The Long Lost Post

Soft Reflections

Okay, it happened again, I had my post saved and bam, it died, vanished into that place I am really beginning to hate called cyberspace. I would curse, but I did that all ready and, well, I don’t want to offend my audience again. So, as I write this it is rather ironic that it vanishes after a few weeks of being missing, it reappeared and I completed it and bam! Gone. So, it’s going to be one of those days…oh boy….

Reflections of Birch Trees

This posting was different as during our shoot, we saw a white limousine pull up in the parking area, and out jumped a group of enthusiastic young girls, a couple of young lads, and what we believed was the bride. Instead, the would be bride was actually celebrating her quinceanera. This is a Mexican celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday, which marks the girls passage from childhood to adulthood. Traditionally, quinceanera was both a religious and a social celebration that emphasized the importance of family and society. Rather similar in nature to the young American girls coming of age celebration which continues to be celebrated among some aristocracy in parts of the east coast and Great Britain.

Like the American version of quinceanera, the celebration can be as elaborate as a wedding, but generally depends on the financial status of the family. While the quinceanera observance originally signified that the young lady was ready for marriage, today the celebration is more a custom signifying the young land is ready to begin formal dating. The girl celebrating her quinceanera, was beautiful. I had never observed such a celebration or seen a dress as elaborate and princess-like besides some wedding dresses. Fantastic bright turquoise, and the young lady’s entourage were dressed similarly in matching turquoise dresses and young men dressed in black tuxes with hints of turquoise.

This was a wonderful image of the young lady dolling out bread to the ducks that were not yet in line of focal length. For me I was wondering why the photographer was not taking pictures of his subjects. Not for me to judge, but he missed out on what I believe were some great photos. Whether they were pre-or-post celebration. I hoped they were post. The girls dress was going to have mud, and duck and geese poo on the lower rim of the gown, not to mention over her shoes.

Feeding the ducks with such exuberance was priceless. I loved this image as a couple of the little girls finally removed their black coats and one could see how lovely the dresses that perfectly matched those of the young lady’s. The young lady was like Cinderella, who stepped right out of a fairy tale and sadly onto the putrid grass of Dawson Creek. Trust me when I say her dress is not going to smell like roses when finished.

Feeding the ducks was a great idea; where was the photographer?  I was able to capture some amazing shots because I was mesmerized by her gorgeous dress.

At long last with the photos complete the little girl finally smiled at me.

Hint of Rust and Blue

The remaining images are of Dawson Creek after we left the quinceanera celebration photo shoot. The light was perfect on this day, a bit chilly, but excellent for capturing reflections of the trees in the ponds. I hope you enjoy.

Blue Sky Over a Pond of Glass

Many of the photos were misplaced then recently discovered. The quinceanera celebration provided an added bonus today as both Lloyd and I were able to capture other images in the area after they left and allowed us the opportunity to photograph something other than merely nature or architecture.

Two Benches Next to a Stream and a reflection in-situ
Two Oak Leafs

This image was developed in both color and black and white. The black and white won the vote. The color shot did not convey what I felt when I first saw the image, the feelings were of  loss of time and moving on to the next phase of life. Like all living things which grow, serve their purpose and then die. When you say it like that, it can be perceived as sad or even morbid.

Butt Butt

On that note, the best segue is humor. And what better means for humor than a ducks ass, or in this case two! Okay, so I have a bit of a sick sense of humor.  But one must admit the view is funny.

Thelma or Fred?

While yes I do know the difference between female and male mallards, the ducks within the Dawson Creek ponds have managed to interbreed and domestic themselves a bit. So occasionally, you look at a duck that should clearly be female mallard, then you look again and its a hybrid of some form or another or it is snuggling up to another duck of similar colors, which thus makes it a bit difficult to ascertain male or female gender. Fred and Thelma are the perfect examples. Each time we have ever visited the park, the two ducks make their way to us for a bit of a chat. I can’t explain it, but it happens.

Fred Drinking Water from the Pond

Fred is drinking water from the pond. Or it could be Thelma drinking from the pond. I don’t know.


Fred or is it Thelma we really don’t know. Generally the more colorful duck is the male, while the dull ones lacking in vibrant colors are females. Well, in Fred and Thelma’s situation is that perhaps Thelma is the white duck and Fred is the more colorful colored duck. So you see my problem.

Fred Posing

Okay I had to include one last duck photo. I love this photo of Fred because it looks like he is posing. He and Thelma pose for us on a semi-regular basis. It is almost if they know who and what we are doing there.

Geese at Dusk

So just when you thought you had seen enough ducks, geese and the like – waterfowl here are more.

Geese Galore

So the last of the geese shots, not likely, but for now yes. And proof that on occasion, I can actually shoot a moving object with my camera, not a weapon.

Tree Stump

I found this image interesting because of the protruding roots and color changes in the bark. Again a perfect image for black and white.

Birch, Blue Sky, and Water

So as we move to the other side of the pond life. This next photo was nearly a miss as I almost never capture a moving object.

It Was a Splash Landing

Okay so I only captured the splash, but you definitely can see that the duck was definitely moving at some point.

Just to show you that my little duck did in fact move I located this image for you non believers. I really think the photo horrible. But, keep in mind this is not some of my better work. I merely am posting the image to prove a point – that I should stick to non moving targets.

Rust and Auburn

I have realized that I should kept to the objects that don’t move and capture the beauty offered by something as pristine as this image –  the pond is like a mirror – gazing into the mirror one can see an the exact replica, which I find remarkable.

Rock and Moss

I looked down and saw the interesting patterns in the moss on the rock and wondered how something could grow on an object that  has no substrate to gain nutrients, only water and shade, generally. A thought to ponder.


And for my last image, ‘Tranquility,’ I hope you have enjoyed wandering the park with me and Lloyd, while we captured images at different locations throughout the park, and in doing so, we noticed the dramatic changes and transformations of vegetation, which comes about as the seasons changer.



2 thoughts on “The Long Lost Post

    • Thank you MF for that! You are right. I would absolutely agree that was what they were celebrating. Thanks for your input, I will update my post. I never thought they still celebrated the girls coming of age in the States. But, living in community with a large Hispanic population, you hit the nail on the head.

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