Day After Labor Day – Weekend Sunday Fun at Orenco Station’s Farmer’s Market

Well another Labor weekend has passed us by. Sheesh! Hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend. Lloyd and I spend the greater part of the weekend preparing for the gallery opening this Thursday at Renaissance Wines and Cigars. We hope you can make it. The time is 5pm to 9pm. For more information you can check the announcement posted on this blog or check out our website at

Sunday Morning we spent a bit of time as we generally do each Sunday at the Orenco Station Farmers Market. Despite the holiday weekend, the place was booming with people, which in my book is awesome to see. I found I was mesmerized by a new vendor Nuts About Berries, Debra Pearce in particular. She brought with her a spinning wheel. A modern day version but a spinning wheel which she was spinning wool from her sheep off their family farm. Now I have had the pleasure seeing a nun weaving in the old fashion method beautiful lace in Deist, Belgium and another type of weaving machine in San Gimignano, Italy, and rugs in Saqqara, Egypt, but never the wheel that spins the actual wool and or silk as she joyfully explained to me.

Spinning wheel

Debra reminded me of the song by Blood, Sweat, and Tears “Spinning Wheel”.

Debra and her daughter, who also spins wool, she informed me.

I could have sat and watched Debra for hours; oh wait, that was me! all kidding aside.

to the left is a close-up of the spinning wheel as Debra effortlessly moves here feet up and down on two paddles and she moves tiny pieces of wool inward as she spins.  I have chosen a few pictures but in truth you really need to witness the craft in person to really capture just how much time and effort goes into taking a bunch of dyed sheeps wool – merino wool and turning it into yarn with which Debra then uses to make lovey shawls, blankets, and toys.

Spinning dyed wool into yarn




Close up of the wheel spinning away.

Dyed merino wool used to spin the green wool in the demonstration.

The final product hand spun, then croshayed and/or knitted into lovely items.


Thank you Debra for taking the time to demonstrate your craft and enlighten me. If you would like more information about spinning wheels and Debra’s collection, please visit her at the Sunday Market at Orenco Station, or on her website, which also talks about her and her husband Jon’s farm.



And of course I couldn’t post this without showing a few of her beautiful finished products.The final product to the left. Well I decided that I had bothered Debra for long enough. So  I graciously pulled myself away to glean what other vendors were up to on such a sunny Sunday morning.



There of course were the flower vendors which I always start by to snap a few shots. This little yellow guy really could use a hair cut. One of the strangest, yet unique flowers I have seen, well maybe the second. The yellow flower below really was voted the strangest flower of the week, about the size of a portabella mushroom.The second bizarre flower was this purple composite variety unknown.  I have never been very good with domestic or ornamental plants. My biology background was focused on wetland plants and upland species native to the area. I could never remember the ornamental flowers; or the flowers we like to put on display in a vase – the flowers we plant in our yard.

Can you say hair cut? or rather petal trim?

Take a walk on the wild side.

The purple flower also has a pink cousin which is equally as bizarre and beautiful. You can find that one posted on our website under flora.

As I pried myself away from the spinning wheel and flowers I once again spotted Hunny bunny and bows.  This white tutu with the pink bow was my favorite yet of her wonderful fun gifts with a bow theme.

Who can resist a white tutu with a pink bow?

A last look at the Market before saying Adeiu.

Corni! Yummy! Gives fresh off the truck an all new meaning. No it's true!



This corn is some of the sweetest corn you will ever taste. We will have to wait until next week. Can you believe it, our bag was full, but we forgot the corn. Doh’!

Potatoes anyone?

The little girl in the yellow stripes was standing timidly with a watchful eye at the spinning wheel spin. Farewell my friends until next time.




2 thoughts on “Day After Labor Day – Weekend Sunday Fun at Orenco Station’s Farmer’s Market

  1. Greetings L & L, This is the first I have found my way to your site, after numerous hints over the past times. Very nice images. Hooray for dragons. How long is the show at RWC and where is that place?

    • Not quite sure how the blog works but I believe you are now a follower of L&L Photography. I am excited that you found us. The gallery showing was for one night only, however our pictures will be up for some time at Renaissance Wines,( which if you recall I met you and Carole there once a while back). But all of our photos can be found on our website which if you follow the blog there is a link to the website. Cheers! I look forward to your comments.

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