18 Shopping Days Until Christmas!

18 Shopping Days Until Christmas!

Can you believe that only 18 more shopping days until Christmas!  Wow!!! Many people already have their shopping needs taken care of for the year, that would be my daughter and most likely my mom. Me, well I generally wait for a while. I love Christmas from the lights to the all the decorations, the tree, holly, wreaths, everything, except the blow-up Santa’s in the front yard. Sorry, but can you say tacky!  What were you thinking when you brought home a ginormous blow up Santa and his reindeer? I prefer subtle, white lights and lots and lots of red. I am not a huge fan of colored lights but they certainly are a heck of a lot better than the blow-up ornaments or the blow up carousel.

Well, to help out those who haven’t finished their shopping needs or even thought about getting their shopping going we are offering 15% off of all our products if you sign up for either of our blogs and free postage on all orders over $175 or if you are a subscriber to either of our web pages. We are offering Christmas Cards examples of our cards are be below. The cards are 5 x 6.5 inch blank cards with one of four images as shown below; either white or linen with matching envelopes. You will receive 8 cards total, 2 of each of 4 images below. We are also offering cards with our regular images printed on cards as well.  You will receive the same number 8 with your choice of images. The cards come in our standard black box with embossed red metallic image, red tissue paper, and red ribbon. No extra charge for this service.

We offer Framed Art Work which include image, matte, and frames available for all our images. While this service is available for all of our images, we have several package deals available for sale prices as marked. These come with image, printed on archival paper, archival 8-ply matte, and black or brown wooden frame. Some of our images are available with different colored frames.  If you would prefer a different frame than what is listed in the package send us an email and let us know you would like to change out the frame. No problem. We have already marked the Framed Art packages down in price. However, everything else the 15% off the original price. We except orders via email or via our web-page.

For ordering, on-line you merely need to check the proper box and that is it. If you have questions or prefer to order via email, we take orders this way also. You can also drop me an email. louise@landlimages.com or lloyd@landlimages.com.

The following are the examples images of our cards.

This is the Oregon Pinot Noir Glass with the Christmas Tree in the background.

Pinot Glass and Red Balls

This is perhaps my personal favorite.

Mr. Perkins Plays Santa Kitty

Okay it is a toss-up between the Pinot Glass and Mr. Perkins. The look on his little face is priceless. I might be a bit bias. It gives the impression that he is well aware he is wearing a stupid Christmas Hat and the entire idea is demeaning.  Well, I loved it I thought that he was such a trooper for putting up with me and my crazy ideas of putting a hat on him.  And no we are pimping him out on greeting cards. Wow. What great parents we are.

The next image is very popular and they sell quickly.  This photo was taken at the first Farmer’s Market of the Season at Orenco Station, Hillsboro, Oregon this past season 2011.


The card is simply called – Red. I love this image as it is very simple and tasteful and can actually be a multiple use card.  It would also make a very sensual intimate Valentines Day card.

The last card we have is – Red Door. This image was shot last December when we were in Brussels, Belgium.  In Europe, Christmas-time is a wonderful time to travel there as they decorate everything. It is very beautiful.  So, last blog I forgot to add the special word for subscribers so you will find this at the end of this post.

Red Door

The special word is Holiday. We look forward to hearing from you!


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