Portland by Night!

Portland by Night!

I have decided to keep you, my readers, on your toes a bit. I am striving for the wow factor as I pull together our blog. I believe, that we are on the right track as many people have provided positive feedback for us. And for those who have been, thank you. It helps us give you what you see, read, or hear about. With this in mind, I have decided to change things up a bit.  One thing I think is important to know is that I typically only post once a week. It is my hope to post at least twice a week, but I don’t think we will do this until the spring.

If you haven’t already figured it out, I also have another blog called “The House of Thoth”, which is essentially my novel excerpts. I am working on trying to get a an Agent or Publicist that will work with me to get the book published. The urgency is that we desperately need to get the word out there about Motor Neuron Diseases MNDs, Specifically, Progressive Bulbar Palsy. It is our hope that the combination (the novel and photography) of our website which you can buy any of the photos that you see in this blog site or those posted on the galleries on our website www.landlimages.com, as proceeds of our sales will be slated for awareness and research of this rare disease that has no cure. You can also reach my other blog, from my website or blog, which will take you to my novel posted at www.houseofthoth.wordpress.com.  This link will direct you to the novel The House of Thoth, which I wrote and hopefully will soon be for sale in book stores and on e-book market. This novel was is a stand alone but was written with a sequel in mind. I have been working on the second book in what I hope will comprise a series of three books. So, as you can see, there is not enough time in the day for the many things I want to do. But, I love it, and please keep your fingers crossed that an Agent or Publicist reads the internet copy and rings up saying hey I love your book, can we talk. That would be awesome.

So back to where I started to tell you, this blog is posted generally once a week, usually on Wednesdays or Thursday. Depending on how successful our weekend photo shooting goes. This week, like I mentioned, I’m changing things up a bit. My husband is a fantastic photographer. Since our photography business is L&L Photography after our names, it seems only fitting that he has the opportunity to highlight his work. This week is that week.

I am working with him to put more photos together so we can have his photos shown more often, meanwhile, this is the beginning. These images hopefully will knock your socks off. I am telling you the man has talent. And I am not merely saying this because he is my husband. His photography is pure art. “Portland by night.” I hope you enjoy the show.

KOIN Tower at Dusk

The image is the KOIN Tower at Dusk, which is home to the KOIN news station. The cloud cover was amazing and the lighting provided the perfect back setting for this photo. It makes the clouds look like cotton candy – good enough to eat.

KOIN Tower

This is the top of the KOIN Tower at a different angle than the earlier image taken about a half an hour later. The cloud cover essentially dissipated.

For those who read this blog and are not from the Portland area, Portland including, Vancouver and Hillsboro, comprise the Portland Metro area, which makes Portland the 23th most populated metro area in the United States, and the third most populated city in the Pacific Northwest, behind Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, BC.  Roughly 2.26 million people live within Portland and the Metro area. For a city of this size it boasts the new home of the Portland Timbers, Major Soccer league; the NBA Trailblazers; and takes pride being one of the cleanest and/or “environmentally green” cities in the US and the microbrewery capital USA.

The City of Roses, is very diverse and offers a multitude of sites including Washington Park which encompasses, the Portland Zoo, Rose Gardens, Japanese Gardens; and a range of classical performing arts, including the Oregon Ballet Theater, Oregon Symphony, Portland Opera, and the Portland Youth Philharmonic, and Bag and Baggage to the west of the city in Hillsboro. If none of these places are to your liking one can travel within 60 minutes to the Ocean on the west, Mount Hood, Multinomah Falls, hiking and mountain biking trails to the east; boating, fishing, hunting, and Mt. St. Helen’s to the north, and over 375 wineries and counting to the south, up and down the Willamette Valley. Still not happy, that is too bad. I bet you won’t find a better place to live or visit. The weather is great too. Not too rainy, barely any snow, a lot of sunny days, and a little drizzle of rain. Not many cities are as beautiful or can boast these wonderful qualities.

A majority of these photos are taken from in and around Lloyd’s office building. This image captures the cars as their lights streak down the street below his building. This image looks down onto Main Street in front of the Court House.

Corner of the World Trade Center

This is the corner of the World Trade Center, which is a spectacular building in the dark, as the place is encompassed in lights. It is extremely beautiful as you look to the image below. It rather reminds me of going to an airport because of the glass and all the lighting.

World Trade Center by Night

Regardless of when you look at these images of the World Trade Center, they speak for themselves. Telling a story as only the eye can tell and understand. The car lights are silk-like as they stream along the street below, in both directions, giving an otherwise static scene a more dynamic feel.

World Trade Center

This image covers more of the city behind the World Trade Center and one can see a fog layer hanging low over the city.

Hawthorne Bridge at Dusk

The Hawthorne Bridge images were shot roughly eight minutes apart and the available light is dramatically different in each. The first is at dusk and the second is during civil twilight, or the “blue hour”. Cityscapes and the blue hour are like soul mates who finally meet each other. The perfect time when the deep rich blue of the sky complements the emerging warm colors of the street and building lights.

Hawthorne Bridge at Night

This image allows ones eyes the opportunity to be taken on a journey of lights, illuminating in a stream traversing in both directions as the street lights are green; in both images ones eyes captures the stars which emanate from the street lamps, and all the street lights exude stars which are beautiful. Then there is the surprise, the “reveal” (if your a fan certain reality shows); at the end of the bridge or the eastern part of the bridge you will see Mount Hood in both images. Ten minutes later the color was gone from the sky, Mt Hood disappeared and the result was not as interesting.

Blue Hour

The traffic flow decreased and with that the nice long light trails were gone. From start to finish about 20 minutes and it’s the end of the show.

This last image reminds me of the holidays with the dots of lights representing the holiday lights which decorate the buildings, houses, Christmas tree, Holiday tree, Garland lighting, and just about any thing your mind can imagine.

I hope you enjoyed Portland by Night. As always, please post any comments you have or questions. I would be happy to address them.



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    • Lloyd will be happy to know that you like them. And yes we have found a city we love – For now. Thank you for providing comments. It is great to know that people actually read my blogs. Have you begun to read my Novel? I realize that it may not be your genre of choice, I would however, be delighted to have you read it regardless. 🙂

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