Flower of the Day – May 3, 2012

Flower of the Day – May 3, 2012

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.”
― Alice Walker, The Color Purple

‘Ruffles of Purple Silk,’ Iris, Hillsboro, Oregon


4 thoughts on “Flower of the Day – May 3, 2012

    • Thanks for following our blog and for your comments. We appreciated them. In terms of the flowers, that is a good question. We are lucky to live in Portland, Oregon. We tend to have a longer growing season than many places; and literally have hundreds of flowers all over the area. This year is crazy as they are already out and many have finished flowering. I spent my career around flowers and know where to look. During the summer, like I said they are everywhere. I carry my camera everywhere I go. It is a part of my attire. That makes it easy when I see some I can stop what I am doing and shoot flowers. Whenever I see them I am drawn to them like a bear to honey, stuck to the flowers. I tend to shoot all of our flower shots. Lloyd’s focus is more on landscapes. We get out a lot on the weekends and go on photo walks and visit the many parks we have in the area. This year the flowers are already blooming as I mentioned. It will be a great year for capturing some great flower shots. I am looking forward to that. I have spent my career in the outdoors and with flowers, which helps to know what seasons they will be blooming. I am more familiar and comfortable with native species than ornamental varieties. I am glad that you like our flower photos. It is really fun, and knowing that people like them makes it even better. Thanks again for your questions and for following us. We will be up on twitter soon, so you will be able to follow us and our flower journeys. Happy shooting! Cheers. Louise

      • That’s awesome! I do love seeing an everyday project with a theme, and I love the flower theme. But living in a desert would not allow me to try a challenge like that. So I’m glad someone else is! I’m excited to keep following your daily flowers 🙂

      • I am glad you like the flowers that I post. As I had mentioned, each day I search for that perfect image that will fit the day. I enjoy doing it. Knowing my flower posts brightens someones day, makes posting my flowers more special. Thank you for that. Enjoy, as I have merely begun. 🙂 Cheers! L

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