Beads Anyone?!

Okay, I had thought this post, posted last night. Wow, I must have been tired. Is it me or does time fly faster when we are adults. What happened to those days when summers seemed to last forever and so unfortunately, did the school year. Now, one week flies by faster than I can keep up. So with that, well, the Sunday Market is nearly here again, and I find that I am now writing my blog about the person who I feel screams out “Wow!” or as I like to call it the “Wow Factor”. Someone who is a local vendor whose crafts originate in Oregon.

In the past I have featured, C James, Nursery, “Fancy My Feathers,” and Soleil de Provence to name but a few. The “Wow Factor” name I coined (not really, but yes did), defines a product crafted by a local artist that basically makes you stop and go “Wow!” or “Wow!, I love that (product) and simply must have one! This weeks “Wow Factor” feature is from Iona ILONA’s BEAD WERK. Her bead works and Jewelry is some of the most beautiful, high quality jewelry designed by Ilona , I have seen at a Farmer’s Market. Her jewelry is gorgeous. I will let the photos of her work speak for me when I say wow.

Meet Ilona Herlinger and here fabulous collection of jewelry. Every piece is heartfelt and it shows as her work, designs, bead colors, and sterling silver collectively create some of the most interesting and unique jewelery I have seen. Her collection is amazing and very reasonably priced.

From necklaces to bracelets, there is something to please everyone. Ilona doesn’t disappoint; as I have said she uses sterling silver, bright wonderful beads, and stones for her wonderful creations, that are unlike any I have seen, especially of such high quality. Watch out for those copycats. We have a strong dislike for copycats.

Ilona works very hard on her unique and one of a kind pieces which prevents others to even try to compete or copy. She is in a league all her own and her pieces are so well made and amazingly beautiful.

This image is undeniably my favorite that illustrates the wonderful autumn colors and details the stones, beads, and silver.

There is a wonderful earthiness about Ilona’s beads and her designs. Shown here, hanging from a unique hand crafted display you can get a bit of an idea of what you can expect when you see her at her booth.The farmers markets is but one avenue where one can actually pick up and touch the pieces. I am sure that if you were to order from the internet, once you received your piece of jewelry you will agree, she has a gift and how wonderful it is to own one of her pieces. I sadly must say I don’t own any of her pieces. I made the mistake of taking up photography and told my hubbie no more jewels, only camera accessories and another computer please. That, and the occasional trip. Truth is I own so much jewelery it sits at the bank displayed inside the box for all the fairies and dust bunnies to see.

I hope that the next time you are at the Orenco Station Farmers Market, or any of the other local markets you look up on the internet to see if Ilona is there. You can’t miss her as she is the attractive lady with an inviting smile who welcomes all who pay her a visit. For those who stop by, you will find a charming lady who is wonderful to talk to. Her booth is simple of burlap and wood and reads on the front burlap IIona’s Bead Werks. Her pieces are worth every penny, and very reasonable. So, if you are at the markets around Portland look for her and tell her I said hello. For those interested in her wonderful designs she can be contacted here.

Until next time, if there is something at the market that screams “Wow” be sure I will find you and you might even end up on the pages of my blog.




2 thoughts on “Beads Anyone?!

    • Thank you. I will pass your comments along to Ilona. I saw her pieces today. We converse. I drool. Then walk by with my tail between my legs, thinking camera equipment, new computer…..etc. The list is long and grows each day. Boo.

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