Sunny Days, Rainy Days, Must Be Spring?

Finally a nice and I mean, nice, sunny Sunday in Portland after so many deary days. It was if Spring finally sprung. But, alas as Monday rolled around, it was if spring merely poked its head out as a tease; an afternoon of sunshine. The rain returned as the work week begun. Then, when no one was looking, the sun poked its head out again to fill the afternoon on Monday, with a mixture of rain and sun. As I write this, it, the weather is debating whether to rain or be sunny. Welcome to Portland. While we technically are still in winter, this is the typical spring one encounters living in the Pacific Northwest. The flowers and the tiny buds on the trees are evidence spring is right around the corner, dying to emerge and in doing so, leaving behind it the greenery and floral extravaganza one expects. What corner is but anyone’s guess. The purple pansy’s below were in many of the flower boxes in downtown Portland this weekend. This is but a little tease of spring.

Purple Pansy

The following yellow flower is a peculiar one. I don’t believe I have seen it before. It appears like a cross between a crocus and a daffodil, with a bit of Hyacinthe tossed in the mix. Perhaps the exhaust from the traffic downtown have caused the species to morph the plants into foreign flora. What ever the case, yet another sign spring is definitely in the air.

Many of the planters throughout downtown Portland, were filled with the typical spring species of plants. It was lovely afternoon in the city on Sunday; I have a few photos to share in the upcoming blog. This blog is merely a reminder spring is nearly here, and the flowers a teaser or if you will, knowledge the dreary days of rain and cold are nearly over and the market will be before we realize it. Yay! The following photos were taken in the flower boxes outside one of the many small markets around Portland, waiting for someone to buy them. I imagine the next time I visit the market, the type of flowers will have changed. 🙂

These yellow lilies were bright and gorgeous! I was very excited to see the spring flowers. It was truly a reminder winter is nearing the end of its reign, for yet another year. While some continue to complain, this winter was extremely mild compared to other places around the country. We shouldn’t complain. We could be experiencing some of those horrific tornado’s spawning in the mid-west and south. Thankfully we rarely experience weather as significant.

That said, the following photos were shot from a few of the newly planted and/or awaking flowers in the bed around Portland. Some established themselves in planters while others hand picked to be sold as bunches of fresh flowers.

I miss not having fresh flowers in the house. Perhaps this is why I love to take photos of flowers. All types, and Macro shots as well.  We have cats in the house who unfortunately love to eat flowers. Boo. Not only are flowers not a good food source, the flowers will make Mr. Perkins and Lady Morgana very ill if not kill them. Now you know where my secret passion for shooting photos of flora is from. I love them. Their smells, their colors, the shapes, the varieties. While, I am mostly familiar with wetland and native outdoor varieties, not ornamental flowers, I love them all, but recognize, only the more common specimens like lilies, tulips, daffodils, and the like. So, if I happen to mix up a name or type you will know why. I am not an expert of ornamental flora.

I have to admit that these particular flowers brought a smile to my face. These flowers and the many others I observed while taking photos and today as I write this blog; Do you think they know something we don’t? Emerging now?

The Hydrangea here, was very lovely, there was also a variety below, that was a peculiar shade of yellowish-green, that for some I have seen change their color to a light pinkish color. I find this particular Hydrangea strangely unique. I am not sure I am a fan. The color is drab, well maybe not drab, but not especially pretty either. I prefer brighter varieties of pink, blue, and red colors, not merely Hydrangea’s but of the many flower varieties. It is amazing how one flower can put a smile on any lady’s face, or add a positive aura to a room or garden.

The photos of daffodils in a large wine barrel planter overflowing with the beautiful yellow flowers.

I don’t know about you but, seeing colors, the variety and the number of flowers, means spring is truly right around the corner.

I love Tulips. They come in a variety of colors and promote little aroma. While I love the smell of fresh flowers, my allergies don’t. Which is why I have always been a fan of tulips. A safe bet they won’t cause my nose to run and my eyes to swell. I remember growing up. My mom would have planted crocus’s, tulips, and daffodils in the garden. The crocus’s were always the first sign that winter was on its way out and spring was knocking on the door. I loved seeing them. Even when they poked their tiny heads through the remnants of snow. I believe her garden still has the same bulbs of flowers along the front of the house and the porch in the backyard.

Sun Kissed Pansy

While my mom handled the various potted plants and flower beds, my father was the king of the rose gardens. When I say king, he was the envy of the neighborhood. He took care of the rose gardens in our backyard. The roses were of course prize roses grown from only award-winning, prized roses. He would add one or two plants each year to the collection. One of my favorite roses he had growing was the ‘Red Beauty’, very similar to this one.

Red Beauty

What girl doesn’t like red roses. My father had about five or six shades of red roses. This one is about the closest I think I have seen that compares to one of my personal favorites. My other favorites is pink. I love pink it would be one of my favorite colors if it weren’t black and white. I know they aren’t really colors. So, then ‘Pink Beauty’ would be a second favorite, behind red. I love everything red, from shoes to handbags. Only I don’t wear red, unless it is on my feet or over my shoulder, or ears. I will wear pink. Except pink pants; I won’t wear them, although I remember wearing pink pants long ago.

Pink Beauty

Our yard, like this rose, I call the ‘Pink Beauty’, is exquisite. My father took such pride in maintaining an immaculately manicured yard full of roses. After he passed away, the roses were a bit too much for my mom to care for. Only a handful remain. She tried, only she didn’t have the green-thumb like my father, or the time it took to keep up with so many. He had upwards of maybe 50, maybe more at the height of his day. He hand-picked his roses from growers and others from rose festivals and shows to add to his garden collection. I am telling you our yard was beautiful and smelled wonderful. I miss that. But not the upkeep. I can see why my mom couldn’t keep up. We have a small yard and hire someone to care for it. We haven’t the time to spend maintaining a fancy yard. My father loved spending time in the yard, in the gardens, it for him was a hobbie, one of many he shared with me. He loved his garden.

While I am not too much into spending time in the garden like I said.  I have always loved roses. I think in part they remind me of him. He was a great man who took great pride in his yard, every thing he did actually. Our yard does not have any rose bushes, they need too much attention, which I did learn from my father.  My time is spent looking at roses through the eyes of a camera now.

Lemon Yellow

‘Lemon Yellow Fog’ reminds me of yellow roses we had in the garden. My father had several prize varieties of yellow roses as well.

Lemon Yellow Blur

However, the prize rose was not red, pink, or yellow.  My father’s favorite rose, and the prize in his collection, and one that I miraculously found, at least a best second in my book, was the following rose. I pulled this rose from our archives as I couldn’t tell you about the rose without showing you first hand how beautiful it was. I discovered it, of course at the Portland Rose Gardens last summer. And with it, I will leave you thinking of spring and hopes it will soon be here. I have had enough cold weather. And while our weather as I have said, has been more mild than many across the country, spring is welcome. This is why we live in Portland.

Virtuall Materpiece

This photo if of the ‘Virtual Masterpiece’, my father’s favorite a sort of yellowish orange dipped in red. I know he would have loved the Rose Gardens here in Portland. I am only sorry he never lived long enough to see me grow up or see my home here in Portland and the gardens here. This rose is for you Dad.



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