Today is Sunday and L&L has been busy since our opening night of our first gallery showing of our work and benefit to raise awareness and money in support of Progressive Bulbar Palsy. I wish to thank Mike and Kelly Plunkett owners of Renaissance Wines, Dan for helping my husband Lloyd set up the shop and for pouring the many glasses of wine all evening, to Doug Culver of C&G Distributors & Rob Moller of Merchant of Vino who donated their time and wine for the event, and finally to number individuals who attended our first gallery show/fund raiser.

Both my husband, and I are so incredibly grateful and humbled by the many, and I do mean many people who were packed in Renaissance Wines, and to those who flowed out the doors to the tables and outside seating area. Wow is all I can say – I am speechless for probably the first time in my life, which is a shock especially for those who know me, I tend to talk a lot. But seriously, to have had so many people attend our our first showing, sight unseen, was amazing, and number of photographs which literally flew out the door to the special orders for more photographs, was truly amazing. Because of everyone the evening was a complete success.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us and our cause.

Regrettably, however, I have not one photo to post of the evening, because neither Lloyd nor myself had time – we were busy all evening and virtually unable to shoot a thing.  But the silver lining is the evening was a tremendous success and as such, we have been asked to leave our artwork up on the wallsl of Renaissance Wines indefinitely. What an honor for us. Again, I am speechless, twice in row. Thank you Mike and Kelly Plunkett. This happy news means that those who missed the event will be able to stop by Renaissance Wines say hi to Mike, Kelly, or Dan, and see our work with a glass of wine or cigar. And not to worry, we will be changing out photos and bringing in some new ones so you don’t become bored.

Please visit our web site as well. Those who purchase directly from the wine shop will receive a discount on your purchase.  Those who choose to make there purchase online may do so at the regular price. Regardless of where you purchase our art a portion of all proceeds will be slated toward Progressive Bulbar Palsy Research.

Thanks again to everyone we sincerely appreciate your generosity.




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