It’s Lavender Time!

The Fields of Helvatia Lavender Farms

It is lavender time in Portland and with it the wondrous scent of lavender. From the lush fields of lavender, to the gardens, to the markets, lavender is in the air. Lloyd and I are fortunate to live in a city that is so close to the agricultural areas of the Willamette Valley. As such, we are privy to an array of fresh fruits, vegetables, nursery stock plants of all kinds, and the best of all – they all end up among other places at the local markets and festivals in the area. We are fortunate also to live blocks from one such local market at Orenco Station, where fresh produce and fresh flowers and nursery plants are sold, among other local artisan goods.

July marks the arrival of lavender with it comes an array of festivals at many of the local lavender farms around Portland.  A short drive for us, and we found our way to  Helvetia Lavender Farms, nestled in the hills overlooking the beautiful Willamette Valley.  Here the farm grows 60 varieties of lavender in their lush gardens and cutting fields. Visitors are welcome to wander through the gardens, and when they are through can enjoy teatime in their new pavilion, and relax amid the scent of lavender. They also distill our own lavender oil and carry a great selection of lavender products available for sale. Their property is amazing and the lavender fields breathtaking. Here we found lavender as far as the eye could see. The moment the door of the car opened the air around was filled with the strong and wondrous scent of fresh lavender. Wonderful. I was amazed by how many varieties of lavender there is. It not only grows in the lavender farms but it is found simply  everywhere around Portland, even in our own backyard garden. Here are some wonderful photos from our local market to the fields and beyond. Enjoy!

For purchase by the ounce…

To delicate sprigs…

To lavender fields…

To the garden plumes…

To that which surrounds a chair…..

To signs warning it’s here…

To the those of which bare ears …

To a bee drawn by its lofty scent….

To the tiny bee….

To Mr. Bumble bee….

The delicate sprigs of Lavender is in the air, indicating summer is finally here.




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