Whiney, Winey, Viney, Wine

Ardiri Tasting Room

Hopefully, the title spoke to what this blog would be about – wine.  For me, deciding on a title is one of the hardest parts about writing and photography – coming up with suitable names to describe either the blog, or a title of an image. Titles. Sometimes title are obvious, mostly they are exhausting. I do my best. However, once I finally decide on a name I find I could do better. Isn’t that the way it works. That said, these photos are from our day not so long ago, in wine country.  I hope you enjoy.

The Sky is the Limit to Imagination

Our trip began at Ardiri where we became members a year or so ago. Their wines are fabulous by the way. As members, like most of the wineries in the area have clubs and sell their club wines a few times a year. These wines are often those not readily available to the public, but are reserved for club members. A nice perk. It also means that we can travel around wine country and visit our favorite wineries without having to pay the price to taste their wines. It also makes for a fun day, and a really fun day when you have guests in town.

While we discontinued a majority of our club memberships when the recession kicked in full force, but kept a few special places. Then discovered Ardiri, which became one of those special places.  We joined instantly.  I guess we were a bit behind as we had two shipments to pick up the last time we were out there. But, if I recall, we actually forgot to bring it with us home the last time we were there. Apparently someone was having too much fun that day.  Anyway, this trip we began at Ardiri. The place was actually so busy we stayed only briefly, to pick up our wine. It would have been nice to have taken more photos before we departed, what was I thinking?

Mt Hood from Ardiri Tasting Room

This is the view from the deck of Ardiri. The photo is horrible, with that said, look at Mount Hood! It was an amazing day in February at Ardiri and see people filled the deck to of course be mesmerized by the view of our sleeping giant – Mt. Hood.

Winter’s Vines Sleep

Yes, while it was a beautiful February day, the wineries were hopping with folks out to enjoy a wonderful winter’s day in wine country. It was, however hard to believe the temperatures were in the 50s. We love living so close to wine country.

Winter’s Grasp on the Vines

While the day was indeed winter, one could see by looking at the vines, sleeping peacefully, anxiously awaiting spring when at last they return to the life sprouting new life and a new vintage. With wine boxes in hand, we were off to Penner Ash. We tried to find this place on one of our last visits and ended up at high atop the hillside to another gems with fantastic views – Bella Vida. On route, we stopped at a few places (in the middle of the road) so I could capture a few shots; this one was one last look at the ‘Sleeping Giants – Mt. Hood and Ardiri Vines’.

Sleeping Giants – Hood and Vines

Penner Ash Wine Cellars, is another winery we discovered awhile back and have been fans since. However, getting there can be somewhat of a challenge. At least for us.

We actually made found this journey with the help of a map and GPS. In all seriousness, it can be a challenge to find some of the wineries as the signs are not well visible, or you pass it before you know it you are so far from where it was, you have found another winery to stop at. Darn.  It is a feat. If you have been out in wine country before you know that there are so many windy roads and curves and roads with no names, almost like driving through Tuscany. Like I said, a challenge to find the wineries. And with so many new ones popping up, tricky. While we have been to this winery a great many times, we continue to remember correct road that takes us there. Frustrating. Yes we have a map, GPS, etc., for what ever reason it didn’t happen. This day, happily we located the winery.

Penner Ash Tasting Room

As we walk through the doors of the tasting room. Bam! It was like walking into the winery at Christmas. No kidding. Yes, it is close to Valentine’s Day and look! But, as the following image proves Poinsettia are indeed growing in the tasting room. How they managed to continue to grow well past their prime is anyone’s guess. The plants looked as if they were newly purchased. Perfectly timed for Valentines Day. Red! Red often makes me think of red flowers, red roses, red grapes, and red wine. A perfect match. Don’t forget the chocolate.

Christmas in February?

Wandering around the winery I spotted these lovely Orchids.

With wine in hand it is off to the balcony for some sun and sights.

Blue Sky Balcony

And from the balcony yet another terrific vantage of the majestic Mt. Hood. From the balcony one could see all four sleeping giants – Mt. Jefferson, Mt. St. Helen’s, Mt. Hood, and Mt. Rainier.  I could see them, as could everyone but my camera lens. Sadly. However, this photo at least was visible and one could see just how majestic Mt. Hood truly is.

Sleeping Giant

Another view from the Penner Ash balcony. Not many people here when we first arrived, we left before the limo of screaming girls celebrating upcoming nuptials invaded the place. We were ready to leave. Thankfully we had spent enough time to enjoy our wine talk to a few people and enjoy the day. Penner Ash makes fantastic wines and they have a beautiful tasting room and balcony to show off their wines and their fabulous view.

Oak Stand and Mistletoe

The balcony view is spectacular.

Sun Peeking through the Forest

Forest, Vines, Valley, all reminiscent of being in Tuscany.


The grounds are truly lovely and the view is very similar to that of a winery in Tuscany. This in part is why we spent so much time here.

View From Balcony at Penner Ash

And yet another look from the large balcony.

Trees, Lichens, Mistletoe, and Vines
Penner Ash Vines

Yet another view. We find ourselves so very lucky to live in such a fabulous place full of life, from beautiful scenery such as this, to wonder wines such as those from Penner Ash and Ardiri, to other we shall visit later.

Dancing Limbs

As we say good-bye to Penner Ash the landscape has so much to offer. The countryside wonderful on a clear day, with a few wispy clouds, what other place besides a topical paradise, can you have such mild temperatures and sunny skies?

Verdant Hills and the Tip of a Giant’s Head

The landscape brings with it the ‘Verdant Hills and the Tip of a Giant’s Head’.

Tip of the Giant’s Head

‘A Tip of the Giant’s Head’ and the valley below.

Green Fields and Mt. Hood

Nice drive home. The scenery magnificent. Keep in mind, these shots for the most part were all taken from the car, or as we were driving with me, shooting out the window. It is a blast. I may look stupid, but I don’t care. Like I said it was a blast.

A view from our car as the wispy clouds move across the skyline.

Verdant Fields and Violet Skies

This is perhaps one of my favorite photos the colors and the tiny tuffs of grass already starting to sprout. Nature is telling us something. Could it be that Spring on its way?

As the sun begins it decent, the sky turns an amber tone against the wispy clouds. An afternoon well spent.




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