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We’re excited to add greeting cards to our list of products, for a variety of our images. Each card has a matching envelope in ivory or black based on the color of border chosen for your cards. The cards are blank on the inside making them perfect for a variety of uses including invitations, announcements, and/or greetings. You will have a choice to have one design or multiple images for your cards. Each card is roughly 5″x7″ with a 3/4 inch border and holds a custom size image held in place (see below) with an outer border similar to a matte. The images are protected by a clear sleeve and placed into clear 5×7 bag. The following scanned images provide you with a look at the cards, being a scanned image, the quality is not as great as I would have liked; at least one can get a feel for what the cards look like.

Two Benches and a Pond

The first example, ‘Two Benches and a Pond’, is set in a Eco-friendly recycled Linen color textured card stock which resembles a matted image. The card open from the bottom and is blank inside. This card opens from either horizontal or vertical depending on the image.

Crying Branches

The second image ‘Crying Branches’ is made of the same materials as the above linen card. The black gives the appearance the image is matted in a black. The inside of the card is black which gives one the ability to be creative with a gold, silver, or white pen to write a greeting, or add your greeting via white paper and either glue it in the card or merely folding your greeting. This card opens from either horizontal or vertical depending on the image.

Rose Lips

The third card Rose Lips is made from Eco-friendly recycled materials and gives the impression that the image is double matted. The card is comprised of similar card stock that is lightly textured and comes with a matching linen lightly textured envelop. This card opens from either horizontal or vertical.

Majestic Mt. Hood

This card gives the impression of being double matted, with a slight textured card stock. The inside is blank, and comes with a matching envelope. The inside is blank and ready for your greeting. This card opens from either horizontal or vertical depending on the image.

The final product will have a see through plastic like cover and placed into a small bag.  Cards are available either in singles or orders which contain either 5 or 10 cards will come in a black box with the signature embossed red L&L Images logo on the outside and tied with a red ribbon.

The following example is what the finished card. The bow is not part of card, rather, it is an embellishment placed around the card to hold the envelope in place. The card opens from the right or bottom, depending on the orientation of the image you choose

We are excited to add this new product to our list of Framed Art and Matted images. We are also excited that beginning the 1st of February, our Cards as well as some of our Framed and Matted images will be on display for sale at Montinore Vineyard and Winery in Forest Grove, Oregon for the next two months.

Additionally, you can purchase our cards along with a variety of our Framed and Matted images at Renaissance Wines in Orenco Station, Hillsboro, Oregon.

Lastly all of our products  Cards, Framed and Matted Art are available online at If purchased on-line we accept pay-pal or a bank drafted money order. If purchased at either Renaissance Wines or Montinore, purchases can be made with Mastercard or Visa.

We are excited that in addition to our on-line customers, two local businesses are supporting local artists like us. With each piece of artwork sold, a portion of sales, helps us in our fight toward a cure for Progressive Bulbar Palsy, a fatal motor neuron disease, or at the very least measures to aid in the suffering of this horrible disease. You can learn more about this disease and our involvement in our fight by reading our website, and reading the limited number of articles on the web. You will find, when I say limited I mean limited. This is largely because there is very little research being conducted because PBP is a very rare with little to no treatment options, and the conditions is fatal with life span as little as one year upon onset. I am one of the lucky ones so far, I was diagnosed August 5, 2010. I am still alive, while I no longer have use of my legs, I am grateful for each day I open my eyes in the morning. Please help us by supporting our cause.

If you are interested, you can also read my other blog which houses my novel I completed prior to learning of my illness. While I am actively seeking the help of an agent to get the book professionally published, I have published it on-line. I now am happy to say that my readership is worldwide, and for a draft and unedited, I feel humbled and blessed. It is my hope to see it published soon, before my time is up. Although I realize the funds from book sales won’t necessarily help me, but hopefully they will help someone else with this horrific disease. If you are interested, in reading this book, it is found at, the title is ‘The House of Thoth’, is classified as a Science Fiction/Fantasy/Thriller and was written for an Adult audience. While the book can stand alone, the book was written with a sequel in mind, which I am currently working on Book Two. I hope to be posting pages soon. As I mentioned, I have worldwide readership and the numbers are growing each day. If each one donated a few dollars think of the people who might benefit one day.

For more information please read my blog postings on this site and the other link. And if you have any questions you can email me at  Thank you all for your support.

Louise Edwards and Lloyd Edwards

L&L Photography



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