Is it Summer Yet?

Is it Summer Yet?

Green Holiday Foliage

So, it has now been cold for about two months now and I am so ready for the hot summer days, barbeques’, and fun adult beverages to return.  I feel like a Scrooge this Christmas and I have gotten a bit behind in everything, including posting photos, I apologize. Once the holiday’s are over for another year, we will be back to the normal chaos we call life.  Most all of our packages went out yesterday. I have a couple more that will go out tomorrow. The post office will be a zoo. Sorry Honey. Love you!

Christmas for us is no longer the same. While I am glad spending it with my husband and friends. My kids have grown and have their own families now; and due to logistics aren’t able to collectively join in one place for the holiday. My daughter will be spending the holiday with her kids while her husband is off fighting for our country. And since my son, youngest daughter and mother came for Thanksgiving, we won’t be blessed with their presence this Christmas, or my son’s two kids. I have not seen them because of their mother who only thinks of herself, enough said. That makes me sad, but I refuse to dwell on this.  Life goes on and for as long as I am here, I will look forward to each day and if an other Christmas is in the picture, I say bring it on. One nice thing is we don’t have to travel which is awesome. Maybe next year, if the power’s that be have it in the cards for me, we can travel down-under and spend the holiday with my husband’s family. That would make for a wonderful holiday for him and with no drama.

My Christmas list, has two things, snow and lots of it, and I feel well enough to enjoy a nice glass of bubbly or two. Santa however is up to his eyeballs trying to figure out the new weather trends he has no idea if, when, or how he is going to manage the weather for the holiday. There could be snow in Miami. Now wouldn’t that be something?

Today is foggy and gray. The sun is supposed to make an appearance, we shall see. The sun is rather particular here during the winter.  I feel like I moved here based on a brochure for the balmy winters and ended up buying property in Antarctica. So unfair. I peaked my head out of the doorway yesterday; my assessment confirmed. Fricken cold. I was rather hoping I would receive that IPAD2 on my doorstep. You never know, it could happen, or some other fun surprise. Instead blasted by the cold wind. I  slammed the door. I do feel blessed as I am able to spend another Christmas with my hubbie. I will miss my friends in the Kan. Christmas Eve wont be the same.  I believe we have spent Christmas Eve together for the last 30 years missing only a couple.  It will be strange not to everyone but know we will drink some fun libations in your honor and give you a call to send out best wishes. I Hope to hear from my grandkids, but you can’t have everything.

The photos in this blog are from this past weekend at the waterfront. I have tossed in a few of my husbands for fun as well. I hope you enjoy them.

Pussy Willow

The above photo of the Pussy Willow is the first pussy willow my husband had ever seen. He thought they were a myth. We were walking through this little water garden park area and I said something like “Honey look at the Pussy Willow!” He turned his head so fast I thought it was going to spin around.  He had never until that day seen or felt a pussy willow before. He about died. Anyway – He is Australian, so you gotta give the guy a break. They apparently don’t have pussy willows in Australia. That was my PG-13 Rating of the story. It was likely more funny at the time.

The Vacant Lucier Restaurant – View One

The waterfront is a great area to live if you have a few million to throw around for a nice luxury condo. We noticed a lot of single people in the area riding bikes which looked like fun. And the older than 50 crowd walking their dogs. A fun place to live if you had Donald Trumps bank account. The city is in the process of redeveloping the area, getting rid of the riff-raff, and adding high-priced condos and flash restaurants and parks. Before long there will be more restaurant that hopefully will be priced for the Portland market and not over the top like the Lucier which was swank and flash, but too much for Portland. I believe it lasted about three months. Cash flow, guys. You can’t start a restaurant in Portland or anywhere without a significant amount of cash flow as the first years are cash hogs.  The photo above and the some of the following are various shots around the restaurant and condos along the waterfront.

Waterfront Courtyard – View Two

I couldn’t decide which photo I preferred of the waterfront Courtyard, view one or view two, so I chose both. It is rather like shopping when you find two you like. You can’t decide which one would be best so you by them both. Same situation, different scenario.

Rocks and Steamboat

Standing at the rocks outside of the Lucier Restaurant looking out toward the Steamboat out on the Willamette River.

Columbia Gorge Steamboat

My version of the steamboat. As you may or may not have noticed, in many of my photos I am usually late or early depending on the take. This time I arrived a bit too early. Lloyd was spot on.

Lucier and Condo Towers

This photo is of the Lucier and the condo towers peeking out from behind. These condos are very unique and trendy – artistic deco. You can tell I am not an architect, and as such don’t know their lingo. I have no idea what type of architecture these buildings are, I only know that they are very flash. And you must have a large chunk of cash to live in one of the swank units.  Even for the tiny ones. Big bucks. It is nice to see the city cleaning up the area, not far is the not so nice part of downtown Portland.

Lucier Restaurant

Lloyd shot this photo. When I loaded the image I noticed the similarities between his photo and mine. The funny part was that I had never seen his in comparison to mine until now. I guess it is true that great minds work alike. Or is it think alike. No matter, there are some similarities because we work together and we are shooting the same or similar images but from our own perspective. And if by chance the photos turn out the same, I find that pretty amazing.

Sidewalk along the Waterfront

This was Lloyd’s image of the Sidewalk along the waterfront in front of the Lucier. Again, there are some similarities in our photos but we use different equipment and different angles and vantage points.

Hole and a Stick

This photo illustrates the hole and a stick that is on the roof or Penthouse level of the condo. Do they even have Penthouse condos anymore?

Hole and Stick Condo Building

This is a grays scale image of the condo with a hint of Sepia filter used. I believe that Urban photos especially can be a bit avant garde when compared to other types of images as there seem to be more facets and geometric designs equated to the buildings and structures.

Sweaty Balls 1

This photo of the large cement balls taken in the courtyard of the area of the former Lucier. Did I mention that the restaurant still has the insides of the restaurant in place. As if everyone walked out, closed the doors, and ghosts have taken over.

Sweaty Balls 2

Again with the balls two images different angles of the large Sweaty Balls. You gotta love the sweaty balls in one of the waterfront courtyards. They were worthy of two shots. 🙂

Waterfront Water Park

This water park is really beautiful during the spring and summer into autumn and is situated on the other side of the swank condominiums.

Park Bench 1

This is probably one of my favorite images. The colors and the lighting worked perfectly for a change. As did the photographer when she took this great shot. Hum.

Two Rocks and a Park Bench

This photo, taken at the other end of the water park garden, is like walking through a maze of rectangular ponds, with shrubs, flowers, and deciduous trees. Not like a Japanese garden, but a flash Portland garden built along the Willamette river, I-84 overpass, and among the condos and office buildings.

Two Park Benches

This image was near the river side of the park. And you can see I-84 bridge overpass in the background. All of the photos you will notice the absence of people. It was if the people vacated the premises so we could shoot the park. So thoughtful. And untrue. There were many people around just never in the direction we were snapping.

Two Park Benches and a Pond

One of the rectangular ponds with two benches overlooking the water. Inside the pond, contains an amalgamation of rocks and stone blocks and patterns. They were pretty dirty now but during the summer they are rather lovely.

Park Bench 2

Lloyd shot this image of the park bench. While I can’t speak for him, this picture speaks of abandonment and ghosts. A bench used once and became lost and/or forgotten. I love the illusion of longevity bench depicts as well as the leaf litter. As I was writing this, I mentioned what I felt about the photo and his idea was similar. Our minds click.

Light Posts at Dusk

This image taken as the sun was going behind the condo which gave the illusion of dusk, when in reality it was closer to 2 or 3pm. I guess that is pretty close to dusk, as I think how early it gets dark out. The clouds were moving in more and the sky was iridescent.

Waterfront Living

I shot this image as we were walking back to the car.  From this vantage you can see the architectural genius in the vertical image of the matching condo buildings but one with a hole and stick at the top of the building. I told you I am no architect. It looks like a hole and a stick. I have no idea what the designer was thinking when he thought this was art. But it appears flash and trendy.

Walk along the Waterfront

This is the view as you walk past the David Evans Office building. I nearly went to work there before deciding to go out on my own several years ago, instead I started my firm, then a few years later I wanted to do more with my life, with the time I have remaining. The best decision I ever made. I should have done it sooner.

Red Works for Me

This is a black and white that needed a bit of color to make it pop! Red works for me. Some photographers would say this is not a true Black and White image. I don’t care if it is not someones favorite; it is different.

Steel Grate

This photo is a true black and white image of steel like pergola along the base of the cement wall in the water garden.

Skyline Waterfront

This black and white image along the waterfront looking toward the skyline. The tall building in the back of the shot is home to the Portland City Grill Restaurant and Bar, a very trending and fabulous R&B great food and fabulous choice of beers both on tap and in the bottle; situated at the top floor of the tallest building in Portland, take your Visa or MasterCard it is a bit on the spendy side, but worth definitely worth a happy hour the visit which also offers a great menu at a great price. The bar is pretty flash as it has a 6 inch panel (image a two x four size) of frozen glass to place your drink so it stays cold while you mingle. It is worth the visit if only to see this innovative idea. You can’t miss the building as the glass has a pink hue on its panels.


As we continued our walk back to the car, I always find my eyes moving toward the sky. This image was one of those times. It screamed out black and white, but the mood of the image when completed seem to speak to me ‘Blue’.

KOIN Tower

The photo above, ‘KOIN Tower’ likely contains a mix use of condos and an office complex I have no idea, regardless these buildings were observed from the waterfront path. I immediately caught the lines and rectangles, or the geometry of the two buildings because it was so different, yet similar; one vertical and the other horizontal. This also evoked the two differing colors as one was a darker shade of brick than the other.

KOIN Tower 2

The image above represents the color of the two building but what is lost is the character of each building. It is difficult to see the levels of texture that are present in the architecture. While I liked both images I felt this one lacked the wow factor that the previous photo had.

Exit Stage Left

This photo is the last image taken while walking along the waterfront. This is the door of the Lucier. Now that is Flash.

Mystic Cloud Cover on the Way Home

Believe it or not, this depicts the nerd I am. I took this from the car as we were driving home. Okay some probably say, no kidding. It looks like it, while others would never know.

Mystic Cloud Cover at Dawson Creek

At Dawson Creek, I spun around and took this photo as we were walking on the trail toward the Library.

Mystical Clouds of Enchantment

This photo was shot in the general vicinity of the previous photo, but the clouds were moving in and screamed shoot me. I loved the mystical feel the clouds exuded as I looked up toward the canopy cover. So, this is it for this blog. I will have a few more shots from Dawson Creek. I believe they are mostly black and whites. Should be fun. I am looking forward to this weekend going out and shooting maybe to the hills. I hope that you all enjoyed our work. For me it is not work. I love being able to express myself through the eye of a camera lens. I merely wish I hadn’t waited so long to take the task seriously. Better late than never. I will do this for as long as Lloyd continues to push me. Cheers!



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