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It has been a crazy few days and I am rather exhausted beginning with the opening on Thursday, sorting through orders and prints on Saturday, off to the Sunday Market ending with an afternoon at the Portland waterfront watching the Dragon Races.

So for those of you out there who read my blog, attended the opening, know the event was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who played a roll in making it such a success.

For those living in Portland and the surrounding area, Saturday was a hot one. Lloyd  for some reason decided it was a great day to stay indoors (we have no AC), or was it me I forget, anyway, we spent the day going through photos, working on the website and working on special orders we received on Thursday, and pretty much roasted our bodies in the process. We must have been off our nut as it was a very hot one in PDX. I think the lost five pounds of water weight from the heat alone. Yay me!

At least we planned better Sunday. First we attended the market early before the crowds and the heat consumed us. There were some new vendors and some friendly new vendors and some we merely smiled and walk away vendors. Any hoo, I always begin at the  flowers I take in their fragrant scents and try not to sneeze and this weeks were amazing. I was felt like a kid in a candy store as I wandered from flower vendor to flower vendor. For those who don’t know, many of the farms are family owned and therefore operating a flower business is a family affair. And I hope I don’t offend anyone or find I am not PC – the women at my first stop, with the help of her children, make up each flower arrangement right there fresh from the buckets they bring in. They will even make up special ones if you tell them what you would like in them.

Flowers gathered for bouquets.

This woman who I am sorry to say can’t remember her name, in my opinion usually has the best prices and some of the nicest flowers at the market. Most flower bouquets run from $8 to $15 depending on size.


This week I was torn as to who carried the best selection of flowers, as they all were beautiful.

Flower lady and her sons helping

garden of flowers - so many to choose from

I believe vendor 1, well her sones anyway were getting tired of me snapping shots of them. Sorry, but I wanted to show everyone how hard they work and charge so little for their flowers. This particular vendor charges either $7 dollars for small bouquets or $10. And $3 for singles. Not too bad considering the selection and quality of their work.

Flower Vendor Number One

Vendor 1 - I love their beautiful flowers!

The next vendor, I shall refer to as Vendor 2, I also frequent. They generally have a wide variety of flowers to choose from. I feel terrible as these vendors always smile as me, but I know they are thinking to themselves in their inside voices ‘stop taking pictures and just buy the darn flowers’. Well, I smile back at them, and on occasion have attempted a dialog which is complete with hand gestures (many don’t speak English well) “that I am allergic to flowers so I take pictures so that I can enjoy them. But truth be told that is not the only reason we don’t buy the flowers. The real reason is that we have two cats Mr. Perkins, a metro-sexual tuxedo cat (not that their is anything wrong with that) who believe he is the Queen of the house, and Lady Morgana, who is the Queen of the house. Between the two they would sample each flower and get sick or worse. So we have little live vegetation in our house  now.

Vendor two I am not too familiar but know that it is a family owned business operated by a girl and her grandmother (again don’t quote me on that, it could be her mother, Aunt, etc.).

Vendor 2

This vendor also one bouquet with a most unusual dahlia – and perhaps my flowers of the day. If  you look in the bottom center of this photo you will see a white and red Dalia. This may be the actual contender for flower of the week.

We shall see what you think. I for one, must say I have never seen a dahlia like this before. I did have the opportunity to visit the rose gardens a few weeks back  at the Portland Rose Gardens I saw a striped red and white rose – strange. I may do a blog post at some point about the Gardens, as I found so many wonder species of roses I had never seen before. It was really great time.

Contender for Flower of the Week. Red and White Striped Dahlia

The third vendor also tends to carry some bizarre flowers which I have never seen before. And for a retired biologist, I am embarrassed to say I don’t know the names of ornamental flowers. I spent my entire career working in wetlands and adjacent uplands. So wildflowers and wetland species what the are on both coasts of the US are what I know. Ornamental’s  have been cross pollination and genetically engineered for so long who seriously could even keep up.



Below we have our third flower vendor and if you note in the bottom right corner a bucket with sunflowers and some strange flower (I loosely named the lion flower because the petals look like fur).

Vendor 3. Sun and Flames

I will let you decide what you think but I have never seen this variety before until this very year at this market. The giant bouquet I called Sun and Flames. I didn’t think that sun and lions had the same catchy-ness. I have three more flowers to share before moving on.








The first should be familiar to most of you. It is pink and delightfully sweet bouquet. Pink Aster below.

Pink Aster

The flower below will wow anyone, male or female as I find it rather sensual. It is a pink peony and the pink dahlia.

Pink Peonies.

I will be placing the pink peonies, pink aster, pink Dahlia, and the red and white Dahlia on our website in the Flora gallery tomorrow for those interested to see the flowers under better lighting conditions.

Untouched beauty

The remainder of the market was virtually the same with the same vendors and items for sale.  I was excited to continue on downtown after we picked up our produce.

Blackberries, raspberries, plums, more blackberries, and finally yellow raspberries.

Sweet peppers, sweet corn in two varieties – white or my favorite yellow and white mixed. I find that it is sweeter and more palatable than the white which tends to be more watery.Finally, we were off to Downtown Portland for a walk along the river. We never plan things we are more spontaneous which always leads to some exciting. Today as we made our way past McCormick and Schmicks we discovered that Dragon Boat Races were taking place. I had never seen a Dragon Boat Race before so this was very exciting for me.

This race was pretty exciting as it was neck and neck nearly to the end. These men and woman work so hard it is amazing to watch how they all coordinate their movement of the or simultaneously.  There were several heat going on. Considering today was Sunday these were likely the final matches of the day or weekend.











Okay seriously? We have boats then we have dragon boats, then we have coast guard and looky loos, then we have a Submarine? How does that happen?

Then you look up the other direction and you have this giant bridge as a large Ship, the Portland Spirit zip buy for kicks. I was done.


So after our big day we had to stop on our way back to the car to McCormick and Scmicks for a little adult beverage. A glass of Melon from our friends out at De Ponte Winery and a Martini with Raspberry Puree. Yummy – I had to have two. I confess. I wasn’t driving. Well this was our day. Hope yours was as wonderful as ours. Until next time. Cheers!


Yummy yummy, yum yum


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