Flowers, Shrubs, and Trees, Oh My!

As in the past during our Sunday Market visits, I like to find a vendor that has the coolest product or is selling something so unique that people go Wow! Like Wow where did you get that, or some other statement that lives up to the Wow Factor.  Well two weeks ago, I failed miserably, first we were late getting to the market, which rarely ever happens and secondly, it was raining off and on. Not ideal conditions for snapping photos. That said, there was no post as my photos pretty much sucked, along with the weather, if you were wondering if you missed a week. You didn’t, I did. I wanted to feature today’s Wow vendor then, but they were not at the market then either. So here it is.

This week was a great weekend for taking pictures. The weather actually seemed like summer in Portland had finally arrived. And in fact it has been summer all week-long and will continue through the weekend. Yay! So this weeks Wow Factor producer is one of the best at the market. N&M Herb Nursery, Inc. You guessed it a flower nursery. As I have mentioned in many of my past blogs there are many vendors this year all carrying flowers of all varieties and as such the bar has been raised. This is good, it means that Hillsboro is finally being noticed as a great place to bring ones produce and local products to sell. This includes the ‘High Quality Plants and Herbs’ N&M Herb Nursery.

What sets this vendor apart and above the rest is they practically bring the entire nursery to the party (not really, it merely seems that way), not only do they bring the plants, they bring healthy outstanding plants, beautiful potted plants, some do it yourself varieties as well, hanging baskets, shrubs, anything and everything that goes in ones garden in a small but well used vendor space which is well used and laid out perfectly – you feel like you are experiencing a little Zen moment. Well you would if not so many people would be in there with you. But hey it is all about traffic. Product placement is key and a smiling facing ready to greet you as you step up and into her world of Zen.

The Vendor who meets and greets is Maraya (as in the “M” in N & M Herb Nursery) a family owned business named after two daughters Natasha and Maraya. Maraya’s parents actually named the nursery before the girls were born.  You will have to ask Maraya about that one. The business is within the local range located a bit south of Portland in Hubbard, Oregon. I was excited the first time I saw the plants from N&M last year as they were so beautiful, and this year they have upped the bar, they are even better. They own the rights to boast over 200 varieties of plants and herbs. The product – plants and they are perfectly placed and are of extraordinary quality and variety.

According to Maraya, who is the primary face of N&M at the market, is well schooled in horticulture and knows the name of each plant in stock, how to care for them, and is happy to help answer anyone questions who is interested in gardening. She also has included the perfect number of exotic species and/or ornamental’s in their stock.  Whether it is the display models (Yes they have flowers on display that are not for sale), or the quantity and quality of their plants or all three, when you first lay eyes on her booth, your eyes are driven to a place of peace and tranquility. They offer such a great variety of popular local species as well as some unique varieties. We were impressed immediately and thankful that they were at the market again this year. They have “Wow” written all over them.

In addition to having the widest variety they have the best quality. We (Lloyd and I) purchased nearly all of our plants from them last year and many are still going strong this year. The perennials that is and even a couple of the annuals believe it or not. This year we purchased nearly all of our plants from N&M. We also tried out a few of the other vendors too as they seem to have tightened up the playing field a bit and have brought in some higher quality varieties this year. Have to spread the love a bit. It was good to see so many vendors upping the anty so to speak. This year we have stood in line to purchase plants from Maraya and their great  collection of perennials  and annuals.


Maraya having a chat with my hubbie (my hubbie is hiding from the camera) over the plants we purchased for the week. This Sunday we will purchase the last of our plants, we spread out the plants until we finally have what we want. We need to pick up a few more smaller plants to fill our planters and a couple of our hanging bouquets on Sunday. When we spoke Maraya wasn’t sure how long they would be at the Market as there supplies were about spent for the Orenco Station Market. If your interested you can check online at the Portland Farmers Market website here.  They will be at the Beaverton Farmers Market through October, and the Vancouver Market through September.Their stock seems to get smaller each week as people seem to really like this particular nursery. It is evident why once you see the plants. They have the “Wow Factor” and the Zen Factor rolled into one.


                                                                        Calla Lilies

Red Tiger Abutilon

This is an interesting plant that grows fast up to two to three feet in one summer. Keep pinching on the dead blooms and give the plant a haircut and it will last all summer full of blooms. This plant loves Oregon and if covered or put on a covered porch  or in the house over the winter this plant will continue to grow and be ready for Summer. The plant is absolutely gorgeous in full bloom. Added bonus – a party attraction. The blooms resemble Chinese lanterns. and are about the size of a small tomato.

Fuchsia hanging baskets

I bet you won’t guess what this beautiful hanging plant is? I sure didn’t, we purchased several to put in our hanging baskets. Maraya gave us some suggestions as to what would be good for our porch and we were sold.

This gem is actually a Sparkle Scarlet Begonia – who knew a begonia grew like a hanging plant? I sure didn’t. To me this looked more like a fuchsia or a relative of one and not a begonia.

Orange Lilies

The lily planter is another one we purchased for our porch along with the reddish color one below. Both stunning, the various colors of orange are really pretty. We have a varieties of color to make the porch come alive as we spend a great deal of our evenings out sitting on our covered porch. It is fully enclosed and we have complete privacy from our neighbors on either side of use and in the front as our house sits up on a slight incline. We are higher up than the sidewalk below us and we have two obnoxious arborvitaes that I have a love – hate relationship with. I love them because they provide a lot of privacy from the sidewalk and street, and neighbors across the street, and hate them because they are so tall and we have to have someone come and cut them back each year. Normally this would not be a big deal, but we have the homeowners association from hell who police the area.  Seriously! We continually receive notices about something or another. We tend to be rebels without a cause. The notices  are gently placed in the round file. We are having our porch area painted and our house power washed, which was supposed to have been done a few weeks ago, but our dear Mr. Perkins literally drained our vacation fund, our house upgrade fund, and our camera and computer related items fund dry as the Sahara desert.  No kidding. Sucks.

Pink/Reddish Lilies

I love this variety of lily which resembles an azalea.  These guys will come year after year if taken care of them by either bringing them in the house over winter, placed in the garage, or well covered in case of frost or snow. That would be our problem with them, we continue to purchase them year after year because something of the three isn’t cared for properly. We have no house plants because we have two cats and they would love nothing more than to play in the dirt, eat the leaves, or destroy them in some other devious manner. So they all went bye-bye.

Whatever our problems are with our outside plants, we have managed to keep one yellow daisy like flower from dying off completely it, like our Hosta’s come back year after year as do some of our herbs in our herb garden. Once we stop using the front porch, things begin to die and we tend to forget to water our little friends, out of sight out of mind for sure. We need to resolve that issue this year. I think we said that last year, know we did. No sure what happened. Our new plants are so beautiful right now I have every confidence they will come back next year.

Maple trees from Japanese to vine maples, they brought at least four to six different varieties. These are but a few of the shrubs they had a couple of weeks ago. We purchased a couple a small Japanese maple and a dark red shrub, that I can’t remember the name. We have one in the front yard and it grows like crazy. I would love to have it grow the same in our back yard. We are still trying to figure out what to do back there. It is very small and strangely configured. When I say small, I mean small; as it is now a barbeque and small bistro table and chairs barely fit on the slab of cement, while the remainder is a stone path and row of shrubs and a few ferns. None are large and should be after being planted in for six years. They are the same size they were when the lawn guy put them in. I hate our back. It needs a serious over haul. If Mr. Perkins wouldn’t have used up our home renovation funds etc, we would have been close to having our dream backyard. All I can say is having a cat in the hospital for one month is a bit spendy.  So we will focus on our front porch the rest is not gonna happen…. We love our Mr. Perkins.  Next year, we will either put tiles or flagstone down in the entire space and have raised beds for a small garden and pots for our flowers and shrubs. I have seen this as a way to make a small space look spacious and cozy and very elegant in a some of those garden magazines and it looked awesome. Very easy to care for and little week problem. None actually. My kind of garden.

These were from pots filled with flowers.

Hanging baskets

Hanging baskets

Lavender and other wonderful smelling herbs and plants

One of my favorite photos which I had in a previous post, the red calla lily.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a post solely devoted to flowers. While there is still time to purchase foliage this year, (check the Portland Farmers Market for a list of vendors), keep them in mind for next year. You wont be disappointed.

Say hi to Maraya for us if you do check them out; in case you would like to know more  you can follow them on Facebook here.

Until next time. Cheers!



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