Mysteries of Spring

Mysteries of Spring

‘Tiny Droplets on a Maple

Tiny droplets of rain embrace each leaf before kissing the ground with a splat. The even, but a moment in time before the sunshine returns to cast piercing rays of color across the skies; the landscape glows with excitement, before coiling. The blustery winds, rain, sleet, and occasional hail stone vie to be the star player in this drama we call spring. Welcome to Portland and the mystery that is spring.

Rays from Heaven

As if the rays from heaven announce the arrival of spring, along with the whimsical show with the assorted players. Both magical and miraculous elements often intertwine with one another.

Rain and warmer temperatures transform the chill of winter into an enchanted wonderland of magical beginnings. Champagne colored water conveys life from the previous year discreetly as it carves its soul along its rocky channel; a renewed frame of life in eager anticipation yet to be observed.

‘Champagne Waters Course Along the Velvet Rocks

Such beauty is both magical and miraculous. This is the Portland. This is spring

‘Fronds of a Tiny Fern’

Dots of Color’

Lavish Wall of Green and Champagne Flows

Secret Path of Verdant Green and Rock

Forest Ferns of Forest Park


Yellow Violets All in a Field’

Kissed by the Rain

Colors of Spring’

With the bountiful color all encompassing, this is Portland, this is spring. The colors have arrived bringing with it new signs of life and beauty. This post contained photos from both L&L’s portfolio. While our styles tend to differ, they wonderfully marry the other. I guess that is why in life we also complement one another. Good thing, since I married him.




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