Wow! It has taken me a a lot longer to write a new announcement than it should have. The text kept vanishing  somewhere into cyber space, naturally, without as much as a warning. I altered courses and opted to write a blog post. Save Draft option. Very helpful.

Anyway, for those who know me, know two things, October is my birthday month, and secondly, I celebrate all month long. Why the heck not. With that being said, I have convinced Lloyd, it didn’t take much, that we should offer a birthday discount to our blog readers.  So, this is how it works – for those individuals who read my blog and are signed up to receive blog posts, will receive a 15% discount on select package deals. How do I sign up? Well, that will be a challenge for you to figure out, as I haven’t a clue. But, the challenge will be rewarded with a 15% discount on our Limited Edition Packages offered on a wide range of our photos. There will be a code given at the end you will need to use the code.  Please be patient today I will be changing out the price lists over the next couple of days, so the website might be sluggish or not display some of the images that had previously been there. Since I am changing pretty much everything, it was easier for me to remove the pricelist until I had everything perfect.

Yesterday, I took some time to demonstrate the differences a paper can make to a photo. I used three examples our Moab Slickrock Metallic, PictoricoPro Opalescence pearl, and Ilford Smooth Pearl papers.  We have decided to include the Moab papers at a discounted rate (so the 15% percent won’t apply sorry). We will also offer PictoricoPro Opalescence pearl, and Ilford Smooth Pearl papers all at a discount price. The 15% discount will be applied to our packaged prints or custom orders only. If you would like to use the Metallic print for a Limited Edition Print, send me an email. I will see what we can do to make that happen. The discounts will continue through October 31. So now is the time to purchase those images you have been humming and hoeing about, and can have them printed on the higher end media we are offering if you like.

Remember paper does make a difference in how your image projects in print. If you read yesterday’s post, you learned that a special paper can take a good image and make it pop! Essentially the take home message is better paper = a better image. The images I used in yesterday’s demonstration will be hanging up at Renaissance Wines tomorrow through the end of the month. And a note on this subject, our photos are on display for those of you who didn’t know or hear, for a long duration. We also will be having another gallery open house to display some of our newer artwork toward the end of November early December. Just in time for Christmas. Meanwhile, If you wish to purchase one of the three pictures I have mentioned here and my last post, please let either Dan at the Shop know, as Mike and Kelly are off to Italy to celebrate their second wedding Anniversary, or shoot me an email letting me know you wish to purchase one of the prints discussed in my blog. You will also receive the 15% discount on your purchase. So readers hears to me – Happy Birthday.


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