Exciting News!

I wanted to share with my readers that I was asked by Lesley Carter, Editor of ‘Bucket List Publications’ to submit an article for her publication. I submitted my blog article  – “The Temple of Edfu – Part III (Portland to Egypt)”  and it was published yesterday! You can find my article at: http://www.bucketlistpublications.com/.

Thank you Lesley for your support, and thanks so much for those who read my blog, I am truly humbled.

L.A. Edwards


4 thoughts on “Exciting News!

  1. re: versatile thing:::Your blog is great and you are absolutely a photographer! I’m glad that you share your edit tips.
    Here’s a wonderful example of a versatile blogger post:
    I do not know how this versatile blogger award thing was started. It just makes its way around through bloggers. Pretty neat, huh? As far as putting the widget on your blog, I’m not the most computer savvy person but here’s what I did:
    –got the link for the picture (I did this by dragging the pic to my toolbar and then opening the link and then copying the link–I am on a Mac)
    –went to the widgets page and dragged an “image” widget to my side bar
    –copied the image’s URL link to the URL space
    I hope that made sense. It was a series of experiments and goofs for me. Still getting the hang of WordPress. Blogger is a heck of a lot easier to use but WP is much better for photos.

  2. So, then, I guess I have catbird365 to thank for this award is that correct? I fully understand the WordPress stuff and blogging. I am very knew as well. I too have a Mac. So, I will follow your advice for getting that cute little, or big depending on how you look at it on my web page. It has been a feat to merely get what I have on mine with a lot of goofs. Trial and error. I am slowly catching on. And thank you for your kind remarks with regard to being a photographer. I am very humbled. I look out and see so many awesome photos out there and think. Hum, better get more practice and work on it more. This will happen for me when the weather gets better. It is hard when it is raining. 😦 As or the versatile blogger, If I indeed received this award, I had better get on the ball – I have some people to thank! Phew….I will have to start on that tomorrow. I have been writing today and preparing for another blog. I have so much to do, and it seems like time whizzes by. Thanks Catbird for your help!

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