Hey There Fellow Fans!

I wanted to post this little plug on our Photography blog as I know many readers check the blog each day. I hope this means you like to read. If this is the case, please check out the Novel I have written, which, is at the blog with the same title, ‘The House of Thoth. I am actively seeking an agent or publicist to get the book to print.

Until I find a reputable agent or publicist, I began posting chapters last October and over the course of a few months have posted the entire novel. You may use this link House of Thoth, or on this blog there is a place on the home page titled The House of Thoth.

Since there is such a demand for e-readers and e-books, I am in the process of preparing the book available to sell for this purpose. This process is a bit easier, or at least is appears as such. I have my ISBN number which is a start. Yay! Seriously, though, I believe e-readers are the future means for reading books of all sorts. With that said, I recognize there will be a place for hard copy books as people like to touch the pages of a paper copy of a book.  Which ever your reading preference, I hope to capture the book market from both angles.

If you have been to ‘The House of Thoth’ blog and are reading the book – I thank you. If you haven’t, I would like to encourage you to at least stop by and check it out. The genre might not be for everyone, and is most certainly not for children due to some of the content. For now the book is free. Where else besides the Library can you read a free Novel? I am however, asking for donations. And yes I realize that most people will blow this off, but hey, I have to ask. I am okay with that, but I ask because the donations will in part go to support Motor Neuron Diseases, specifically Progressive Bulbar Palsy (PBP). PBP is a very rare motor neuron disease which is similar to that of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease or ALS.

Not a lot of research has addressed PBP specific, most has gone toward ALS or other diseases. This is one of the reason’s I am so passionate about my cause funding should be available for research; the other reason, I was diagnosed with the disease on August 5, 2010. There is no cure. There is no real treatment options to slow the progression of the disease. The disease is fatal and those with it live between 1 to 3 years after onset. ALS its closest counterpart has a fatality of roughly 3 to 5 years, with some cases 10 years. PBP is a horrific and painful disease which affects the lower motor neurons in the brain; the part which controls swallowing, speaking, chewing, walking, among others. Symptoms eventually lead to pharyngeal muscle weakness involved with swallowing, weak jaw, facial muscles, and progressive loss of speech, tongue atrophy, and limb weakness.

My cause is just. I know any money raised in all likelihood not benefit me. Perhaps initially, if there is a sudden influx of cash either from photography or the book sales. Even though the money likely will not benefit me, I am pushing so hard because I want to help others who have PBP. Hopefully, enough money can be raised from not only the sales of our photography but also from the sales of the Novel to help boost research, or at the very least find a drug that would slow progression of the disease. Wouldn’t a movie deal for the Novel be sweet? So, please read the book and check out our photos. I know you will like both. If you do like our photography or the book, please buy a photo or make a donation to the on-line book. Even better, if you are, or know of a publicist or agent please encourage them read the Novel, and lets get the party started.

Thanks again for reading my blogs.

Louise (LA) Edwards


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