Second time a special charm…Yellow Mums – Bring Forth Autumn

Yellow Mums - Bring Forth Autumn

Sorry to my readers – It has taken me much longer to write this blog post than anticipated, Firefox crashed. Haven’t had such a problem since trashing my PC and purchasing a much awaited iMAC. Love it. Pure computer geek heaven and great for processing photographs; the move was long over due. At any rate, I am a hardened high-strung, multi-tasker, who out of pure stupidity (forgetfulness) forgot to save my page as I moved back and forth through my photos for today’s blog. I know, I know, always save your work. Preaching to the choir. The ole Doctor here knows one should always save ones work, and have preached my banter to my students, and staff over the years. The long and short of it is always, always, back up and save your work and photographs. Well, since I did neither, I now have the unwanted task of a re-write.  Lesson once again, re-learned.

I found myself looking out the window a lot today. What a beautiful day outside. I would like to be out shooting some photos. But, in all fairness I took  many this weekend. I am excited always by the thought of sharing my work with others, whether they like it, or don’t, I hope they do but in truth I really don’t care. I have fun taking photos and find it much more rewarding than my past career which I spent over twenty years walking, wading, crawling, dredging, swimming (not by choice) cussing, traipsing through wetlands and forests, enjoying every moment, mostly, until the regulations became so rigid and insane, I decided it was time to retire and spend the time I have left doing the things I love doing –  like writing and photography. Since this is a photography blog, I won’t bore you with the details of my past life or other part of my current life, but will say for those interested, I will  soon have a link up to my writing blog and website. Both will support our cause and awareness of Progressive Bulbar Palsy. I hopefully will enlighten you enough with my photos and my writing to keep you interested in adding my blog to your favorites and telling others about me.

So as I was waiting for my husband Lloyd to bring the car around for me while we were at New Seasons, this unique flower caught my eye. It was boldly orange and delicate, unlike its name Orange Marmalade – Crossandra infundibuiformis. Gotta love scientists with their panache for Latin names. I kid you not, but what struck me as a bit odd was the fact that one of them had a little surprise in it.

Orange Marmalade - Crossandra Infundibuiformis

Wait for it –

Here it comes –

How cute is this it is no larger than maybe 8-inches? And for only $19.95 it can go home with you. Orange Marmalade not included. Seriously, I do not know how much the scarecrow is or Orange Marmalade, but I am quit certain neither one is cheap.

Signs of Fall Dried Lavender

This is a horrible segue, but a segue nonetheless to this weeks excitement. So, as my readers know Lloyd and I rummage through the Orenco Station Sunday Market for fresh produce, people watching, and camera snapping each week.

This week was no different, except for the fact the weather was more accustom to fall than to summer. Then I thought to myself as I began writing today’s blog that it is nearly fall. Six more days. Yikes! Where did our non-existent summer go?  Oh wait!  I believe I remember saying to a number of my friends not to expect much of a summer. That is my scientist brain at work by the way.  I told them we would not be having a summer. None one listened – they merely complained.

The months  have literally blown faster than the southerly winds which hit Hillsboro in the summer. Wow it is nearly the end of September.  While, I love fall weather especially in Portland with the leaves changing the colors will make for some fantastic photographs. I can’t wait. But, somewhere along the way, I missed summer. I know it was here because the market begins in May and continues until sometimes late October. Sheesh! So we thank the City of Hillsboro, all of the vendors, and individuals who make the Hillsboro Market one of the best farmers markets around the Portland metro area.

Both Lloyd and I are so very humbled and grateful to all of the vendors we have met here at the market and those who graciously allowed us to take pictures of their flowers, produce, and products, and to those who came out to support us on September 8th at Renaissance Wines for our Gallery opening and benefit for awareness of Progressive Bulbar Palsy research.  I will be devoting a page to our cause in the very near future and will post a link here and on our website for those who might be interested.

Dried Hydrangea

We both feel truly blessed that out of all the balls which have been pitched to us, the strikes, and outs we have finally begun to play the game we love to a level which we are both proud and as I said humbled – Photography

The market this week was sparsely populated with vendors and patrons alike; sadly the sign that summer is nearing an end and the beginning of bad weather. While Sunday’s weather was not the most conducive for outdoor activities, we like most locals continue with our activities regardless of a little rain. Although, I was grateful that we were able to get our shots, chat, and gather our produce before the heavy rain began.

A couple of blog posts ago, I posted one in which this flower was highlighted.

I inadvertently called this flower the lion flower because it looked as if it had fur like a lion’s mane. Well, this Sunday, I learned that the flower was actually called a teddy bear flower. I ask that you do not shoot the messenger – I did not name the flower. I believe it looks more like a lion but at least who ever named it had the gumption to call it an animal that has fur. But, not a teddy bear. Scientists what are you going to do with them. That was a statement not open for debate. Not a question. Coming from a scientist I am allowed to say that.

Sun and Shine - Simple

This week I found the foliage so beautiful, especially the mums and asters.  There were of course the Dahlia’s but most you have seen, more  than once and they really haven’t changed much. Okay one or two more.

So applicable for Sunday!

Triplets- I couldn't resist!

As per usual, my first few stops were at the flower vendors. They were working busily like bees pulling together some fabulous flower arrangements most, with the hint of autumn foliage.

Okay now for the produce which was fabulous this week. And I do mean Fabulous with a capital F – Fabulous.

Tomatoes and Carrots

Seedless Tomatoes, Carrots and Scallions at one vendor booth.

Tiny Grape tomatoes and pineapple tomatillos. Raspberries still – Yay!

Another look at the tiny pineapple tomatillos, who I was told you can eat raw and taste like pineapples. I did not try one so I can’t say for sure but they were so darn cute. I had to grab two photos.

Okay, if that didn’t do anything for you. how about scallions, carrots, and beets? or below Sweet and Hot Peppers Yummy!

Sweet and Hot Peppers!

Are you hungry yet?

Here are heirloom tomatoes and more peppers to make your mouth savor with anticipation.

Okay, for some the next vendor may not entice you, but their display alone drew me to their quaint area, where they had an assortment of vegetables laid out as if awaiting a photo shoot. I was especially drawn to the beautiful colors of purples that captured my eyes immediately – eggplant varieties.

A Variety of Different Eggplants

I personally never realized there were so many varietals of eggplant. I guess that is the city girl in me, that and a mom who never prepared them. In fact I never knew what one looked like let alone tasted, until I was in my early to mid 30s. Shush…….about my age. That was my outside voice talking. I’m very touchy.

After shooting the heck out of the purple eggplants, I turned to find a table of vibrant yellows and greens from the  squash. Again, I really never saw what was so terribly special about squash until I was an adult. Some I love, others not so much.

Yellow and Green Squash

Pumpkin Time = Halloween Time! Or so you Thought.

After spending way too much time at the veggie bar, I first glanced away and my eyes caught sight of brilliant orange balls. I maneuvered in their direction only to discover a wagon full of pumpkins.  Brilliant orange. To me, pumpkins mean Halloween.  It is too early to think about Halloween, it is still technically summer for six more days. To others, pumpkins mean pies, dried pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin and squash soup served inside a tiny pumpkin. I never thought pumpkin soup could taste so great, the cinnamon mixed inside and topped with diced tiny grilled apple splashed with cinnamon and paprika. Don’t knock it until you try it.

And nothing goes better with squash and tomatoes and some of the other vegetables we have seen are shrooms. They too are magic but not in the psychedelic way but in the wonderful way in which they transform a simple meal into an gastronomical frenzy in your mouth.  Who better to help ones palate experience such slender than Spencer the “Fun Guy”! Lloyd and I love stopping by his booth where he and his mom, or dad depending, show Spencer’s wares of the most delicious fresh mushrooms around. From chanterelle, portabella, shiitake, to Lobster, he has them all, and he even has an in with non other than the famous Oregon Truffle. But, with only one week remaining until Spencer bids farewell to the Orenco market he will be taking names and email addresses so that people can have their fix of the mushroom frenzy all winter long. Yay!  So be sure to stop by Spencer’s booth next Sunday and sign up It would be a sin to miss out all winter without a mushroom fix.

Lobster Mushrooms


Lobster mushrooms look scary but don’t let their looks frighten you away from one of the tastiest mushrooms around. They actually got their name because their appearance and flavor is similar in nature to that of lobster meat. Try them with a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil and toss them on the grill for a few minutes. They go well by themselves or with a nice steak, or in an omelet.

Okay, for some the next vendor may not entice you, but their display alone drew me to their quaint area, where they had an assortment of vegetables laid out as if awaiting a photo shoot. I was especially drawn to the beautiful colors of purples that captured my eyes immediately – eggplant varieties.

Okay my readers we have seen flowers mostly fall varieties, produce to get your mouth in a frenzy, and the 411 on shrooms for winter. Lastly, I would like to present to you my new image which is being offered on our website merely called Kaleidoscope: Here is your sneak peak.


So, for my readers this is the close of this blog post. I would be interested in which pictures in today’s post people like or dislike. My favorite is the Yellow mums and of course my latest image to enter our gallery web-site.

So, weeks before Halloween, something magical occurs to the trees here in Oregon, the deciduous trees that is, those who delicately lose their leaves each year. The leaves respond to the chilly nights and warm Indian summer days by slowly losing the chlorophyll which made their leaves so green; thus the leaves transform into vibrant shades of burgundy, crimson, copper, and rust. This is my favorite part of Autumn. The best time for shooting the magic and if your lucky enough to capture such magic in the eye of the camera you will be blessed with a wonderful world of colors that nature bestows each year in vivid living color.

Happy Reading – Happy Shooting – Happy Life = Happiness



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  1. ‘until the regulations became so rigid and insane’

    Me too, about 4 months ago. Blessed relief, but sadness at the decay and disintegration and distortion of a noble calling.

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