Happy Friday, We Won Another Award!

Happy Friday we have one another award! Wow, what a week. I can’t believe that It is Friday. It was Monday and suddenly I turned around and Friday arrived and with it notification that we won yet another award.  I am speechless. On behalf of the other L in L&L, we are humbled, once again as we welcome this award. The Versatile Blogger Award was received from Susartandfood. Yay!  Thank you so much Suzie. Your recipes as well as your artwork are amazing. Thank you for thinking of us for this great award. It was quite unexpected. I guess that makes it part of the fun. As many of those who follow me and those who might be new to our site, I love receiving awards, however they tend to have a chain letter association that I am not fond of. How to fix this? Be myself and shake things up a bit.  I have never been very good at conforming to ones rules, and so I will gladly accept this great award, humbly so, with twist.

Here are the rules of these awards through the eyes of L & L Photography:

Share who gave you the award with a link back to their blog – Thanks Suzie! –

Describe ten random facts about yourself – Really? I doubt that I have any random or otherwise interesting things about me, but I will try to pull something from the cracks. Let shoot for eight and see what happens.

1) I represent one of the L’s in L&L photography, my name being Louise. My husband Lloyd represents the other half.  2) L&L Photography was the brainchild of me and my husband as we chatted over a glass of wine. We both share a passion for photography. I also share a passion for writing. So it made sense to create a blog as a means of getting our name out there to the world of cyberspace. 3) I never really knew what a blog was or what it was about until I began to create one. Lloyd helped some with the tricky parts of starting a website; while I had one when I had my own business, I had paid someone to create mine for me. Now I know why he charged me so much. They are a lot of work. 3) I decided about five years ago, or so to put my thoughts of my fictional characters onto paper, or computer, if you will. So, I wrote a novel (The House of Thoth). 4) I began yet another blog and put The House of Thoth up for the world to read. 5) I and am in the process of getting the text into the proper format for e-readers which hopefully should be very soon. 6) I am currently writing the sequel “Benandanti: Rise to Power“, which will be posted in excerpts on the House of Thoth blog in the coming weeks. 7) A portion of the sales from our photography and future books sales go into a fund for awareness of Motor Neuron Diseases, and  8)  We have two cats – Mr. Perkins and Lady Morgana both adopted from the animal shelter as kittens. Mr. Perkins is a tuxedo cat with perfect tuxedo markings, and white paws, which look like mittens. Lady Morgana is a solid black kitty, weighed less than two pounds when we brought her home. Someone had placed her in a plastic garbage bag with her two brothers and tossed them along the side of a road. Can you believe that?! She was very sick when we got her. Now she is full of energy with a very sweet disposition. Both cats hang out with me in our studio, occasionally one will spend time in lap.

Pass on this award to seven other bloggers, a doable number.

1)      The Little Leaf

2)      Uthamz

3)      Dangerously daydreaming

5)     Hovercraftdoggy

6)     Sadie & Dasie

7)     Giannitruduphotos
Notify each nominees they’ve won. Done

Post the award on your blog. Done

Congratulations to my fellow bloggers! Yay to us! Thanks again for thinking of L&L Photography.




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