Doggie Doo Doo’s, We’ve been Freshly Pressed!

I was wondering yesterday, how certain blogs were selected to be placed on the ‘Freshly Pressed’ list.  Each day, I scroll down the list of blogs, reading select entries, those which I find most interesting, clicking ‘like’ for those I really like, and reposting others I find extraordinary.  Ironically yesterday my hubbie, Lloyd and I were having a discussion about this very subject as well. He too scrolls down the list reading the blogs that interest him. Today, I decided I would look up the criteria for receiving such recognition. It was nothing earth shattering. I shrugged thinking, our photos are pretty decent and people seem to like our blog, I guess I merely have to wait and see what happens. Then gave it no more thought

So, imagine my surprise as I scrolled  the list of freshly pressed blogs this evening, it crossed my mind again who decides the blogs on “freshly Pressed” are worthy.  I continued to scroll along, then bam!  This image appeared:

The Doggie Doo Doo image! It took a few seconds to register the significance this image represented. Then it hit me like a hot flash, it was my photo I was staring at. I had to verify what I was looking at was actually what I was looking at, and concluded I was on the Freshly Pressed site. No mistake. This followed by a slight squeal  “Hey, that’s my photo! We’ve been freshly pressed!” Okay, it was loud enough to have Lady Morgana, one of our two cat’s asleep on my lap to bolt across the room faster than lightening. I was the alone in the room.

I stared at the monitor for a couple of seconds. Then briefly thought why pray tell would the powers be at WordPress decide to choose this particular blog and image to feature us, then I realized they probably did for the very reason I shot the photo, it is funny. Then I realized they perhaps had a similar experience after seeing such an image as I had, well, maybe not. I nearly wet my pants from laughter. Hence the need to capture the image in the first place. I sighed for a mere second still in a bit of disbelief, adrenalin mixed excitement, as I relished it was by a mere fluke of an extra segment, of “Belgium Through the Eyes of a Beer Mongers Gone Mad and an image of the Doggie Doo Doo for us to exclaim with exuberant enthusiasm, I could barely wait to tell hubbie “Yay us! We have finally been ‘Freshly Pressed’!”

Thank you, WordPress!




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