Autumn Mums in Falling Colors

I woke with a glint of excitement, not unlike a child waiting impatiently to finally reach Disneyland, only to learn it hadn’t opened yet. I can’t help it, I get very excited at any opportunity to escape from the confines of my abode, especially when it means I will be soon hearing the clicking of my camera. Plus, it was my birthday.

So apologies  for not getting the photos up at the wine shop as promised. They will be going up this week, along with the exchanging of some new images for the ones which have been there for the last several weeks. Its time for new artwork, especially considering Mike and Kelly Plunkett have been so kind as to allow us to show our artwork for the next few months. And for Christmas.

Yellow Mums – pint size

As Lloyd and I made our way to the market the threat of rain increased between fleeting moments of sunshine. I brought along my sunnies just in case. I know, it was suppose to rain, but if I told you I spoke to the Sun God and told him I wanted a rain free birthday help? Probably not, but the clouds were just that – clouds. Which made for better back lighting  than sky blue. Sorry sun freaks. Or would that be sun gods and godesses. Don’t know, don’t care. I was clicking like a fiend and as happy as a bug snuggled in a rug,with a towel covering my legs to provide extra warmth and protect from the rain.

The warmth was awesome so were some of the displays. I of course started my rounds in the usual fashion – flowers. I haven’t quite figured out what I am going to do when the market closes and the flowers vanish for yet another year; I have been wishing of traveling to a more sunny environment for a couple of weeks, or three, or four; a photo shoot in a warm destination sounds good to me.  Well, for now we shall concentrate on the wonderful displays this week.

I find it interesting coming to the markets each week as one can notice not only the changes in flowers and produce, but also the numbers of people increase as the weeks continue but the vendors seem to disappear.  I suppose they are moving to other markets in the area, where they think more foot traffic, when all they would have to do is hang around. Besides the weather doesn’t really affect the numbers as one might think. The regular market goers are loyal. So should the vendors.

As mentioned one really notices when the flowers begin to change. Some of the nicest bright pastels and pinks are still around more autumn colors and varieties like these mums have slowly taken their place.  I loved the delicate and subtle colors of the pink Dahlia above which transcends love with the rosey color of these Chrysanthemums (mums). Mums are a clear sign fall has arrived as these hardy plants do pretty well during the autumn and mild winters. Pray for a mild winter.That was a subliminal message for a light winter. Seriously, I feel that the winter will be a bit more harsh as the cycle of el Nino to la Nina dictates weather in our area and is pretty accurate most of the time. More rain and or snow, but definitely more precipitation. But don’t quote me. 
 I would prefer great weather at least until after Christmas and the precipitation be in the form of snow, so we can have a white Christmas, but that is just me. I only hope that which ever event it shows up waits until after Thanksgiving. I am actually looking forward to staying home this Thanksgiving, eating mash potatoes and gravy. Last year we were cruising on the Nile River over Thanksgiving, while the ship chef did try to prepare a turkey (not sure where he found one on such short notice) it was a bit scary.  I was happy to be on the Nile – forget about the turkey!. Some Americans just don’t get it, and I suppose they never will. 
The flowers to my left are a type of Hydrangea I had never heard of, but were a fall variety.  These beautiful asters were gorgeous. I think I preferred these to the pink asters and other aster’s we have seen thus far. They were so delicate and showy.
As I wrapped up my shots from flower shop frenzy I turned and saw a ghost! Literally!           
Well, a pumpkin with its face painted white. Looked like a skeleton rather than a ghost. All decked out for Halloween? This stand was ready.   I like the fact the vendors were creative. Their creativity added a lot more excitement to the already trendy and exciting outdoor marketplace.With that said, the vendor a few yards away would win the prize for the most insightful and creative booth.
The owners brought out the hay bales and scarecrow all intertwined among the vegetables – an assortment of fresh organic vegetables, and pumpkins and squash.    
  I saw for the first time –  Ghost Pumpkins. I had no idea they existed or for that matter what their purpose was, except to freak people out.  I image there is some use for them, only I haven’t a clue what. Does anyone? Well, I had certainly seen enough produce today. I am never amazed by the genius or stupidity if it were that possessed someone to concoct the idea of a white pumpkin. Is there something wrong with the orange ones.
And what is up with the pumpkins with warts? I thought they were gourds on steroids, but they in fact are pumpkins. Gross. I do not believe I could get past the warts, to eat one.Is it too much to ask for vegetables that aren’t engineered?
Can we find produce that hasn’t been genetically Engineered?  I ‘m beginning to realize the answer to that question.
For not even the poor eggplant has escaped the technology of an engineering design modification.  I have never seen long, white, tube-like varieties of eggplant, until this year either.
I am sure they have been around for a while, but seriously what were these engineers thinking?
Don’t answer that.
I can only imagine what will be next. Well at least the peppers in the baskets looked normal. They look fabulous enough to eat – as all vegetables should. I give you, normal peppers – Baskets and baskets of peppers.
The baskets they sell are  awesome.I bought one last summer to keep my garlic bulbs, shallots, and onions in. Morgana our cat needs a new basket, as her basket bed is nearly too small for her tiny frame to fit. I just haven’t seen the correct configuration for her. She is rather picky where she sleeps and is a bit of a princess; so much like her brother Mr. Perkins who is very princely – he prefers the softness of faux sheep and a blanket. I made my way to the back of the market near the food area and Unger Farms. Love the strawberries – glad we got some before they were all gone. Thank you Unger Farms! 
I found Lloyd, who was talking to a shy woman from the Czech Republic(Bohemia) – her name was Barbara. She is the owner of Bohemian Gourmet Food, which features and array of Bohemian Treats for Life’s Picnic. My husband  loved her Sauerkraut and smoked pork. Barbara is a new vendor and was at the market introducing herself with her flare for Bohemian foods.
My eyes went straight to the pound cake. I can not eat the cake but it looks fabulous just the same. Meanwhile Lloyd was eyeing the Chicken Schnitzel sandwich. Pound Cake Chicken Schnitzel and Poppy Loafs.My husband loved her food.
I was unable to eat the wonderful choice of food because of the gluten. Sorry Barbara. We do wish Barbara luck with her business! Yummy foods! 
‘Purple and silver bling’
Throughout the summer, in fact every Sunday, Lloyd and I have been at the market to pick up produce and to snap a shot or two of the vendors and their wares. to my left is purple and silver bling’ while many stand out and have made it to the pages of this blog. One lady in particular I finally had the opportunity to meet was  Lori of Lori C Custom Jewelry Designs; her work is featured on on Facebook at Lori C Jewelry.
Pink bobbles to the right are some of here lovely neck pieces, and for months I have taken wonderful shots largely because her work is a piece of art and are comprised of lovely designs.
This past Sunday,  I snapped these images which will appear on our website along side others that deserve a look.
You can find these under Around Portland/Bobbles and Bling. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do and help support local artisans. One note, Lori’s pieces the “trees of life” were altered, by me into a more abstract piece of work. For a look at the necklaces in their true form please check out her Facebook page or check out her jewelry at the Orenco Farmers Market next Sunday. Thank you Lori and Barbara for allowing me to shoot your work. I hope you both, along with others look for Lloyd and I out and a bout, on our webpage, and on Google +

So this is all for this weeks Blog. I will be busy the remainder of the week sorting through an array of new photos for upcoming events during December. It will be Christmas before we know it.

Cheers!  L&L


4 thoughts on “SUNDAY MARKET OCTOBER 2, 2011

  1. Thank you for the lovely remarks about Bohemian Gourmet Food. We have such a GREAT time each weekend at the Farmer’s Markets and we have been blessed by the wonderful people we have met. Sharing our food, and a little bit about Czech culture on the side, is a great pleasure for us. We look forward to you visiting with us again!

    • Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments. I took a look at Barbara’s webpage and found it to be very professional. You guys did a great job with the design. I wish that I could get the Facebook icon to work on our webpage. Thanks again. My husband will miss Barbara’s potato salad and Schnitzel. Good luck, I hope Barbara does well and gets her products in a store soon.

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