Saturday is nearly here!

Tomorrow Lloyd and I will disembark on another one of our journey’s out to wine country. Yay us! We have such a rough life. But hey, someone has to do it, and we jumped at the chance. We are not quite certain where our journey will take us, only that with any luck, weather and camera’s included we shall bring back a fab story or two and some awesome pictures to share with you.

Saturday mornings are also the day and time when Lloyd meets with owner Jillian O’Neil, owner of Dogs Forest Fun Runs, on her property to snap shots of the dogs being dogs.

Jill is very awesome with the dogs and very knowledgeable about dog nutrition and exercise requirements. She runs a select number of dogs each day during the week and select Saturdays, come rain, snow, or sun, because as she puts it “Dogs don’t mind the weather – they stay warm because they are having so much fun!” She also takes in a few dogs for selective boarding. For more information you can check out her website by following this link Dogs Forest Fun Runs.

One means for Jill to promote her business is to provide photos on her web-site and in her promotional materials. In steps Lloyd. He helps her by literally running alongside Jill and the dogs snapping photos to promote her business, and for the owners, because they just love their dogs and want photos of their pets.  Can you blame them. Just look at this little one’s face. It is adorable. Its that simple. 

Jill’s services focus on ensuring that her clients dogs are healthy, wealthy, and wise. No that is someone else’s claim to fame. Seriously, her services focus on making sure dog’s gets the appropriate amount of physical and mental activity. No tossing of the ball here.

Well, except for the occasional stick.  I got it! I got it! It is my stick! Don’t care if I am a puppy it is my stick.

This little guy was having a blast carrying this quite large branch around. While the more seasoned preferred the slightly shorter version which easily fit in its mouth, like this golden retriever.

No question the dogs love to run and play on Jill’s land, as evidenced here.

She provides for a small fee, land comprised of a free-range forest, with the interesting and fun smells dogs love finding as well as playing hide and seek, chasing one another, chasing, sniffing, trotting, digging, trotting, walking, jumping, sun bathing, stretching…….. all within the safety of six fenced acres. She is with the dogs the entire time.

The entire experience for these dogs is roughly one solid hour of playtime-which covers a dog’s daily, needed,naturally appropriate requirement.

This physical and mental activity nurtures the dogs mind, body and soul. Gosh, this sounds like a day at a spa. More people should get their dogs involved with Dogs Forest Fun Runs so their pets can have more fun and excitement in their lives.

Not only is this place fun, by participating, the dogs gain muscle tone, lose fat and reduce stress often associated with being home alone.  Again sounds like a day at the spa or a jaunt to the gym. But seriously, Dogs Forest Fun Runs aids the dogs by prevention of behavioral and health issues that many dogs can experience.

We highly recommend taking your dog out to Jill’s forest. But, her business is serious as well as fun. Which means she will only take dogs whose owners are serious about taking care of their pets nutritionally and behaviorally. In other words the dogs must be well socialized – no prima donna dogs please, they mess up the experience for the other dogs and that would be unfair.

This is one of the dogs after a day in the rain and mud, clear evidence Jill is serious about her business and serious about caring for your dogs and their needs.

Dogs Forest Fun Runs is great for dogs – this dog after a day in the forest.

Your dog could be this one, too pooped to pop after an hour of fun. The experience and time with Jill is great for the owners too – because a dog who is well cared for nutritionally, physically, and mentally, will be a happy dog; one who also reduces the number of expensive visits to the vet and one who will be around for a long, long time. And those of us with pet know our animals are a part of the family and we want them around for a long long time.

I don’t want to go home yet. I was just starting to have fun. When can I go back to Dogs Forest Fun Runs?


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