Sunday Market September 25

Yellow Daisy’s in a Basket

Tomato, Zucchini, and Peppers

Wow, I can’t believe that Autumn is finally here, and that yet another summer has vanished, as quickly as it arrived. Quite frankly I am still waiting, not unlike the kids now waiting for the school bus. They either got on the bus complaining about missing summer or they wait  excitedly to tell their friends they haven’t seen for two months how summer was a drag because the weather sucked. Either way – It was the summer weather that sucked. Not summer. Summer was awesome. From my blog posts you have seen how cool summer has been, no pun intended.

Well kids your not the only ones who feel a bit ripped off that summer decided to pass over Oregon and head east.  Get over it.  Autumn has arrived and with that, the last few weeks of the Sunday Market. But don’t be sad look at the wonder produce you have at your fingertips.

We have the pumpkins, varieties of squash, potatoes, and tomatoes; which I think are truly fabulous this year. Some of the heirlooms are the size of small pumpkins, no kidding. And the colors are wild from deep maroon to green, all in their ripened state.

Spencer’s  Schrooms (Spencer the Fun Guy) which never fail to disappoint looked amazing, especially the oyster and horn mushrooms.

He was pretty much sold out by the time we reached his booth. But, you didn’t here this from me, he puts a bag of schrooms away for us each week so we are ensured some of his great mushrooms. And don’t forget to sign up on his email address sheet so you can get your schroom fix all winter long. This includes I believe Oregon Truffles. You will have to check personally with Spencer as to whether this is correct. But a fly told me. And you know how pesky flies can be.

French Horn Schrooms

So, as we move along the market you have to check out this florescent green tomato the gal at the booth cut open to offer customers a look inside, but more importantly a look at the inside. And for the skeptics who think I Photoshopped in the color or somehow change, altered the state of this freakishly green tomato – I do not use Photoshop and did not change or alter this little freak Heirloom tomato, and it is not related to green tomatoes like tomatillo or the fried green varieties.

As I continued my way around the market, I found myself a bit disappointed at the lack of vendors who have stuck it out for the entire summer/autumn market.  There should be in my opinion the same vendors or the occasional new vendor each week – no bowing out.

Shallots or Red Onions You decide.

I ask myself why? The market was truly only rained out once the entire summer. I know this as a fact, because I was at every Market.  Yesterday, the rain held out for most of the day, with spotty showers here and there. Big deal. My one compliant which is a minor one is it was a bit on the chilly side. Have you not heard of wearing warm clothes. Apparently the thought never occurred to the missing vendors or the missing patrons.  Despite the iffy weather, which is a lousy excuse for not showing up. This is Oregon, the weather changes faster than Lady Gaga changes costumes. Fall brings with her an abundance of fresh vegetables. A+ for those vegetarians, and those who aren’t but enjoy the produce. Fabulous choices. As I have shown you today and in the past weeks.

In addition to the berries, Autumn fruits have begun to make an appearance this week. Fall plums, grapes, and a few peaches.  Who has room to consume so many?

Blueberries, white raspberries, blackberries, raspberries, plums, grapes

Grapes – Tasty and Sweet

For me, the added bonus was there were still  plenty of strawberries; which  I believe is unusual for this late in the season but who’is complaining? Certainly not me. I do think this will be the last of the berries. They are losing their sweetness and some are furry. Yuk!

I apologize for the lack of photos here as all of the berries were sold out by the time I made my way to Unger’s booth. I was however, grateful Lloyd made it before they sold out of the last ones. So trust me when I say a majority of the nice, large, berries were slightly sweet and tasty. Berries from Unger family farms. They are by far superior to other farms around. Sorry other guys – its true.

As I meandered through the market I stopped by my favorite flower vendors which now includes all of them. Many of the same floral arrangements were to be had, but a few new flowers were joining in the party.

Lavenderish Pink Dahlia

While some may tire of the flowers, I never do and they photograph so well most times.

I am going to begin with my old favorites before I display the flower of the week which will be hanging over at the Renaissance Wine Shop later in the week and the photo will be posted on our website. We will also have some prints matted of this image as well as some new prints making their way over there.

If I haven’t mentioned this before, we (L&L Photography) have been asked to continue to display our photos at the wine shop for an extended period of time. We are hoping to perhaps do one more show there before Christmas displaying some of our new work with a portion of our proceeds going to Progressive Bulbar Palsy. We are so excited and humbled to have our work hanging up for people to purchase and to enjoy while at Mike and Kelly Plunkett’s wine shop.

Living Color

Orange and Yellow Flames

Purple Lilly

Pink Dahlias

Yellow and Red Begonia

Here we have a wonderful bouquet of daisies, so beautiful and tell a story of their own. The colors were so vibrant and the scents fresh as the adage – “fresh as a daisy.”

Yellow and Red Hibiscus

The petals on this flower are so similar to the Teddy Bear Sunflower but these remind me of flames.

The purple lilies were lovely but unlike the above flowers with their fragrant scent, these smelled, well – not so nice. Very Pretty to look at just don’t get your nose to close.

I am a fan of Pink so I had to show these Dahlia’s again. I could not resist. They are so beautiful and aromatic.

This begonia is one of many of the indoor varieties, I never knew existed. They are a bit different from their outside cousins, but lovely just the same.

The next flower puzzled me as I never have seen Hibiscus in Oregon except for an occasional inside variety. Well I was correct this variety will do much better in your house when winter roles around, but then will love to hang out in the light sun when spring and summer arrive again.





















Okay, now for the grand finale – this is a rather strange looker yet beautiful and delicate just the same. I would love to hear your comments. Cheers til next time –  L&L


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