Sunday Market May 13th, 2012

Sunday Market – May 13th, 2012

Last Sunday was a fabulous day to attend the local farmers market. Each Sunday, beginning last weekend until roughly September early October, the Farmers Market is held in the Parking area of New Seasons grocery store in the Orenco Station neighborhood of Hillsboro.

No one could have expected that Portland would have two weekends of gorgeous weather in a row – we did. It isn’t even summer. How awesome is that?  Lloyd and I arrived around 11:00am, the market full of life. People consumed the streets with there wares, food, some for a stroll, some full of angst, most however, were having fun collecting this weeks selection of produce, flowers, eggs, artisan wares, snack on the caramel corn, slushy drinks, freshly made donuts, among several other local street vendors.

This weekends weather, a carbon copy of last weekend, fantastic! To experience such nice weather in May is not unusual what is, are the 80 degree days. Hey, but who is complaining? No one yet, but they will soon. Oregonians, are known for their inability to decide whether they are too hot or two cold. Me, I am indifferent, as long as the weather is above 70, life is good, 80 would be perfect; any variation, I join in with the plethora of complainers.

‘Pink Tulips

The pastel pink of tulips are but one of the many types of flowers which fill the flower boxes and buckets all for the purpose of selling bouquets. They are beautiful. The one below is but one of many that are pre-made, or made to fit your preferences.

‘Beauty in a Bouquet

One can imagine with an encore of warm weather, people especially in Portland flock toward anything that remotely entails an outside activity.  Orenco Station is no different. Our little burb is home to the local Sunday Farmers Market which begins each year around the 1st weekend in May. This year the weather was fantastic making this great venue a great place to find local art work of all kinds, jewelry, handbags, Provencal table cloths, table runners, place mats, or other vendors with their flower planters and flowers to nursery items and more flowers, trees and shrubs; to a wide variety of produce and food, including, a couple of new vendors selling gluten-free products and many other venders. These are but a few of the wonderful finds you will see. One recent find is gluten-free foods, sold by two gluten free vendors. To add to the list of vendors is music. Each week a different band or artist plays live music. The market is a fun place for adults and kids alike.  And a place to fall in love with flowers.

Colored Silk’

The flower vendors are my favorite places to stop and check out the weekly supply of gorgeous and aromatic bouquets. The prices are very reasonable and the florists will gladly make up a custom bouquet to your liking.


Watercolor Painting

Concrete Forest

Mini Forest’

‘Hanging Petunia Basket I’

Hanging Petunia Basket II’

‘Herbaceous Edible Delights’

A Lady in the Pink Dress

Straw Hat’

‘Pizza Anyone?’

Carriage of Kids

Table cloths by Soleil de Provence are some of the most beautiful handmade table cloths for indoor and outdoor use including table runners, place mats, and napkin holders. Nazare Dufosse hand made table products are beautify. We love them so much we have have purchased two table cloths for our outside tables and one table runner for our dining room. Her work is very high quality, I urge anyone interested in a lovely table inside or out, she is the place to find wonderful patterns at a great price. To check out her website go here. Below is an image of for some of the various colors she offers. She offers much more.

‘Cloths of Color

‘Gluten-Free Pastries


GF Muffins

Gluten-Free muffins. This week the Gluten-Free pastries are from Terrapin Pastries. I have to say I gave them another try this week and everything from the brownies to the donuts, to the scones  awesome!

‘Swirls of Wood’

The beaded jewelry is from a local vendor Ilona’s Bead Werks. Here pieces are truly a work of art! They are gorgeous pieces and she was kind enough to allow me to take some photos. She has a nice display which showcases her many interesting and beautify pieces of hand crafted jewelry.

Hanging Necklace Beauties’

Blue and Yellow Magic

Purple – Blue Iris’

Sapphire Lobelia

I hope that you have enjoyed this weeks Sunday Market. We did, we bought more flowers from the nursery and one of the straw hanging flower boxes, and of course fresh honey and yes, another table cloth. They are so lovely, I couldn’t resist. Until next time. You can follow us on our blog, website, twitter, or via email. We look forward to hearing from you.




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    • Thank you for stopping by our site and for liking the pink tulips. I find that image is one of my favorites as well. Thanks again for stopping by. Both Lloyd and I appreciate others comments on our work. Louise

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