Wondering, Pondering, Thinking….

Wondering, Pondering, Thinking….

So, I was pondering how come this particular blog site loses information from time to time. Do they have someone invade the cyber world and worm their way into my posts, rummage around then leave. Not before of course, deleting text and or photos. I wonder how many other bloggers out there experience this problem. It is a headache. Not merely that, it is embarrassing. I was probing through some of my old blogs to make sure I didn’t double post photos, when I noticed a couple of posts were missing data. Frustrating. Now, months later, how to find the words, the same words which I wrote at the time to fix the blog, well basically I can’t. I can try; but the meaning will be lost. I did the best I could.  Pisses me off when it happens.

Well…now that I have vented let’s talk photography. Oh how I wish the sky was as blue today with wispy clouds and mild temperatures. Not today, nor any in the near future. We have yet another month perhaps two of the dreary days of Portland winter. On the bright side, the weather has been rather mild compared to past years and compared to other places around the country. I shall not complain. Before long it will be hot. Yay! I love the warm sun as it caresses my face, my arms, my body. It is a wonderful feeling, like an overcoat of sunshine. With that said, this photo was taken a couple of weeks ago. Can you believe it. January of all times. It was chilly, but at least it wasn’t raining.

Cotton Balls and Blue Sky

As I sifted through the photo files, I founds these images that have not seen the light of day, or found their way to the computer in any fashion. I am not sure if any will make it to the galleries of our blog, but as with all our photos, they are for sale. So, if you ever see one in a blog and don’t see it on the website, don’t panic. It isn’t the end of the world, at least not until December 21. You have some time. All jokes aside. Our work is for sale. If you want a photo shoot me an email, and we can figure out what you are looking for.  We also, matte and frame our images. My favorite part of photography. Is seeing the end product. A photo I know either my husband or myself shot and ready to be loved by someone special.  So what you see on the following pages you will be seeing them before I decide as to which, if any will grace the pages of our website.  We begin with ‘Blue Reflection’.

Blue Reflections

I am always a bit nervy when it comes to my photos. I’m curious at times if people actually like my work, or if it is a waste of time. I know my husbands work is phenomenal. I am still in the uncertain stage. The only thing I know is I love taking pictures and seeing the results of whether I captured the image as I saw it in my mind, or if it took on a life of its own somewhere between the field and the computer. It happens.

Sunlit Birch

The photos here were taken at Dawson Creek. I keep hoping to you photos from a different site, but we have not had the time to go out shooting the last few weekends. Soon will have more glamorous photos. We have been talking about mini-cations. We shall see what becomes of that. For now I hope you enjoy these.

Bridge in Violet

I used a violet filter in this black and white image to give it a more dramatic effect. I believe I was able to convey that with this image.


I used the same violet filter on this image. I have taken so many shots from this site, it was a challenge to derive something we have not seen much of before. Since I love the dramatic influences black and white convey, that with the violet filter made the photo appear hauntingly spooky.

Reflections in Sepia

This photo has also been worn out. So what does one do with a worn out photo, take the shot and develop it into a black and white masterpiece. I used the sepia/selenium filter her to add a more dramatic effect to image. I love how you can still infer it is daylight, under at least partly cloudy skies and enough sun to allow such a dynamic reflection and the pond is so calm.

Blue Reflections in Silver

‘Blue Reflections in Black and White’ is you will note the same image as Blue Reflections, which was the second photo. With the black and white version, using a silver filter gave the image a coldness that wasn’t not present with the color version.

I have played around with many black and white images lately as I am getting ready to begin the writing phase – Book Two – Benandanti: Rise to Power. So if you see a darker side to some of my images for a while, as I prepare myself to write in the particular genre – Science Fiction/Fantasy/Thriller. I have found that I have to be in a particular mindset to write in this genre. Parts of the book are very dark, and the content comes from a dark place. In order for me to convey properly the images to my readers, I myself have to almost become the character.  Feel what the character feels. Strange. Maybe. But it is how I write. My husband often finds me up during all hours of the day or night writing. You have to write when the ju ju is flowing.

Rose Colored Mirror

What a segue – from the dark side to ‘Rose Colored Mirror’, which is an abstract photograph. Any guesses as to what I snapped here? Don’t worry I won’t make you think that hard. I will tell you. This image is of the water. More specifically, the creek with the tree branches and the sun reflecting in the water. The sun helped with the tint of the photo the violet color which was due in part to the sun-setting for the day. I like the image because it is different than most of my other images abstract or others. I love being able to capture that odd or eclectic image look at it. Stare at it, and then wonder if people will see what I see as I snap the shot. I saw a ‘Rose Colored Mirror.” Now you know one of my secrets.

Twisted Bones

This image was shot along Dawson Creek in an area of the creek where at one point in history, many an oak and willows stood with their friends – more oaks and willows. Now, because of the development of a business park and the reconfiguring of the creek to allow for the construction, the oaks were largely removed except a lone few. I could be wrong.

I am merely speculating. I did not live here when the development began. I am merely basing my theory on what I see when I am out there. Once a scientist always a scientist. Just because I have retired from that life, doesn’t mean I suddenly am not a scientist anymore. It took me some time to realize that by the way, but regardless of whether I continue to work in the field, I still have all my degrees (B.S., M.S., Ph.D.), and memories (20+ years worth) – I reiterate, ‘once a scientist always a scientist.’ While the park and creek are beautiful, they hardly compare to what they likely were back in the day before construction and farming and whatever else was present here.

I say likely and hardly because they may could very well have been filled with blackberries and reed canary grass, two invasive plants that have found their way into the streams, wetlands, and waters of much of the Pacific Northwest. Fortunately, for the most part anyway, the developers removed any signs of blackberries, and some of the reed canary grass, creating a wonderful network of trails, all of which traverse the area surrounding the creek and number of ponds. It is almost sad to say, they more than likely improved upon the area. It is true. Now many people can and do utilize this trail. It is lovely. We use it regularly. Not many recreational areas, those constructed anyway, are as nice as the park at Dawson Creek. If I had been the designer I would have done a few things differently, but that is me the scientist talking. Not me, the photographer.

I shot this image as we were racing toward the far pond to capture the sunset before it faded. This image interestingly, was purposefully developed in black and white because the sun was so bright as it was going down, a ghost appears in the right side of the photo; the ghost is nothing more than the sun reflecting on wet concrete, leaving behind a ‘ghost’ or shadow. If you direct your eye to the back left of the photograph, one can see geese. This particular flock was preparing to dive bomb one of the ponds. If I could only capture the bombing part with the camera it is a rather impressive sight to see.

Domesticated Pair

This pair of white ducks occupy the large pond with an attractive fountain outside of the Hillsboro Public Library. These two ducks never wander beyond the confines of this pond. Or at least from what I have seen. They occupy this particular pond with an assortment of mallards, domestic ducks and wild duck species, and the geese. At times the pond can become very crowded. It appears from walking the entire park, this is the happening pond to hang out at. When the geese are out in force, they make for some dramatic entrances and exits.

Geese at Dusk

This photo was taken as the geese had taken off from the field near the Hillsboro Library, where in addition to making waves in the ponds, occupy a field nearby.

Moss Covered Tree Kissed by the Sun

I thought the moss on this tree was cool. Nothing more. While some won’t like it, I found the pattern interesting. Moss was present on a line of trees. When I captured the image, the tree was lightly kissed by the sun before the night encapsulated it until the next day. As the clouds became thicker and darkness was beginning to make its way over the park I shot one last photo of the ‘Blue Reflection at Dusk.’

Blue Reflection at Dusk

I love this image. It is probably one of my favorite photos I have taken in a while. It was taken as we were getting ready to leave the park, from essentially the same vantage as the ‘Blue Reflection’ images at the beginning of the post. The colors in this image are more prominent and vivid, whereas the earlier photo is delicate with softer more subtle colors. Here the image the blues are deep and robust. This maybe a wall keeper.

And with that ends this weeks blog. I hope that you enjoyed the show. The next is not far behind.




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