Ready for the Gallery Show

Well the photos are all mounted, logged, labeled, packed-up and being transported to Renaissance Wines 1320 Orenco Station Parkway, for those of you who don’t know. With a little less than four hours away and counting, Lloyd and I will be at Renaissance tonight from 5pm until 9pm for the exhibition of our photography.

Tonight’s event is also intended to raise awareness and support for Progressive Bulbar Palsy (PBP), a rare and fatal motor neuron disease similar in nature to Lou Gehrig’s Disease (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS). Both diseases are fatal and both affect motor neurons, PBP effects the lowe neurons while its counterpart ALS afflicts both upper and lower neurons.

Because PBP affect the upper portions of the body life expectancy is between one and three years upon onset, while ALS is typically three to ten years roughly.  Neither have a cure and both have been around for at least 70 years or more. What has happened to the funding for PBP you ask? Well, largely there is nominal funding for research if any in the US; most funding goes to ALS because of its familiarity, or monies are slated toward motor neuron disease cumulatively.  The sad truth is because of the rarity and early terminal affliction of the disease,  money is typically not given to fund PBP. This is why L&L Photography is slating a portion of all sales toward awareness and toward finding a cure to this horrific terminal illness. I hope that all who read our blog will take part and help us support our cause.  Enough of the soapbox for now, I am off to help my husband with the preparations for tonight’s event.

Thank you all for your support,



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