After three attempts at writing this blog, I am trying again. Hopefully this version will be the last copy and post. I can’t begin to tell you how frustrating it is to write, save the document a number of times then magically disintegrates into Cyberspace. Keep your fingers crossed. I am.

The first image is one of simplicity and warmth. Your first impression should be  this is one of Lloyd’s images. If you said this then you would be correct. This is a black and white image taken at the Venetian Theater in Downtown Hillsboro. The theater was renovated to capture the ambiance and emotion of the 1940s-1950 era theater. It boasts its original and beautiful crystal chandelier and embellishes the walls and windows with velvet in the deepest purple. The theater is the home of Bag and Baggage Productions which hosts a variety of plays under the direction of Scott Palmer. If you have never been to a play or film here it is a wonderful experience as they offer a full service bar, some basic food items, popcorn of course and beer and wine that you can take into the theater. Pretty sweet deal.

Venetian Chandelier

Next we are off to Downtown Portland, where we take a walk along the waterfront. After having two bad days in a row with this post I had to include this photo of the cement balls. Lloyd corrected me by calling them sphere’s I saw balls, look who won. Certainly the Architect was being creative and perhaps had a bit of a sense of humor. Sphere’s – balls, same thing.

Sweaty Balls II

Love those “Sweaty Balls”, which were included in an earlier blog in color a few weeks ago. I love shooting photos in black and white while many people don’t understand the beauty of black and white and prefer color, for me, black and white provides a hint of mystery and intrigue to the image.The following photo was taken by Lloyd.

Door and Balls

Often black and white can take a relatively dull or boring image and transform it into a fabulous photo that tells a very unique story, where color fails to convey.

Waterfront Lucier

This image depicts the front of the closed Lucier Restaurant near the end of the waterfront between some of the very swank condo’s. The Sweaty Balls image was taken on the other side of this image.

Flash Waterfront Condo

For me this the above photo screams flash and glamor, which is the epitome of the waterfront area. This image also screams black and white and brings out the drama and flash the architects were likely trying to capture. Color does not suit this image as it takes away the mystery and flash. In other words boring.

Stick and Hole Condo

This image illustrates a flash condo adjacent to the above image. Both images like the black and white as they both poses glamor, mystery, and  flash.

Stick and the Hole

I wonder what the architect was thinking when they designed this flash condo with a stick and a hole at the top of the building. Do you think he woke up one morning and said “Hey I think I will put a large pole and hole at the top of the condo building.” Do you think it symbolizes a golf stick representing a pin and the hole represents the hole for the golf ball. It is merely my brain trying to analyze the rationale for such a unique structure. Screams flash and cash.

Grate At David Evans and Associates

So, clearly a different architect designed the David Evans and Associates building. I am curious why the architect would put up a grate on the side of a nice brick building. I guess that I look too much into the why’s and should merely appreciate the architecture.

David Evans and Associates Building

Note the grate from the previous photo is depicted here. The next few images were shot a block away in a small waterfront park and was the back drop for the hit series ‘Leverage’ which is filmed here in Portland. The episode was aired this past week, so I felt that while I had a few of these images produced in color that the black and white images would be perfect for this weeks black and white imagery.

Two Benches and a Pond in Black and White

This image is Two Benches and a Pond Waterfront. This image mirrors the color version which can be found, along with all of our images on our website by clicking this link L&L Photography.

Park Bench

This image of the ‘Park Bench’ was next to another bench that we featured in one of our blogs in color.

Layers and Textures

Layers and Textures was shot by Lloyd, and serves as a transition from the Portland Waterfront and Urban Park setting to landscape photos taken in a Suburban Park setting with a stream and several in-stream ponds, fountains, and water features. The first image is that of a birch.

Birch Bark

This is perhaps one of my all time favorite photos for several reasons, the first being the texture of the birch is perfect for a black and white as they are typically black and white. This image was not enhanced it merely is what it is. That is another aspect that I love about this image, the last aspect is that the bark is peeling and the black and white makes this attribute pop, that along with the natural blur of the back ground.

Birch of Three In Black and White

The second birch is another favorite taken over the holiday and emphasizes the textures of the bark and the cold cement.

Black Clouds and Geese

This image was slated for one of the last postings but was overlooked. I wanted to include this photo even though I have seen enough geese for a while and you probably have as well. This photo speaks for itself actually, it is very dramatic in that the cloud cover is very dark, gloomy, and mysterious; these characteristics become more profound when you see the number of geese that are in the background.  It rather reminds me a bit of the classic Alfred Hitchcock film “The Birds”.

Waterfalls at Hillsboro Public Library

The next three photos were shot in front of the Hillsboro Public Library and are of a semi-circular fountain.

Fountain of Creme

This shot reminds me of flowing crème or milk. Hence the name ‘Fountain of Creme’. The next photo was captured by Lloyd.

Pulling Taffy

The black and white is perfect for this type of a shot as it emphasizes the clarity, structure, and flow of the water. In Lloyd’s version, the water reminds me a bit of taffy being pulled. Each image taken at the same place at the same time and the results are anything but similar.


I love this photo for a handful of reasons. The boy has become a man and his heart is worn on his sleeve. A trait only a mother could see in her son. I am so proud of him. He has been through a lot and has grown from that little boy I remember into an amazing human being, for whom I hold the greatest admiration, respect, and love. When I see this photo it seems like only yesterday he was a little boy. He now has a son who is definitely his father’s son. I miss the little man immensely and his older sister – my darling little princess. A precocious and loving girl who thankfully has her father’s heart and brains. The boy who grew into a fantastic man, father, and will always stay my little boy.

Bored and Blue

This poor polar bear locked away from his family and friends in a  zoo. A fantastic photo taken by Lloyd. He captured the true essence of the bear. So sad.

Ice Crystals on Dogwood

From sad to glad that is black and white that is the biggest difference black and white holds over color.

Mist of Fog

This photo is one of my favorites as the sun was trying to poke its head through the mist of fog. I felt sorry for the tree as it was obviously infected with something.

The two following photos take us from sad to happy. The sunsets provided the perfect opportunity to capture the reflection of trees over the water.

Sunset Reflection


What can I say, I love the way the sun drew in the clouds or vice versa. Regardless the eye begins with the birch trees outwards to the cloud cover which was spectacular in both color and black and white.

Christmas Eve

This was a nice way to spend Christmas Eve.

Birch, Sun and Moss

I loved how the sun was shining on the birch as if saying pick me, pick me.

This image made me feel that winter was right around the corner. There was a chill in the air and a dull sky.

So for now this is the black and white show for this time. From the number of images here you can see I was not kidding when I said I love black and white photos. I hope you like them too.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

L&L Photography



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