Flower of the Day – April 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th! Here is the Flower of the Day!

‘UFP’, Willakenzie Winery, Yamhill, Oregon


5 thoughts on “Flower of the Day – April 13, 2012

  1. Perhaps thetitle cvould be UFO…………………
    You must be using a black drape foer the backgtounf. It is very effective.
    How are you doing the lighting? There is enough light that the colors pop, but no shadows.

    • Mike – I Meant to say UFP as it was the acronym for Unidentified Foreign Plant. My back lighting is a secret that even Lloyd isn’t privy. You taught me to be the clever girl. 🙂

    • I preferred the title to be UFP unidentified foreign plant. My photos are taken out in the field I use no black lighting. I merely have a technique with my camera and it works sometimes and sometimes not so much. The lighting is natural light. It is my way of trying to be unique in this game of photography. 🙂 For which you taught me well. 🙂

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