Sunshine Award Winners

On behalf of L&L Photography, we have been nominated by Scott Marshall, of Land, Sea, & Sky Image Bank for the Sunshine Award. In his nomination he stated, and I quote, I nominate…”L&L Photography, for simply outstanding images of the highest quality.” I am blushing.  Thank you Scott.

This is the second award for L&L Photography and we are humbled. I guess this means we are doing something right. On behalf of the other ‘L’ in L&L, my husband Lloyd, we are grateful and moved beyond words to receive this new award. I am especially grateful people are finally being drawn to our site and Lloyd and I no longer are the sole readers our blog.

We take immense pride in our photography and our blog. Each of the images we display in our blogs are hand selected to make sure only the best images are presented, then paired with a specific quote based on what the image evokes at the time. This philosophy is true for each of our articles we publish each week as well. We select only the best images as anything less is simply not acceptable.

Back to the important part – The Sunshine Award.

For those unfamiliar with this award, the rules are simple. 1) You profusely thank the person who has nominated you (done); 2), include the award logo in your post and on your blog (done);  3), Provide the answers to 10 questions about yourself (done); 4), nominate 5-10 other wonderful bloggers (done); 5) Let the other nominees know they are nominate and include the links to their blog (done); and 6) link the person who nominated you (done). Since I am the ‘L’ responsible for writing the blog, I will gladly accept this task.

Ten things about myself:

  • My passions in life: Photography, writing, and traveling, not necessarily in that order.
  • Favorite place I have traveled: Egypt, the best trip Lloyd and I have ever taken.
  • Place I would like to travel to next: This is a tie between Papeete, Tahiti, or Phuket, Thailand. I would like to go somewhere warm and sit in on the boardwalk of my own bungalow with my feet dangling in the water before launching into the crystal azure water; snorkel, and watch the wildlife swim under my feet.
  • Red or White Wine: Red. That said a nice glass of Krug would not be turned down. Okay, I guess I like both, including champagne.
  • Favorite color: black or white, but since neither are colors – Pastels – pink, blue, lavender
  • Favorite animal: cats, domestic and wild. They are always as unpredictable as am I.
  • Vampires or Werewolves: Vampires
  • Favorite author: is it wrong to say myself? Okay, then I would have to say I have no favorite; as each book I read contains a different subject for the particular mood I am in at the time I decide to read. I love both fiction and non-fiction; mystery/thrillers; science fiction/fantasy; and humor. And on occasion I will return to my roots as a scientist and read something geeky like a journal article or book.
  • Favorite music: I tend to change my preferences often on any given day. Where ever the mood takes me.
  • Mac or PC: Mac.

The Five to Ten Bloggers I am nominating for the award drumroll please:

Lifeintheblueridges – I have the utmost admiration and respect for this young lady. Amelia has been through more than most of us can even imagine and has persevered with courage many adults could not. She speaks openly about a range of topics from books she recommends which are great by the way, music also great, college life, and most admirably living with cerebral palsy. A very brave girl who I have no doubt will be a great writer one day and will indeed make a difference. I am proud to call her not only a fellow blogger but a dear and special friend. She deserves this award. Congratulations Amelia!

Kevin George Travel Photography – Kevin is definitely one to watch he is an excellent photographer who I find interesting and notable. Congratulations Kevin!

TracieLouisePhotography  – Tracie Louise provides amazing photography and pairs her magical imagery with wonderful words of wisdom. One of the best sites and photographers out there. Congratulations Tracie!

The Beachchair Scientist – Ann McElhatton is an excellent read. I love her blog as she, like me, is a scientist. What I really love about her blogs is she instinctively melds fun and excitement into marine science and does so effectively for all audiences. I love when others make science fun and not intimidating, boring, or scary. Congratulations!

Photopoetics – This blog site is one of the newer ones I have come across they write poetry to match photography about a person, place, or just about anything. A very creative and fun site. Congratulations!

Victoria Judy Photography – This is a 365 day photo project. A great idea that is simple and fun to see what each day will bring. Congratulations Victoria!

I could have added more but chose to stop here. There are so many wonderful bloggers and photographers out there. So there you have it. I aspire to each of you.

And thanks again Scott!

L&L Photography


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