June 20, 2012

It would seem, by the doubling of posts, my key board is to blame. A hidden keystroke that I inadvertently hit sends my posts before they are ready to go. That and the back arrow stopped working. Frustrating. I apologize. The good news – I purchased a new one from the Apple store –  the bad news it was $68 dollars…booo, and it won’t arrive until Friday……booo…..So, my fellow readers let’s hope you can put up with a bit of redundancy until then. And again, I am sorry.

Thanks for following us, we appreciate everyone and their wonderful and often helpful comments.  And since I have your attention, you can now follow us on Red Bubble. Now if I can only get the button to display on the blog page we shall be in business.  If anyone knows how to do this simple task, your help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Until then I believe you can reach us by following this link.




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