Readership Appreciation Award

Wow! So, we managed to receive two awards in one week. However will we stand up to such expectations? While I still believe what I posted the other day after receiving the Very Inspiring Blogger Award is an assessment of how I feel about these awards, I have come to realize while to some of these awards are merely fluffy pats on the back. So what. Fluffy pats are nice to receive by your peers no matter what form they take.

I feel, I have finally reached a level that I am one with my peers, as my peers are the ones passing the awards around and they are the ones who read the blogs we put out in cyber space for the entire world to view, like, or not, and continue to follow you and pass your name around. This is what helps us all grow. I do not take that part lightly. That said, I continue to believe 10 or 15 bloggers per award each time are far too many, this particular award as presented to us, had none. That I liked. I imposed my own conditions. Regardless, we are most indeed grateful we are thought of and placed in the same league as some of the really awesome blogs out there.

Thank you Linda (Anaturemom) for bestowing L&L Photography with the Readership Appreciation Award. On behalf of my other half, Lloyd, we are humbled you like our site and photography enough to present us with this peer award. As I continually, mention there is no greater feeling knowing that people other than the two of us are now reading our blog. Whew…We graciously and humbly accept this award. Thank you! We hope you and others, will continue to follow us, now and in the future, and hopefully will continue to share our site with others. Thank you again. Louise, L&L Photography.

Upon your recommendation, I checked out the Serenity Spell blog page. It is great! Others should check it out as well. I have added it to those I read. Now I will choose the blogs, I try to read every day, among a few others, and feel are well worthy of a look-see. The following are definitely worthy of this award and are listed in no particular order.

Tracie Louise Photography

Travels with the Blonde Coyote



Victoria Judy Photography

Lauren Lindley -Only Crazy People Live in California

Fabulous 50s

Thank you each for sharing your beautiful photography, words, and wisdom with the world.

L&L Photography





4 thoughts on “Readership Appreciation Award

  1. Thank you Susan. We are really working hard at producing the best quality images possible and having fun combining these images with tales of our adventures. The entire blogging, web, facebook, twitter, writing a novel, etc. components have been a huge learning process. In the past in my other life, I had a guy create and maintain my webpage for me and here’s your check. Now I understand why he charged so much. 🙂 Seriously, along with learning all about websites, I am learning all about blogging and these other pieces which complete the whole web process or package if you will; all of which is fun yet a bit scary putting ones self out their for the world to critique. My husband and I have embarked on a new and exciting journey and are delighted to have others share in our adventures. Most importantly, we are grateful people ‘like’ what we are doing. It is extremely humbling to realize we are no longer the only ones viewing our photos and reading our blogs. Thanks again for supporting us, we greatly appreciate the time to follow us. Thank you ~ L&L

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