Coolest things on the warmest of days

                             Enchantment                                       © Louise Edwards               Image Printed on PictoricoPro Opalescent Photo Paper

Hello all  – Since this is in all actuality a photography blog I thought that I would change things up a bit, especially for those individuals who are faithful readers of this blog and for those  who have yet to sign up, I invite you to do so to catch up on what we are doing and also to become eligible for specials L&L Photography will be promoting over the next few months. Christmas, I can’t believe that word expelled from my mouth, is just around the corner. So, if you are a reader and/or fan please sign up with us.  We welcome your comments and suggestions for making this blog the hottest blog around.  For our fans over at Facebook and Google+ we are looking for fans thanks for stopping by. We hope you will continue to support us by checking out our website.

Now that I have the garb-ably goo out of the way, I had what I consider a moment of brilliance followed by a moment of oh crap, followed by another moment of brilliance. The image ‘Enchantment’ above is one of my newest floral photos for which I have printed on PictoricoPro Opalescent Photo Paper. As you can see the image protrays a certain sense of intrigue and mystery. Is it a flower or a weed. The lighting adds an extra layer of intrigue as the image subtly glows with a mysterious aurea. This is how I wanted to portray this image. I was so happy. I became a quick fan of this slightly overpriced paper. The outcome outweighs the cost as the image glistens with the opalescence of the paper which is the look I was going for.  Keep in mind, when printing color images, this particular paper desaturates the image. But, I liked the image quality so much that I wanted to print my photo at a larger scale. My problem was that I only had 8.5×11 paper. I would either be forced to go by larger paper setting me back a C-note and some change or print the image with the newest paper to make its way into our paper types – Moab Slickrock Metallic Pearl photo paper. The image below depicts “Enchantment.”

                                         Enchantment                                   © Louise Edwards   Image Printed on Moab Slickrock Metallic Pearl Paper 

When my image dropped out of the printer tray, I stared. Flabbergasted, the  two images were dramatically different their composition, color, and saturation. The subtle tones of lavender and mellow yellow tones had transformed into vibrant shades of fuschia and gold with a definitive metallic tinge. The image literally popped off of the page in a metallic fusion. For this image, the metallic was too intense. I am a huge fan of the metallic paper and will continue to print certain images with the paper, for this image I prefer the Opalescent paper. You decide. But before you do – I have one more for you to compare.

                                         Enchantment                           © Louise Edwards Printed Ilford Smooth Pearl Professional Paper

The image of Enchantment printed with Ilford Smooth Pearl Professional Paper lies in between the opalescent and the metallic image, unfortunately without the pearl or metallic essence; rather the finish of the image was a light luster which held the tones and highlights well, and subdued colors to near perfection. We use this paper often for a variety of our images we sell. I love it because it is a nice high quality paper without the extreme expense of the other two papers.  My final words on the subject is you must try the metallic at least once on a specific type of image to really capture the image. The paper media prints black and whites famously whereas the Opalescent paper does not print black and white nearly as as well. Rather the Opalescent paper works well for delicate images where subtly is key.

Most people don’t realize the immense difference high quality paper can have on an  image. They believe paper is paper, is paper. So what. I will tell you the difference is seen the instant the ink is applied to the paper and as seen in the above three images. But what photographers will tell you is paper does matter, it matters nearly as much as the printer, sometimes more. The right paper matters a great deal whether your spending a few dollars to a few hundred dollars on a piece of art especially when the outcome is something other than what you  intended. Together paper and printer blend themselves into a magnificent piece of art that will stand up for many years to come.

Now it is your turn to decide. And look for tomorrows Blog for some surprises.




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