Howling at the Moon!

Okay, enough with the blog disappearing into cyberspace! At least this time the photos remained? ?? So, as I write this blog post for the second or third time I forget, I find my frustration lessening with the smell of fresh gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate cooking in the kitchen. I love my husband.

I guess he feels he needs to as we are not going outdoors today. Rain, not just rain, buckets of rain, that mixed with cold temperatures means – freezing. I will sit by the computer and heater and stay warm.  I have been for the last couple of days sifting through photographs and putting them together in some semblance of order for this blog. The photos are rather an amalgamation of new photos taken over a few weekends. Enjoy!

Violet Skies, Violet Ponds

The above image is one similar to a previous photo taken from about the same place. Only difference is the date and the fact that I like this photo better. So why have I chosen the title ‘Howling at the Moon’ for both blogs? To confuse my readers, why else. No seriously, it merely happened that way. And the cookies and hot chocolate, have been arrived, yum! I am so lucky.

As for the names of the blogs, I hadn’t intended on having two blogs ( the same, it merely worked out that way. It could be the song I have listened to called Howling. I am trying to get my ju ju ready so I restart my book writing engines going. It helps, the music that is to listen to strange, sad, melodramatic, depressing, dark alternative grunge, to get my brain into that special place the creative juices flow from. I use different parts of my brain for this blog as I do for my other one. So, the music and the mind exercises all factor in I suppose. That is more likely the reason. I am in the place where I only go when I write depressing, deep, dark, materials.  It could be a cosmic occurrence  or merely my imagination, whatever the reason it is what it is.  Your turn to be confused.

Afternoon Moon

As you read this blog you may wonder several things, I am crazy, creative, strange, all of the above, and out of my mind, but I feel it warrants a mention – I have never seen a moon pose. But the afternoon we spent at Dawson Creek in the late afternoon the moon was out, and nearly at its fullest – it posed like only a model would. Only this model could be posing for cotton ball advertisements. As the clouds moved in, the moon became larger as you will see later in this post, and with it puffy clouds, some wily others mystical.

Moon Poser

I know I stated in my last blog, the hardest part about writing and photography, is coming up with the respective titles whether it be for chapters or the photos themselves, the task is difficult. This time for whatever the reason, the titles were spewing out of my mouth like an explosive volcano.

Cloud Stream

Upon arrival, the sun was beginning to wane as was the moon. So very rarely does one see both at two ends of the sky – the moon and the sun. But on this very afternoon early evening, this somewhat rare occurrence showed off its brilliant face. But this night this very rare occurrence showed its brilliant face. Upon arrival to the park, the sun was beginning to wane; looking to the sky was the moon was incredibly large and bright and almost full.

Geese on a Winter Afternoon

As the flock turns into six. A wondrous cloud stream in yellow and blue, along came a flock of six geese preparing into the waters below.

Six Geese

Nearly nightfall the six geese leave their flock for the water near the Library no doubt.

Green and Yellows

The sky had turned the atmosphere into a magical story of brilliant glowing moons rising in the east and the sun about to sleep in the west.  This mystical combination turned the sky into sun-kissed skies and full of wispy clouds.

Wispy Clouds

Wispy clouds in the east while the sun in west produced such an amazing color of oranges, violets, and blues.

Blue Are You Two?

For a short while the sky would stay a brilliant blue which made the other colors pop welcoming the night. ‘Blue Are You Too?’, asks the question whether the weather we have had has made you blue. Most winters in Portland are comprised of misty days where the sun hides behind the clouds afraid to make its grand appearance for roughly two to three months.

Moon at Center Stage

Nothing like this particular day where daylight was complete with vibrant blue skies, few clouds and no rain. As the sun began to set and the moon began its accent we see a completely different skyline, one of fire and clouds.

Sky on Fire

Of all the days we decided to embark on a trip to our favorite park, the day had come. For with it we have the moon on one side of the sky and yes the sun on the other and the magic that transpired when the clouds entered the scene was something spectacular. It was nearly wasted as my thoughts took me elsewhere. Where else in other words what other destination could we have seen such a wonderful panorama? Probably many, but the photos we captured here were just as grand.

Fractured Branches

This photo was taken toward the west, as the sun had nearly reached it final destination, sleeping for another night until it would burst with life the next day into a full moon.


Radiance also captured the above image as the sun neared completion of its brilliant show for the day.

Two Trees Reflection

One last glance at the bridge and the reflection in the water – of trees lined in a row, the sun spends its last moments of the day posing for us, along with its counterpart the moon.

Suns Grand Finale

And as I look to the skies one last time, indeed the clouds have grown and the sky darkens altering color from the beautiful amber to that of rose, violet, and blues and the sun is near to sleep for another day.

Violet Clouds

One can see the ‘Violet Clouds’ as the sun fell into the horizon the clouds emerged amethystine the marriage of the clouds and sun, gave rise to violet reflections in the water below.

Rose Colored Mirror

A similar image to this has appeared in previous posts as it has become a fun place to capture amazing reflections in differing colors depending on the time of day, weather, and light.  The “Rose Colored Mirror’ was simply a reflection of the suns rays into the water through the clouds – natures filter. The combination contributed to a rose-colored mirror – the reflection of the trees in the rose color pond water.

Violet Sky and Black Branches

The violet color of the sky was truly a sight worth seeing. As the sun made its final appearance for the day, the skies were to become dark as the branches which covered the ground below.

Moon Between the Trees

“Moon Between the Trees’ is unique as the trees and the eye, or the way one looks at the image, the eye is drawn to the moon. The mauve color of the sky continued to convey a sense of mystery with a sense of deliberation with the sky.

Rose and Black Textures

‘Rose and Black Textures’ draws the eye to the center as if searching for the moon but it is not present. I took liberties with this photo and provided a sense of false texture for an appearance the image was overlain onto paper.

Sunset of Roses and Violets

‘Sunset of Roses and Violets’ was nearly the last few moments before the sun was completely encapsulated by the clouds as in fell into the abyss that is the night.

Evening Skyline

‘Evening Skyline’ was one of my favorite shots. The image worked as I had intended and was pleasantly surprised it developed the way I hoped. It was a difficult shot because by this time the clouds quickly had moved in covering the sun as they continued their journey in a display of colorful layers.

Blue Moon Between the Trees

The brightness of the moon altered the color of the night sky into this brilliant shade of blue, hence the name ‘Blue Moon Between the Trees’. The title seemed fitting the trees in the foreground and the moon, nearly full in the background. The next photo was amazing. I was surprised that with my camera I was able to capture the moon and all its beauty.

The Naked Moon

Thus the image became the ‘Naked Moon’ as the clouds that were indeed present, seemed to bow allowing the moon to pose and conquer the sky with its near fullest beauty.


While the ‘Trail’ was merely a trail. What captured my eye was the clouds in the background. The trail seemed to lead to the bright light at the end of the trail which was the sun, and the clouds moving in would soon overtake the moon. Or at the very least a thin layer of foggy mist covered the moon like a veil, thus the animals were out – ‘Howling at the Moon!’

Howling at the Moon!

Thanks for reading, until next time.




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