Rain, Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Well, the last couple of weeks have not really been conducive to being outdoors taking photos. It has been a hit and miss.  With that being said, last week was a bust for our blog. This weekends weather was not much of an improvement, but I captured a few new images to include in this weeks blog. I have also included some of our misfit images, those images which really don’t fit into a specific genre – our misfit images. All of the images that appear in this blog were taken in, and around Portland.

Weeping Branches

“Weeping Branches” was taken around Christmas at Dawson Creek. The way the light hit the branches gave the appearance the branches were crying.

Moss Rocks and Fog

“Moss Rocks and Fog” another photo from Dawson Creek was captured on a very foggy afternoon. A slight line of the fog is seen along the upper rim of the image.

Waiting for a Miracle

This above image was a hit or miss as it was taken between rain squalls. Except for a few ducks, the geese fled the weather.

Ducks, Red Twig, Reflections, and a Pond

I like this photo. It intrigues me for some reason; maybe it is because of the colors that remind me of layers of silk and strands of silver, or the unique reflection from the stands of birch trees as they transcend over the water. The colors of this photo were not modified, the adage what you see is what you get – applies here. I merely printed it out and said, hum. This is pretty interesting. Thus it made it to the misfit pile of Nature images.

Forest of Fir

This photo reminds me of a science fiction movie where the characters must venture through the haunted forest; the trees while tall seem to have grown 100 times the size of the characters. Quite impressive. While this forest is neither haunted nor remarkably tall, the trees were high. The perfect image I was trying to capture the illusion as I saw in my mind and it worked.

Glass Mirror

This image was taken at the favorite pond minus the resident geese and ducks and thus the reflection cast by the birch trees was similar to that of a glass mirror.


The above image is slightly eerie and appears as though it was taken in an area that has been hit by a fire storm, instead of a sunset. The color of the sunset was so brilliant leaving behind a remarkable reflection on the pond and spectacular sky.

Geese on the Loose

The photo was crazy. The geese suddenly took to flight  without provocation. Hundreds. I of course, was unable to capture a decent shot but you get the point. The geese, flying everywhere.

Birds in Movement

The earlier image of the ‘Geese on the Loose’ is a great segue to this image as the black blurs you see are the actual birds in flight with a great sky as the backdrop.

Violet Skies at Dusk

The image Violet Skies at Dusk took into account the wonderful sunset that was present behind a flock of storm clouds and the moon.

Geese in Watercolor

The above image is comprised of textures and colors not unlike a watercolor painting. I love the simplicity.  From the lines to the birds, the colors present an image that mimics various textures similar to those observed in a watercolor painting.  While I could never paint anything remotely as good, I really like the finished photo.

Pergola at Orenco Station Park

This photo was taken at the park at Orenco Station, in Hillsboro during an amazing sunset that was mixed with clouds. The sky was a burnt orange color and not altered, and meshed with the clouds to provide this dark and dreary backdrop.

Steamship and Submarine

This photo is of the waterfront in downtown Portland. It was amazing to see the steamship with the Submarine and OMSI in the back ground and the Willamette in the foreground.

Ducks on a Log and a Pole

This photo is of a group of ducks that seemed to exchange positions on this particular log. Lloyd and I stood vigil for awhile as the ducks traded places. It was funny as there were other people out walking etc., and we caught a couple of individuals in separate occurrences stop behind us, they stopped and pulled out their cameras and began taking pictures. Not sure if they were shooting the same images or were merely shooting with hopes of obtaining a decent image. My thoughts are they had no idea what I was shooting, and decided to copy whatever it was I was shooting. Geeze, can you please be more obvious next time! I am truly amazed sometimes by the gall in some people. Was this a learned response as a child, or did they pick up such rudeness on their own. I ponder the thought.

Next in Line

Since my photos I believe are very unique I doubt, they were able to capture the same image as me or Lloyd.

Primping – My Turn

My Turn and ‘Am I in Need of a Pedicure’ were such fun photos that I had to include them in my blog. I believe some may even make it to the card contenders. Any thoughts?

Am I In Need of a Pedicure?

This female Mallard merely stood on the log with its orange feet out as if she were waiting for a pedicure.

Trees and Bench

I have had versions of this photo in the past, none, however captured the monstrous stand of aged oaks, willows, and poplars. The bench seemed swallowed up.

As we made it back to the main pond and our car we take a look at the sky behind us the clouds were ominous.

Clouds Moving in Over the Sun

The storm clouds were once again forming. The illusion of darkness is observed and felt during the mid-afternoon. The sun mysteriously wanes behind the delicate yet monstrous coverage of clouds.

Rose Cream Sky

The ‘Rose Cream Sky’ was the view on the way back to the car in a mad attempt to reach the car before the sky opened and with it the rain to pour in buckets.

One Last Shot

‘One Last Shot’, shot as Lloyd and I were scrambling back to the car, as the tiny sprinkles into hardened raindrops. Fitting for the end.

As you may or may not know a portion of proceeds from all of our sales are slated toward awareness and research for Progressive Bulbar Palsy (PBP) a fatal motor neuron disease (MND) which has no cure and no treatment options because of its rarity. It is a rare MND similar to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

We are proud to announce that Lloyd and I were invited to place our images in the gallery at Montinore Winery in Forest Grove, Oregon from February 1 thought April 1. We hope that you stop by and check out our images, from cards to framed art images, while you sample some of the fine wines Montinore offers.

Thanks for your support.



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