Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I am so late announcing this award mostly because I have been under the weather, then our Mr. Perkins our 3-year-old Tuxedo cat became very ill suddenly. and has spent much time with doctors and a hospital stay. Not fun. Anyway, life happens.

I was quite surprised and humbled to have received this award. I would like to thank Lenise Lee for this nomination. I am most grateful, I am happy that so many people find my site worth the time to read and comment. I am really glad that my husband and I are no longer the only two reading our blog.  Thank you all for that. I still consider myself a newbie at the blogging arena, but I love doing it. It makes me happy and more so others that others are beginning to follow us too. I had no idea that others thought of our blog as award worthy.  Thank you.

I am really humbled people find our blog interesting enough to nominate us for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, but this comes with a strange and somewhat awkward feeling about it as Joanna of H2O stated so eloquently in her post after having received a similar award. (Just think Joanna, I would have nominated you as I love your blog.) I borrowed some of her words.

As a newbie blogger, I am wondering who decides on creating the blogger awards? Where do they come from?

I visited many blogs which had various nominations, but none had a real Award, this depends on your definition of a real award. I believe these awards are motivators, a peer-reviewed award, indicating the receiver is doing something right. So I thought about it, does this make this particular award not really an award?  No. There is  a level of prestige here, absolutely, any recognition regardless of whether it is merely an award of ones peers. I will take that, gladly!  It means I must be doing something right. That and I am finally developing a readership.

While I too strongly get the feeling of a “Chain-Letter” and I hate chain letters, this award is merely an attempt to gain a peer network of friends, isn’t it? I really don’t like the comparison of this award with chain-letters.  I want this award to be more than that. So, I will overlook the fact that award is a type of chain letter. For me, this means that I am finally doing something right as I have said. and I will gladly take that. It also is a means for telling me that I am getting my blog, my stories, my experiences out to the public and those who care will either like it or not. And if they do then Yay me! If they don’t it is their loss. I work very hard on my blog as I am sure most blogger do. Why? To promote our business, my book, and our cause.

I greatly appreciate the sentiment behind this award, largely because it took someones time to think about who’s blogs are worthy of it. Whether it is merely a peer minded award, aren’t most awards? I believe this is a great means for discovering new blogs, meeting new people, learning about their likes, and perhaps establish some real friendships.

This is the problem I have is this: Shouldn’t we nominate fewer people? 15 seems like a lot to me.  That just doesn’t feel right. I can see nominating someone else; someone who is a real inspiration to you. But fifteen? (15)?!? Seriously! That to me is a bit overkill. As much as I would like to say that 15 of my blogger buddies are great, well they are. I feel I only follow the best they should then all receive this award. Yay you! But since they can’t I will randomly stick my hand in a hat and grab out some names. They will deserve the award as I said, I only read those that are worthy to begin with. So, in my mind they all should win!

Again, I appreciate the intent behind this award and accept  honesty and earnest of the persons taking the time to put forth a nomination and for what it is.

I am saying that personally I would like to receive a private e-mail from someone telling me how I affected their life in a positive way or how I am an inspiration to them. That would be HUGE.  Really, just hit the “like” button, give a nice comment, or some constructive criticism that makes me SMILE and pass the word around about our site. That is awesome too!

Thank you for the award and here are eight bloggers who for me stand out and are not in any particular order, and they are ones who I know won’t blow off the award. As it does take time to return the thanks.

Lenise Lee who nominated me. Thanks so much. I am glad I have touched you in meaningful way with our blog.

1. Life in the Blue Ridges

2. Mona  Ramblings

3. Tracie Louise Photography  

4. mother grogan

5.  Lauren Lindley

6. Every Day Paranoid Visions

7  Trek Ohio

8. Beach Chair Scientist

Here are the requirements for this award:

1. Display the award logo somewhere on the blog.

2. Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you.

3. State seven things about yourself. I am going to skip this

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs. I chose eight and darnit if I wanted to name more, but then I would be going against my beliefs as eight seemed more reasonable.

5. Notify those bloggers that they have been nominated and of the award’s requirements. Done

Thank you again.



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