Looking through Korean – Eye Korean Eye 2012

This London based photographer is fantastic. A must see as he includes some shot from the Saatchi gallery. The first one is especially worth a look. Amazing use of a camera.

A few more wonderful Korean works from the Saatchi gallery, including Soft Crash by Kim Buyoungho. This spiky dandelion-like form at first glance feels quite aggressive but on closer inspection, the ends are rounded and the aluminium rods have a gentle flexibility, making the whole sculpture feel quite soft.

Debbie Han’s chess set, Battle of Conception was cool, as was Choi Chongwoon’s Storm in a Teacup. The enormous hovering sculpture made from newspaper, by You Myung Gyun was called Floating World. I’ve been preparing my gallery talk lately for the ICN Gallery so ‘images of a floating world’ (Ukiyo-e) have been filling my thoughts for the last 2 weeks…



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4 thoughts on “Looking through Korean – Eye Korean Eye 2012

  1. Hey, thanks for sharing our pictures! Small correction to make though if I can, I’m a photographer from London not Korea, the exhibition is called Korean Eye 2012. Thanks again for your interest in our blog though! Kindest regards, joe

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