Photo of the Day – April 9, 2012

Photo of the Day – April 9, 2012


‘Reflections in Black and White,’ Dawson Creek, Hillsboro, Oregon


4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – April 9, 2012

    • Thanks! I personally love black and white images and tend to develop many of my images in this format. Black and white coveys a sense of depth and texture, while adding a mysterious quality to an image. Sometimes you can take an ordinary or drab image, convert it to black and white, and watch the image transform or pop. It can be fun. Some people get it, others don’t. It is a preference, which for some, takes a little getting use to. They either get it or don’t, but when or if you do, it opens an entirely new avenue of expression. I sometimes find it difficult to shoot color, as my brain constantly thinks in black and white. This is why I like to shoot flowers and colorful objects, and use a macro for flora – it forces me to look at the image in a different perspective – color. Flowers are merely a rainbow of color waiting to be shared with others. Thanks again for your comments.

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