We’re back! Well, Almost!

Sorry for the sudden drop off of the planet. Unfortunately my illness had taken hold of me for for a while and didn’t allow either of us to prepare a statement we would be taking an unexpected hiatus from our website and blog. But as I seem to be improving a bit, it looks like I will begin posting again. On behalf of L&L Photography and L&L Images, we hope those of you who followed us in the past will once again begin to follow us. We have so many new and exciting images to share with you. Our posts will likely be once to twice weekly for a while, but we will keep you informed. Wow the blog has changed a bit, it will take me some time to get reacquainted with the new format.

Many Thanks,

Louise and Lloyd, L&L Photography

8 thoughts on “We’re back! Well, Almost!

    • I am hoping that you were typing at mach speed and your message actually says Hurray. Perhaps it is in Daleks. Hope not they have been destroyed, or at least for a while. Cheers!

    • Great to hear from you too cuz. How’s the weather in Macau? We would love to visit one day. Hope you are doing well. Miss hearing from you and seeing your smiling face. Cheers!

      • Still a little on the cool side, but pleasantly so….will be heating up soon and the humidity will outstrip the temperature by miles! Get yourselves over here ASAP!! Alternatively, I will be in Vegas in May….come over and see me there? Will email once I have more specific dates xxx

      • Send me the info for may to mt email and we will see what we can do. Would love to see you. Miss you. Take care. As for Macau, it might work for next year, depending on my health.

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