Thank you!

Thank you to a special friend, you know who you are!! For those of you who don’t know, our photography is on its way as we speak to New York for an art show to display our photography. Thanks for believing and supporting us in our fight toward Motor Neuron Diseases awareness. This is tremendous, and we appreciate your efforts to help us combat terminal Motor Neuron Diseases (MND), specifically, Progressive Bulbar Palsy.  A portion of the sales will be slated for PBP, as well as proceeds from our website sales.

Also, “The House of Thoth” has been placed on the web. We are working toward finding a publisher/agent to help us publish this supernatural thriller. The House of Thoth novel has been posted at or We now have world-wide readership, so hopefully the publisher will be more prone to publish. We thank all who have read, or who are reading the book and our other blogs. It is out intent, that once the Novel is published that a percentage of book sales will go toward fighting MND, such as Progressive Bulbar Palsy. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our cause. We greatly appreciate everyone’s support in our fight.

Thanks for reading.

LA Edwards


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