Of Sunset and Geese

Mr. Perkins- The Ruler of the Kingdom

I hope that my readers are enjoying the holiday’s and time with family and friends. Our holidays, quiet for the first time ever—-. Lloyd and I stayed home with our two favorite companions Mr. Perkins and Lady Morgana. We saw no family. While we did have two great friends over Christmas afternoon. They made us the best Spanish Coffee’s we have ever drank. Lloyd’s first I might add. We thank them so very much.

Lady Morgana – The True Ruler of the Kingdom

This is my Lady Morgana and my pride and joy. Don’t get me wrong I love my Mr. Perkins, but Lady Morgan holds a special place in my heart. We rescued her. She’d been dumped in a garbage bag with her two brothers (we couldn’t take them, sadly), she was only two months old and weighed less than two pounds. And was very sick. But we gave her a wonderful home. These two wonderful animals, and Lloyd made our Holiday so special. And did I mention – Quiet. Ah….

Morgana Stole Mr. Perkins Place

We had a lot of free time as one might expect. We spent it – taking pictures  at Dawson Creek, mainly because we felt many of the places we though about going to would be too crowded for us. We opted for the park. It was nice a quite peaceful and were able to capture some amazing memories.

Mr. Perkins After Too Many Spanish Coffee’s

Okay that was  the last family photo album for this photo shoot. Our pets are so much fun. And those with pets know how much fun they can be. We never really understood what all the fuss was about until Mr. Perkins, then Lady Morgana came into our lives. They are like our kids. And in many aspects they are exactly like our real children. Hum.

Sunset Reflection

The photos above were shot by Lloyd. And the one above “Sunset Reflection” is one of Lloyd’s brilliant photos which exemplifies his ability to capture reflections leaving the view with the question of what end is up? His photo provides insight into this weeks blog which is a compilation of images shot over holidays at Dawson Creek. Our theme is sunset, with geese. I know strange as it may seem, you will see why I added geese after having re-read the blog before I posted it. As it would seem there is geese galore. Apparently the only place in Portland Metro area safe from being hunted.

Across the Pond

I wanted to share with you many more images, it was difficult to cut  photos as surprisingly so many turned out well. I hadn’t anticipated that so many images would develop well. This blog is designated to sunset photos and geese apparently. The next two blogs will focus on black and white and the last one of the year, Abstract. It may be a tricky task but, I am willing to give it a try.

Across the Pond Number 2

I love sunset photos they make me think generally of being some where warm even if the weather is very cold. Sometimes I feel like jumping into the photo. Oh wait, I am in the photo only the person holding the camera. I am also a huge fan of black and white images and Abstract. I probably would always shoot black and white if I could. Abstract would be a close second. Well, I guess I like to spice things up a bit as I get bored easily. The following photo shot across the pond, looking toward some geese and benches with the sunset in the background.

These two images taken on route to the large pond. A few of the geese came out of hiding. The sun was beginning to set.

This photo taken toward the grand show in the sky, a few minutes before it began. The show being the geese – hundreds. I kid you not.

Like Glass

This part of the pond is a close up close up of the silent glass sheet. The calm before the storm, as it were.

This photo is the reflection of the pond which appears like a sheet of glass. The ducks and geese were on the shoreline before they would take to the sky.

The orange color of the sky was wonderful. This shot focuses more on the sky and the orange color of the water and the trees reflection. The following image was shot at the same spot facing north where the geese were grazing or doing what geese do before they set foot to embrace the sky.

Geese Before Take Off

While the geese looked like they had settled in for the night, it was a mirage. They truly were about to take flight in a show of mass proportions covering the sky with a melodic view. I was only able to capture once they had taken full flight.  Apparently I can only take photos of non moving objects. Oh well.

Geese in the Air

The following series of photos taken of the sky and the geese as they danced so gracefully through the sky. If it weren’t for the honking, It would be rather poetic. The geese always perform, each night the same as the one previous, only the sky and weather change. This particular night there was little cloud cover, so the orange sky was like fire as the geese  melodically and gracefully swooped through the skyline. As the sun lowered the sky changed colors it was rather remarkable. Each time when a group of geese would land in the water or reversely take flight, I missed the perfect shot. These images were the best I could capture.

Geese in the Sky

This group of geese had taken off and were honking louder than the cabs in New York City. Amazing. And as they returned from the sky to the water, I missed the grand entrance. Naturally.

Melodic Flock of Geese

This was one of my favorite photos taken as the layers of the cloud cover coming in mixed with a layer of fog brought out the colors of the sky. The image as seen was truly remarkable.

Geese Flock Number 2

This photo was breathtaking as the geese had taken off in their frantic frenzy of honking and trying to arrange themselves in the “V” shape birds form when they fly. I often have wondered how they decided to carry out this task and who decided the what bird gets the first place in the “V” is there a geese competition? As you can tell, that while I am a polished biologist I know pretty close to nothing when it comes birds – any kind. Now I find this unfortunate and frustrating at times. At the time the decision was rendered, perfect, who would want to study birds and be an ornithologist, anyway. Not me. I branched in an entirely different direction. Now I wish I would have taken at least one class. Then the problem would have been. You don’t use it you lose it. So true. But, I did notice the tiny blip which I thought a fly, was actually a helicopter. For personal reasons I decided it needed to stay in the photo. So, you will see it if you look in this image and in the next.

Sunset is Approaching

Sunset is approaching and the birds finally came to the big dance. While I mentioned I never studied birds they have fascinated me, more as I aged (arg the aged word). The birds are crazy at dusk and dawn does the I am hungry button start blaring? They go completely nuts squawking, pushing, and shoving, and flying through the sky then crash into the water in large groups – amazing. Did I catch those photos? No of course not. You merely must take my word for it. Hopefully one day I will prove it to you. Until then, well,  take my word. I suck at taking photos of birds. The best I can do is capture a duck or two. You can find these images in past blogs as proof.  That is my luck.

Here come the geese, from literally no where, but actually from the field across the road and away from the park, they graze for hours in the hundreds. It is truly remarkable to watch the pesky geese, their behavior. They are by all accounts pests who make an enormous mess of the park, the walkway, the grass, the water. I can say that who ever designed the pond should have had vegetation along the edge of the pond and they would have had less problems with the geese. Geese have a difficult time exiting a pond when there is vegetation along the fringes. Take notice sometime when you are out at a park or park with a water feature that hosts geese. The problems are less.

Invasion at Sunset

I believe that I should have named this post the invasion of the geese. I have many more geese shots but I believe that I have posted enough for one blog. If you are interested in seeing more blog images or other images we have taken, they are on our website which is at L&L Photography. Merely click on the link and viola you will be there.


This fountain and the others that are found in the ponds were a brilliant idea. I will leave it at that. Sunset was approaching and Lloyd and I were on the opposite side of the park from where we wanted. I had to capture at least one decent photo of the fountain. This was the winner. Not much of a winner, but it worked. We were near the Hillsboro Library, as seen in the photo below.

Hillsboro Public Library

We were walking around the trails and captured this shot as sunset was approaching. We were speed walking behind the lady in red trying to get to the other side of the park to capture the reflections of the sun on the pond. Over the course of the three days that we were at the park, the cloud cover varied from none to very cloudy. This is why some of the photos have clouds and others don’t. In case you were wondering. We managed to capture a few.

This following photo was shot in proximity to the pond we wanted. For those who have never been to Dawson Creek, the park is composed of a system of streams and in-stream ponds and nominal wetlands. This photo depicts the sunset approaching but also the fog layer.

Two Jets crossed the sky which would have been a lovely view from the planes over the valley with the open areas, fog layer, and cloud cover.

Jet Streaks

This photo was zoomed out to see the vegetation.

The clouds made these images work, that, and the position of the sun. The following photos were shot in roughly the same place focusing on a different part of the sky.

Birch Trees and Puffy Clouds in the Sunset

In this above photo the tail end of the jet streaks are barely visible.

Clouds and Sunset

This photo was zoomed out to capture an overall landscape shot. The sky was the star of this show.

This photo speaks for itself as do many do, and isn’t that what a photo does. For me I like my images to speak to the observer and have the observer take home their own message.

Sunset and Puffy Clouds

The next images were shot when the sky cover was initially composed of a low fog layer which turned into a rather thick layer depending on where you were in the park. We were surprised, the fog literally came out of no where and bam, fog. The fog gave the image a very mysterious feel about landscape entwined with the sunset.

Foggy Sunset

So this is the last image of the blog. I hope you found at least one or two interesting. For me it was difficult to sort through our images and compile a story. Much more difficult than I had originally imagined.

Until next time.




2 thoughts on “Of Sunset and Geese

    • Thank you! I love writing in my blog and posting the pictures. I find this particularly rewarding as I actually have people reading the blog. Thank you for your nice comment. The geese truly are amazing when you watch them in action. I have learned a lot about their behavior by mere observation. And what fun. By the way, have you discovered The House of Thoth? I am preparing for the release of the final two chapters after the New Year. I want people to be excited about the ending of sorts. I really wish I could find an agent. Cheers! L

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