Dear Fucking WordPress – The Dog Ate My Report, I mean Cat, I mean Computer, I mean WORDPRESS DUMPED MY BLOG INTO CYBERHELL!!!!

WTF I seriously cannot believe this. I have written this blog twice, over the last two days now and each time I get just about to the end and bam. My document is gone vanished into thin air. Did I save it? Of course I saved it I AM NOT STUPID! But I am beginning to think that WORDPRESS IS. What is word press you ask? Well, it is where I write my blogs, and it stores my blogs, files, pictures, my life, essentially my world on the computer. However, there appears that there is a serious issue with their software as my documents vanish in the fantastic world we all know and love to hate Cyber Space. WTF!!!!!! Where could it go? Serious? I want to know where the words go. ARGGH! Yes, I’m frustrated! If anyone out there who reads my blog and I know you are out there and if you use – have you ever had similar experiences? If so, would you please let me know how you got them resolved. I have tried several of their suggestions, to no avail. I am about to have a melt down.  When I start my next post it will be my third attempt at writing this weeks blog.

I apologize to those readers who are offended by my dropping the F-Bomb, but seriously WordPress needs to get their act together. Or I am outta here and on to greener pastures.


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