

    • Wow! Thank you Linda (ANatureMom) for bestowing L&L Photography with the Readership Appreciation Award. On behalf of my other half, Lloyd we are humbled that you like our site and photography enough to present us with this award. It is such a relief knowing that someone besides the two of us are reading our blog. Whew…We graciously and humbly accept. Thank you! We hope that you will continue to follow us, now and in the future. Thank you again. Louise, L&L Photography

    • Yulia, I am not sure why I never received notice of your post. So sorry, but glad to find it now. Thank you for following our site we appreciate it very much. We look forward to looking through yous more. We hope to see you around more. Thanks again. Cheers! L&L

  3. You post beautiful pictures, and I think it very interesting and heart warming too, that your blog is a joint effort. A pleasure to read your posts.

    • Thank you Shimon for following our blog and your kinds words regarding our photos. We hope you continue to find our work pleasurable. We look forward to spending some time to browse through yours more. I particularly found the image of the woman in the purple skirt beautiful. And very much enjoyed the poem you wrote from your cat’s perspective. L&L

  4. I’m going to take some time to look around your site and endulge in your photos. Looking good!
    I also wanted to say thank you for visiting and following my photo blog. Like you I have ideas of making this into a business, but I am taking baby steps first.

    • Hi Kate, Thanks for stopping by our blog and taking the time to see our blog and what we are about. We hope you’ll enjoy what you see. We are in the process of adding more recent photos to our website, which is linked in our blog. Everything takes time, and it seems there is only so much of it in a day. We are also on Red Bubble and Facebook, and twitter, which are both linked from our blog; and Google+ and Linkedin. We are trying to get our name out there. But, it does indeed take time. Cheers! L&L

  5. Hi Lloyd and Louise :), just wanted to pop by with a “proper” thank you for stopping by my blog with your “Likes” and “Following”, I can assure you that it`s very much appreciated. I look forward to continue following your blog as well, I have enjoyed what I found here so far! Have a marvellous day the two of you:)

    • Vibeke, we love your site and your adorable Avatar picture. We love people who love cats as we have two living with us. They bring us such joy and consider them our kids. Thanks for following our site and we look forward to seeing you around the blogging world. Cheers! L&L

  6. Hi, Thanks for visiting and following my Blog. I’ve popped over to take a look at yours. You have some lovely pictures. Oregon certainly looks a beautiful place!
    Followed back 🙂

    • Thank you for following us on our blog. We appreciate it very much. We have been busy updating our blog and adding some of our images to Redbubble.com It is fun, but very time consuming reformatting everything to fit their requirements. Hopefully it will be worth it in the end. Please feel free to stop by this site and check our images out. http://www.redbubble.com/people/landlimages. Thank you again we appreciate you and your time to follow us. Cheers. L&L

  7. thanks for stopping by and liking my post on Looking for the Magic and deciding to follow my blog. You site has some great shots. I really enjoyed looking through your gallery.

    • Our pleasure. You have a great site and wonderful photographs. We were excited to follow you. Thanks for your kind words. We hope you will decide to follow us. Thanks again. We look forward to seeing more of you images. Hope to see you around. L&L

      • thanks for the additional likes. When I looked through your gallery I really liked the header image you had of the stone statue. I used it as a starting inspiration for a post I just put up on my site for my photo clubs weekly challenge. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. So lovely to “meet” the two of you – I’m an “Edwards” myself 🙂 You’ve got a really special blog here – so enjoyed finding it this evening!
    Wishing you all the very best,

    • Anne – Thank you for stopping by our blog. We hope that you will continue to follow us. We checked out your blog. What a wonderful article about your grandmother. Sorry to hear of your uncles sudden passing. Never easy. Are you from Australia by chance? Cheers! L&L

      • Hi there! Nope I’m born and bred Canadian (and my hubby an American) Would definitely love to visit Australia someday though – we were really disappointed that we didn’t get a chance to when we were living in Japan…now we’re back in Canada and Australia seems so far away! Hopefully in the not too distant future we’ll be lucky enough to visit 🙂

    • Thanks Deborah for your comments. We have not added any photos of our own for a while since I have been ill with Lyme disease. I do however have a blog page for my writing which is currently being updated. I should be adding content to that page very soon. If you’re interested you can find that page at http://laedwardswriter.wordpress.com/ Thanks again for your interest.

  9. Hi, I love your blog, so many wonderful pictures! I am an aspiring painter and would like to ask for your permission to reproduce some of the pictures in watercolor or acrylic.

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