Soleil De Provence, I Struck Gold!

Well another Sunday and Market has come and gone. Hard to believe another one is nearly here. Each day at the market I like to select a vendor that represents a special “Wow Factor”. If you read last weeks blog you I featured  “Fancy My Feathers” which exemplified the “Wow Factor”, a named I coined (not really) which defines a product crafted by a local artist, chef, or florist, that basically would have what I consider the “Wow Factor”,  or “Wow”, I love that!  This weeks “Wow Factor” or feature product is by far the epitome of Wow. I am merely disappointed in myself for waiting so long to feature Nazare Dufosse and her business – Soleil de Provence, and the beautiful handcrafted tablecloths she creates. They are truly a work of art and made to make any table you own beautiful and the envy of those who see them.

Meet – Nazare Dufosse, Soleil De Provence

Nazare is a wonderful lady from France, we have chatted with on several occasions during our rounds at the market. She designs a unique line of tablecloths, table runners, place mats, and napkin holders all handcrafted from fabric originating in the Provence region of France.

Each piece is unique handcrafted by Nazare. Whether it is a tablecloth or the double-sided place-mats, her work is impeccable. The best feature is the fabric does not stain. Perfect for those occasions with guests and oops a spilled glass of red wine or barbecue sauce. No problem, the cloth is easy to wipe clean. The fabric is not the cheezy plastic kind that can wipe off. This material is fabulous. Each piece inspired by the french designs, with the quality top of the line and won’t break the bank. A mere wash off, and they are good to go for the next meal. Each tablecloth and set of place mats are perfect for either indoor or outdoor use. I prefer the above patterns for the outdoors, and her Jacquard patterns below for indoor use. That is merely my preference. They are for use for either indoor or outdoor use. These patterns are offered for round, square and oval-shaped tables. As I said perfect for outdoor use, matching place-mats designed for either round or square designed tables. Very unique. It is often difficult to find a place mat that will work well on a round table. Her designs work perfectly.

Place-mat for round table.

Her unique prints are available at least ten different prints, I am actually not certain of the number but there is one for just about anyone’s taste. All are unique to the region of Provence. Each table-cloth has a lovely colored bordered sewn around the end of the cloth. Depending on the pattern the colors of the border change with the design. She often offers a choice of borders. I love the lavender prints, for which we have two; one in yellow with lavender sprigs and a gray color with lavender sprigs. We also recently purchased a cloth with a bird pattern. Each color are popular designs within the French region of Provence.  Our tablecloths are round and custom-made to fit all our tables at no extra charge.  We use the yellow lavender cloth and the beautiful bird cloth for our two bistro tables on our front veranda. We use the grey lavender print for our backyard round table.  These table cloths are best ones I have ever owned and look very expensive but are very reasonably priced, as are all of her items. Trust me, you will be very happy with any of the patterns she carries. And will likely want to buy more than one.  We decided to have three different prints as they are so beautiful, I couldn’t decide on just one print.

Above, a place mat and matching table-cloth for a square table. Below are the numbers of prints available.

As I have said, all the cloths are popular french patterns used widely in France for table cloths and dish patterns. The quality is higher than I have seen in the stores or on-line.

Each tablecloth is stitched with a colored border for which she has usually one or two different colors to choose; whether you buy your tableware from her at the market or whether you order on-line via email, Nazare will take very good care of you.

This image displays the napkin holders which are very unique and made from the same fabric and prints used for the tablecloths and place mats. Your table will look fabulous with all three. We love ours. It makes everything more elegant.

Napkin holder

Jacquard patterns used for either indoor or outdoor use as well. This material is much more elegant for inside use. And the sizes vary, designed to fit most tables and can be custom fit to your table.

This fabric is also used to make hand crafted table runners. There is also a special coating on the fabric which helps to prevent stains. The fabric is very elegant and soft. Your table will look so elegant with one of the many designs she carries. I was amazed at the choices in fabric. The colors are vibrant and each patter different. It was difficult to choose but we had to of course purchase one of these as well. I opted for a table runner. Then decided when we got it home we wanted to use it for our coffee table. It made our living area table look more elegant.  The colors are vibrant and the fabric is very will stitched.

This image shows the unique french design in the Jacquard print. The material is soft and very well crafted. I am by no means an expert on table cloths, but these are some of the finest cloths I have seen. This fabric also has a special repellant to make clean up a breeze. The feel and look are very luxurious and soft. I am not sure if she makes napkins that match this material, but she might do so by special request.

As one can see, Nazare has a fantastic collection of colors in stock and take’s special and custom orders for anything you need to make your tables look fabulous and very elegant. You will have many colors and patterns to choose from. And from the quality you will not be disappointed. They are all crafted by hand with the utmost care.

One last glance at more colors. We love the high quality prints and patterns Nazare uses to make such beautiful and elegant tableware. We highly recommend her and her beautiful handcrafted tablecloths. So if you are looking for a gift for someone, or for yourself you will not be disappointed. Nazare takes immense pride in each piece she makes; each piece is a work of art. I don’t believe in featuring a product I have never tried out first or in most cases purchased. Whatever the occasion, Soleil de Provence will fit your needs. We receive so many compliments on how beautiful our tables look.  We decided to share the wealth with our friends and to those who follow us online, if you are looking for tablecloths, you must definitely check out those from Soleil de Provence. Nazare’s prices are also quite reasonable so don’t worry you will not break the bank to have your table look like a million dollars. If you don’t see Nazare at the Sunday market drop her an email, or contact here via phone. If you do decide to buy one of these high quality tablecloths, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do ours. All of ours are well used and well-loved.




2 thoughts on “Soleil De Provence, I Struck Gold!

    • It really is a great idea. The table cloths are truly fabulous. Her entire line of tableware is wonderful. I was pleased to write about Nazare and her work. Thank you for your comment. I will pass it along to Nazare.

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