Flower of the Week

This is merely a quick post for those of you follow me and read yesterday’s post and were like well where is the flower of the week? I forgot to post it. Perhaps I should leave in the hands of my readers to decide for themselves which flower best represents a flower worth such a title. I will refresh your memories.

White tipped red Dahlia







Number one is the White tipped red-Dahlia;

The Perfect Dahlia - Pink






Number two is the perfect pink Dahlia




Number three is the pink aster –

Pink Aster








Number four was the Pink Peony

Basket of Pink Peonies










Number Five and Six are New because I didn’t have room, that and I already had so many photos, they probably crossed your eyes.

Number 5 – Fire











Number six a field of purple asters

Field of Purple Asters










And finally Seven – Sun and Flames – your task is to decide which flower is the winner for the week. Have fun!

Sun and Flames


2 thoughts on “Flower of the Week

    • Yay! I have a response. Thanks Mike. At least I know someone is reading my blog. BTW the Gallery opening was a success. I guess since you read my blog you already knew this. Thanks for reading and participating. L

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